7 Of The Best Uses For Smart Plugs

Smart plugs work the same way as regular wall plugs except for one functionality: they can be turned on or off from your phone, allowing you to turn any wired “dumb” device into a “smart” device since now you can control them remotely with a tap or voice command.

You just have to plug the device to the smart plug, connect it to your wi-fi and follow the instructions on your compatible app. They’re an affordable and easy to use way of automating the last details of your dream smart home.

Let’s see some of the best uses we can give them:

7 Best Uses For Smart Plugs

Wake up to a Fresh Cup of Coffee

If you’re a creature of habit, you can program your coffee maker to turn on at a specific time in the morning so that your coffee is ready to drink when you get to your kitchen. If you use Alexa, try adding this step to your wake up routine.

Get Notified When Laundry is Done

If your smart plug can monitor energy usage, you can set it up to notify you when your washing machine is done washing your clothes. Just a few years ago this used to be a joke in sitcoms, now you can have it IRL.

Educating Your Kids

Forget about turning off the Wi-Fi when your kids act badly, what about leaving them without electricity until they’ve learned the lesson? Alternatively, if you want to limit their screen time, this is one way of ensuring they are not finding a way of circumventing this.

Start Cooking Dinner While On Your Way Home

If you don’t have a complete smart kitchen, start with a few appliances you can turn on on your way from work to your home so that by the time you get there, dinner has already started cooking! a perfect device to start experimenting with is a slow cooker. Get to home ready to serve the table and start eating.

Humidify A Room Remotely

If you’re a fan of humidifying your room or adding a scent like lavender, with a smart plug you can program when to start humidifying your room so that when you arrive, the conditions are perfect.

Automate The Temperature Of Your Home

If you don’t have a smart thermostat, you can always turn on the heat or a cooling fan remotely by plugging these devices to a smart plug. If you are interested in taking the next step and choosing a smart thermostat, here is our article on The Best Smart Thermostats For Your Home.

Turn On/Off Christmas Lights Remotely

Turning on and off your decorative lights with a tap on your phone during the holidays can prove to be quite convenient, specially when you’re used to stepping outside during the cold weather right before going to sleep.

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