10 Best Boat Transom Tie Down Straps Reviews in 2022

Transporting a boat on a trailer can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have transom tie-down straps. Without these straps, the vessel is free to shift and bounce on the trailer.

The vertical and lateral movements may end up damaging the boat. Even worse, they can come off the trailer when you heat a bump or curb, causing a serious accident.

So it’s essential to invest in one of the best boat transom tie down straps when trailering. These accessories will secure it on the trailer, ensuring it doesn’t come loose. However, finding the best boat trailer tie downs shouldn’t be a headache though!

Here’s a quick round-up table with our top 5 picks:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Retractable SS Transom Tie Down Straps

5 out of 5

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Seamander Marine Boat Trailer Tie-Downs

5 out of 5

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BoatBuckle Retractable Trailer Tie Downs

5 out of 5

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Camco 50030 Retractable Tie-Downs

4.5 out of 5

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Meili Boat Winch Adjustable Tie Downs

4.5 out of 5

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10 Best Tie Down Straps for Boat Transom (Reviews)

To help you avoid low-quality straps that don’t meet your needs, we’ve listed some of the best performing tie down straps to use for the transom.

Remember that ordinary ratchet restraining devices are much harder than transom tie downs. Also, they have heavy-duty hooks, which may end up damaging your boat’s finish! All things considered, let’s get started with our comprehensive list of the best tie down for a boat and trailer you’ll ever come across online.

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1. DC Cargo Mall Quick n Easy Retractable Stainless Steel Transom Tie Down Straps

DC Cargo Mall is well-known for manufacturing innovative cargo accessories for trailers and trucks. Well, their set of 2 retractable boat straps is no different. These devices will ensure the safety of your vessel during transportation and they’re reasonably priced.

For starters, these units have a safe capacity of around 1100 pounds while their breaking strength can withstand loads of up to 3,300 lbs. This makes them some of the best restraining devices for securing heavy cargo.

The incredible safe capacity doesn’t come as a surprise though considering how well these units are made. For instance, the tie-downs are made from heavy-duty polyester webbing. In addition, the metal parts on these units are crafted from stainless steel.

Even better, the S-hook features a vinyl coating to protect the boat’s finish from scratches. Lastly, you’ll find these rear boat straps quite handy to use.

Thanks to the quick-release mechanism that releases the strap instantly once you press the button. Moreover, the self-retracting straps remain tensioned, helping you to secure your watercraft with a few, quick moves!


  • Weather-resistant polyester straps
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Vinyl-coated S-hook to preserve the boat’s finish
  • Rust-resistant metal parts
  • Available in 3 different strap sizes


  • Only one length option (10 feet)

2. Seamander Marine Boat Trailer Transom Tie-Down Straps

Seamander tie-downs measure 2” wide and 4’ long, making them ideal for large boats. Besides, these trailer tensioning devices are safe and reliable since they come from a reputable manufacturer of marine accessories.

That’s not all! To add to its reliability, this transom harness is crafted from superior quality materials. These include; extremely durable hooks, high-efficiency, corrosion-resistant hooks, and heavy duty boat tie down straps.

Moreover, the S-hooks have a vinyl coating to avoid scratching the smooth boat surfaces. Similarly, the buckles are padded to protect the gel-coat surfaces and paint from scratches.

The webbed tie-downs are sturdy and have an incredible ability to resist rot, most chemicals, oils, and gasoline. Better still, they’re completely adjustable, thanks to the included buckles. For that, you can easily tighten or extend the devices to secure your watercraft onto a trailer.

The units have a hook & loop closure that secures the handle of each buckle in its locked position. As for the performance, these tensioning devices have a max load (break strength) of 1200 lbs. However, the safer working load limit is around 400 lbs.


  • Resistant to rotting and most chemicals
  • Available in a pack of 2 or 4 straps
  • Heat-treated, rust-resistant, vinyl-coated hooks
  • Ensures a tight & secures
  • Ideal for transoms with outboard or inboard motors


  • Safe working load limit is only 400 lbs.

3. BoatBuckle G2 Retractable Transom Tie Downs

Securing your boat onto the trailer will be much easier with this tie-down system from BoatBuckle. The devices are easy and fast to install since you only need to hook, ratchet and you’re set to go! Moreover, the units don’t have tangled straps to lose or fuss with.

The most unique feature offered by these tie-downs is that they’re retractable. As a result, the buckle retracts automatically to hold your watercraft tightly onto the trailer. In addition to being self-ratcheting, you can reach the buckle by one handle, making it easier to use.

Another great thing about this transom tie-down system is that its hooks are made from stainless steel. This allows them to withstand harsh saltwater and brackish environments. Moreover, they are 43” long and can withstand high loads.

For instance, they’ve got a safe workload limit of about 500 lbs, but their break strength is around 1500 lbs. Note, this tie-down system is ideal for various applications including trailers, trucks, cargo racks, etc. If your trailer doesn’t have a place to fix the buckle, you can permanently mount the units with one bolt.

Unfortunately, the mounting bracket doesn’t come included in the package, so you’ll have to buy one separately.


  • Permanent one-bolt installation
  • One-hand operation
  • Self-ratcheting buckle
  • Suitable for various applications


  • The package doesn’t come with a mounting bracket & installation hardware

4. Camco 50030 Retractable Transom Tie-Downs

The 50030 transom tie-down strap from Camco is another incredible option for securing your vessel for transporting or hauling.

Interestingly, it’s quite versatile, so you can use it for other items as well. For instance, you can also use it to support and secure motorcycles, equipment, furniture, cargo, and machinery among others! At first glance, the unit has a convenient design, which includes its 5.5′ long X 2” wide retractable straps.

These tie-downs are crafted from long-lasting webbing to extend their durability. In addition, the units have a bolt-on design, allowing you to mount the straps directly to the trailer. They also feature convenient hooks on the connection end and an easy-to-use ratcheting system.

And as you would expect, the hooks are made from corrosion-resistant materials to withstand harsh marine conditions. Another notable feature that makes this unit one of the best boat trailer straps out there is that it has an outstanding load limit.

It can safely hold a weight of up to 1100 lbs, but its break strength is around 3300 lbs. Lastly, the package comes with the installation hardware you need to mount this tie-down system onto your trailer!


  • Long-lasting polyester webbing straps
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Easy-to-use hooks & convenient ratcheting mechanism
  • Outstanding working strength and break strength


  • Auto-retraction spring requires regular lubrication

5. Meili Boat Winch Adjustable Tie Downs

Considering the challenges encountered when transporting a boat, it’s important to take the right safety measures. One such measure is getting yourself this set of Meili tie-down straps. These easy-to-use straps will keep your watercraft safe and secure by preventing them from shifting or bouncing on the trailer.

And once you get to your destination, these units make it extremely easy to launch your vessel. Simply pull the loose ends on your tensioning devices and the buckles will pop open right away! These 2-piece harnesses are carefully designed and highly adjustable.

As a result, their working load limit is around 400 lbs, while their max breaking strength is 1200 lbs. Therefore, they’re strong enough to secure small to medium size watercrafts onto a trailer. In addition, these units will damage the finish of your vessel during transportation.

The buckles are fabric padded, while the S-hooks are vinyl-coated to avoid scratching your vessel’s gel coat & paint.


  • Optimized buckle mechanism for easier use
  • Highly adjustable straps
  • Vinyl-coated S hooks
  • Padded polypropylene webbing
  • Convenient flip-buckles


  • Straps are only 4 ft. long

6. DC Cargo Mall Quick n Easy AutoRetract Tie-Down Straps

QUICK n Easy Auto Retract ratchet straps are becoming increasingly popular in the trucking and cargo industries. Also, they’re a popular option among boaters, campers, cyclists, landscapers, cyclists, etc.

But, what’s so great about this tie-down system?

First, these auto-retractable straps are extremely easy to use. They’re equipped with an innovative red button that retracts automatically until it is snug and secure. At the same time, this eliminates the need for a ratcheting trailer tie down strap.

The other benefit of these units is that they feature a unique bolt-down design and even come with bolts, washers, and nuts. This makes it easy to permanently mount the strap in place to ensure convenient use and storage.

When it comes to loading capacity, these tensioning devices have a safe working load limit of 1100 lbs. Thanks to the heavy-duty polyester webbing used to make the 1” wide X 6’ long straps. Moreover, the solid steel hooks have a vinyl coating to protect your yacht or motorcycle from scratches!


  • The package comes with mounting hardware
  • Durable polyester webbing straps
  • Protects the boat from scratches
  • Wide range of applications
  • Convenient auto-retract design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Need regular lubrication

7. Reese Powersports Retractable Transom Tie Down Straps

In addition to being the best tandem tie-downs, these units from Reese Motorsport are some of the most affordable tensioning devices on our list. More importantly, they’re designed to make sure that your watercraft makes it to the ocean and back safely.

At first glance, these belts measure 2” wide and 43” long. While their break strength is around 2500 pounds and the load capacity is at 833 lbs. These factors make them very efficient when it comes to securing your vessel to the trailer.

Another innovative feature displayed by these units is that they’ve retractable ratchets. For this reason, they tend to take up less space when stored. Besides, you can easily mount them permanently into your trailer using the included bolts and nuts.

Finally, the hooks are quite strong, seeing that they’re made from alloy steel. As a bonus, the vinyl coat makes them rust-resistant and preserves the boat’s finish.


  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Retractable straps for convenient storage
  • Rust-resistant & vinyl-coated hooks
  • 833 lbs load capacity & 2500 lbs break strength capacity


  • The plastic guard makes it hard to keep the retract spring lubricated

8. BoatBuckle Pro Series Kwik-Lok Transom Tie Down

If you’re searching for the best boat transom tie-downs on a budget, Kwik-Lok straps may be the perfect option for you. These BoatBuckle tensioning devices come in various sizes, giving you the chance to choose the ideal choice for your needs.

The available size options are; 2” X 2’, 2” x 4’, and 2” X 6’.

Whichever option you chose, you can shorten these restraining devices up to 3” without cutting the belt. And unlike traditional restraints, they’re extremely simple to tighten. Besides, you only need to pull on the straps with one hand, then clamp down the buckle.

You’ll also note that these units are designed to preserve your boat’s gel coating and paint.

Thanks to unique features like zinc-coating on the trailer hooks and vinyl coating on the top coating. Best of all, the restraining devices have a reflective closure patch, making them easy to see in the dark. The only drawback of these straps is that they don’t come assembled.

Therefore, you have to spend some time getting them ready for use. Other than that, these particular units have adequate strength to secure small boats onto trailers. Their safe working load is about 400 lbs, but they can withstand loads of up to 1200 lbs.


  • One-hand operation
  • Zinc-coated trailer hooks to prevent rust
  • Vinyl-coated top hooks to preserve the boat’s finish
  • Suitable for small vessels
  • Reflective closure patch to enhance nighttime visibility


  • Don’t come completely assembled

9. WAVESRX Boat Trailer Transom Tie-Downs

Attention to detail, quality, and durability! Those are some of the properties you’ll be getting by choosing these boat straps from WAVESRX. As a result, you’ll spend most of your time enjoying your watercraft and less time being concerned about its transportation!

Adjusting these restraining devices is quite simple, making them ideal for universal applications. They’re fitted with an easy-to-use quick-release buckle that you can use to adjust the straps’ length from 18” to 24”.

For that, you can use them to secure various water vessels to your trailer including jet skis, boats, and other personal watercraft (PWC).

Moreover, these straps have superior features to ensure the safe transportation of your watercraft. This includes a 2” polypropylene webbing with a protective pad used to make the restraining devices. Better still, this gives them a working load limit of 400 lbs and a minimum breaking capacity of 1200 lbs.

In addition, each unit has a convenient tie to keep the extra strap nicely folded and vinyl-coated hooks to preserve the boat finishes.

Overall, WAVESRX Tie-Downs are great accessories to ensure you meet the requirements set in most US states when transporting your watercraft.


  • Includes a safety lock
  • Easily adjustable for wide application
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Protects the boat finishes
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not ideal for large vessels

10. AEROFAST Boat Transom Tie Down Straps

AEROFAST is a New Zealand-based company that specializes in manufacturing transom tie-down straps. More importantly, they produce the best tie-down for a boat and trailer that will last for several years, even when exposed to the harshest conditions.

Their heavy-duty ratchets are no different!

Like most of their products, these straps are designed to meet strict quality standards before they’re released into the market.

As an example, the devices are made from UV-treated 2000 denier polypropylene yarn. This is intended to give them a longer life and unmatched UV protection when exposed to direct sunlight and other elements for a long time.

Moreover, the polypropylene webbing is about 3 times thicker compared to the traditional polyester. This prevents it from soaking up water, chemicals, or oil, helping it retain its strength in wet conditions. In other words, these restraining devices will not stretch when used in any of those conditions.

Specifically, this set of boat tie-down straps has a superior break strength of up to 2400 lbs. Regarding the application, these straps are extremely simple to use.

Thanks to the PVC Coated high tensile steel S-hook that easily attaches to the designated points on the watercraft and trailer. Besides, the tensioning devices have permanently molded rubber handles, allowing for a simple and quick setup.


  • UV-resistant polypropylene yarn
  • Doesn’t stretch even in wet conditions
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Durable construction
  • PVC-coated S-hook to protect the boat finishes


  • Over tightening the straps can damage your vessel

Ratchet Strap vs. Cam Buckle Strap: What’s best to Tie down Boat Transom?

Ratchet straps and cam straps are 2 of the most popular strapping technologies used to make boat tie-downs. Unfortunately, choosing between these options isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know their differences.

So, let’s try to see how these straps differ to help choose the best tie-down transform for securing your vessel!

1. Ratchet Straps

Ratcheting system is the most common type of tie-down strap, thanks to its convenience and versatility. It consists of a level, pawl, and rotating gear, which work together to offer optimal tension to the strap. So that makes it one of the most reliable and robust straps.

More importantly, a ratcheting system can withstand loads of up to 15,000 lbs. Another benefit of ratchet straps is that they are very secure. However, they’re often recommended for longer road trips only.

2. Cam Straps

Cam buckle tie-down straps are much simpler in terms of usage and design. The buckle features a small spring that provides tensioning and a set of teeth that keeps the strap tensioned. In addition, these devices are quite easy to use and their releasing mechanism is faster than that of their ratchet counterparts.

However, unlike ratchet straps, these units have a break strength of around 1500 lbs. For that reason, they’re ideal for medium-sized and lightweight boats. On the downside, these straps are not ideal for heavy loads, so you can only use them for small boats.

Ratchet Straps Or Cam Straps: Which Is Better?

Generally speaking, the best tensioning device between can and ratchet straps will depend on the type of cargo/ load you are transporting.

For instance, ratchet buckles are suitable for extra heavy-duty loads. This is because they’ve got the industrial and break strength required to keep the load firmly secured onto the trailer. On the other hand, cam buckles are ideal for securing smaller, more lightweight loads.

Also, when choosing the perfect tensioning device for your boat, it’s important to consider their working load limit. Most cam buckles have a working load limit of between 200 lbs and 835 lbs, while ratchet straps have a WLL of about 500 lbs to 8,000 lbs.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these tensioning devices are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate most tie-downs. Ratchet buckles, for instance, have different-sized handles for easier leverage. And since they often deal with heavy-duty cargo, their sizes can be up to 4” wide.

On the contrary, cam buckles usually have a universal shape. This makes it a more flexible option since it can be used in many situations.

Things to Consider when Shopping for Transom Tie-Down Straps

With so many options for the best boat tie-downs out there, there are a few key elements you need to consider. This section highlights some of the essential features that will help you identify a reliable boat strap!

1. Material

A boat tensioning device should have the exceptional ability to hold the vessel securely at all times. Unfortunately, a cheaply constructed tie can’t withstand the boat’s weight. The unit may break or snap when loaded onto the trailer, hence the need for a boat tie-down that is crafted from superior materials.

One common material that meets these needs is polyester. This is because it has a higher breaking strength than other materials.

Therefore, it will last longer and provide excellent performance. Although other materials like cotton are also used to make boat ties, they’ve got weak break strength. Moreover, they stretch and may break over time.

The best option will depend on the weight and size of your watercraft.

However, you should always avoid restraining devices made from cheap materials since they break easily. Instead, stick to units crafted from sturdy materials like nylon rope and polyester webbing to ensure durability. Polyester webbing is also resistant to water, abrasion, rotting, and other harsh natural elements.

2. Ease of Use

In general, you should look for a boat tie-down that is simple to use. Similarly, avoid models that involve tying knots since they are time-consuming, yet they’re not that effective. Instead, look for units that have convenient features such as quick release mechanisms.

Such accessories will make it easy and fast to secure your boat onto the trailer.

3. Break Strength

The main role of a boat tie-down is to secure the boat onto the trailer during transportation. For that, it should have adequate strength to withstand the weight of the trailer and boat.

In essence, these units secure lighter objects (boats) to heavier objects (trailers). With that in mind, the break strength of the tie-down you intend to buy should exceed the weight of the lighter object. Polyester restraining devices have a higher breaking strength compared to other materials, but they are more costly.

Nonetheless, they allow your boat ties to withstand various load sizes and harsh marine conditions. This ensures that they last long even when used to secure heavy loads.

4. Water and UV Resistance

UV rays from direct sunlight are very powerful and can easily damage your tie-down straps. These can degrade your restraining device causing them to break over time. To prevent that, make sure you buy a model that’s crafted from UV- resistant materials.

Similarly, choose a boat tie that has an outstanding ability to resist water. This will help it to resist rotting, chemicals, mildew and extend its longevity.

5. Stretchability

Stretchable devices tend to become loose quickly, making them unsafe for holding loads onto the trailer. For that, you should look for a boat tie that has exceptional ability to resist stretching. Such models do not stretch over time and hold heavy loads without breaking.


Boat tie-down straps are specifically designed for normal highway driving. They ensure that your boat doesn’t fall off the trailer when you’re heading to the ocean or back, which can cause accidents or damage the vessel.

Luckily, as you’ve seen, there are some of the best boat transom tie down straps available to ensure the safety of your vessel. So, make sure you invest in these accessories if you regularly move your watercraft around.


1. What should you attach tie down straps to?

The type of hooks on the straps you intend to use should work with the tie-down anchors. You can attach these hooks over thin steel areas on the trailer and car bumper. Alternatively, you can secure them to most types of anchors or truck bed tie-down points.

2. What are the types of tie down straps?

There are various kinds of tie-down straps, depending on the used strapping technology. The most common ones include; ratchet straps, cam straps, and lashing straps.

3. Do I need to strap my boat to the trailer?

Boat straps are necessary accessories when you’re transporting your watercraft on a trailer. They prevent the boat from bouncing or falling off the boat, which can cause a road accident or damage your vessel.

4. How do you use a boat buckle strap?

Turn the buckle over and insert the strap while pressing the thumb button. Pull the tie-down strap to the desired tension and release the thumb button. If you want to remove the strap, simply press the button and pull the strap to get to your cargo.

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