How to Set up a Home Heating Automation System

Imagine getting home after a long day at work during the winter, you’ve been freezing the whole day and once you cross your home’s door you find your house has just the right temperature you like.

A smart thermostat makes this a reality. It automatically adjusts the heating and cooling systems in your home to get you the perfect temperature every time and also bring down energy costs as much as possible.

Let’s see how you can set this home heating automation system:

Pick Your Smart Thermostat

The first step is buying a smart thermostat, this is the gateway to smart heating.

Make sure that the smart thermostat you choose is compatible with the current heating system you have at home, most notably its wiring: most smart thermostats require C-Wiring in order to control the house’s heating system.

Remember that the smart thermostat is just the interface with which you control the heating system, in other words it’s what tells the heating system when to heat up the house and when to cool it down.

We compiled a list of The Best Smart Thermostats For Your Home In 2023.

Also consider what other devices you already have that can collaborate with the smart thermostat. One example would be that you can control the Amazon Smart Thermostat with the app, but if you own an Amazon echo dot you can also use voice commands.

Install Your Smart Thermostat

Once you have your smart thermostat, it’s time to install it.

Most people are able to install their smart thermostats in 10-15 minutes by following the included instructions if they already have C-Wiring in their homes.

If your home doesn’t have C-Wiring, the recommendation is to either hire a professional or getting an adapter.

Using Your Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats become “smart” after learning your habits and preferences for a while, which means that in the beginning you’ll have to do everything manually to “teach” it.

After installing it and pairing the smart thermostat with your app and/or voice commands assistant, set up the temperature for maximum comfort at various times of the day and correct slight errors the smart thermostat may have. This way your smart thermostat will learn over the next few months how to give you maximum comfort.

Set up Routines

Most smart thermostats have the option to be included in a “routine” of an assistant like Alexa where you can connect multiple smart devices to “set the mood”.

For example dim the lights, have the house heated and put on some soft music as part of the “romance” routine, this is achieved thanks to smart lights, your smart thermostat and an Amazon echo dot serving as house speakers.

Turn off heating when its not needed

Most smart thermostats have the ability to detect when you leave the house and the option to turn off the heating since nobody will benefit from it being turned on. Be sure to also “teach” your smart thermostat your usual sleeping patterns so that the heating gets turned off while you’re asleep.

If you’re still doubting if your smart thermostat will actually save you energy, or just wondering how much it’ll actually save, I recommend you read How Do Smart Thermostats Save Energy.

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