Best Construction Adhesive for Wood to Concrete, Metal, etc

Adhesive products play an important role in the building and construction industry. They’re ideal for various applications like roofing, flooring, tiling, and many others.

However, not every adhesive product out there is ideal for construction projects. For instance, standard glue may not adhere well to porous or strong materials! Instead, you should get yourself the best construction adhesive. This is a unique type of bonding agent that adheres to most construction materials such as concrete to wood, metal, plastic, brick, stone, rubber, etc.

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Liquid Nails – Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

5 out of 5

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Gorilla Heavy Duty White Adhesive for Construction

5 out of 5

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Loctite Tan Adhesive and Sealant for Construction Works

4.5 out of 5

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Reviews of 11 Best Construction Adhesive for Wood to Concrete, Metal, Plastic, Brick, etc

Finding the right adhesive for your project is not that simple though! This is because the market is filled with lots of options. For that, it’s good to do extensive research before you settle on a certain brand. To help you with that, we’ve reviewed some of the strongest construction glues out there. Remember you get to choose the adhesive once! So, these reviews will help you to make a wise buying decision. That being said, here are some heavy-duty construction glues worth investing in!

1. Liquid Nails – Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

A high-strength construction adhesive is ideal for any heavy-duty home improvement/ repair project. Yet finding a reputable brand that produces high-quality glue is not that simple. Luckily, Liquid Nails LN907 adhesive is a perfect fit!

Available in a 10 oz. cartridge-can, this glue delivers ultra-strong bond, even in severe temperatures. It can withstand heat ranging from 22 – 120 degrees F. This allows it to withstand extreme cold or hot weather. Thus making a great option for bonding materials in outdoor and indoor applications.

As for the coverage, each can offers 30 linear feet of glue if you apply a ¼” beading. Not to forget the can is designed to protect the stored glue for a long time.

This adhesive is intended to bond with some of the strongest construction materials. It’s ideal for use on materials like cement backer board, brick veneer, and more.

However, that’s not the only way you can use it! You can use it on other materials like plastic, ceramics, marble, flooring, and marble.

In terms of safety, rest assured that you’re working with a sustainable and eco-friendly agent. It’s UL-certified and ranked as a low-emitting product as per GREENGUARD GOLD Standard. Therefore, using this adhesive will not affect the environment. Overall, Liquid Nails LN-907 Glue provides excellent results on every demanding project. Besides, its formula ensures that you get a professional adhesion that’s both durable and strong.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and durable bonding
  • Ideal for exterior and interior applications
  • Bonds in severe temperatures
  • Work on various materials
  • Heavy-duty glue

2. White Gorilla Construction Adhesive for Heavy-Duty Bond

Gorilla is one of the most reputable brands in the adhesive industry today. And their heavy-duty adhesive lives up to that name.

Besides, it’s one of the best adhesives for beginners. This is mainly because it can bond almost any material you can think of! Staring with mirrors and concrete to marble and drywall. For that, you can use it for outdoor as well as indoor projects.

Putting versatility aside, this formula is free from solvents or water. This increases its drying time and enables it to form a strong bond in less than 30 seconds.

Another notable feature about this bonding agent is that it’s weather-resistant. This protects it from weather elements like snow and heat to extend its durability.

Regarding the application, this solution is simple to use and there are many reasons for that! To start with, the adhesive comes in a ready-to-use solution in a convenient 9 oz. cartridge. Therefore, you just need a caulking gun and you’re good to go!

Another thing that makes this glue easy to apply is that it doesn’t run or drip. Also, it’s VOC compliant and doesn’t produce any odor, thus making it a great work tool. Nonetheless, make sure the surfaces are free of oil, dirt, and great before you apply this glue. Moving on, this adhesive goes on white and leaves a smooth finish on drying. Even better, you can easily paint over the dried adhesive with your favorite latex paint.

Simply put. Gorilla glue is a powerful formula that bonds with various surfaces. It’s ideal for use in construction sites as well as home improvement and repair projects.

Highlighted Features:

    • Easy application
    • Fast drying time (30 seconds)
    • No water or solvent, 100% adhesive
    • Multiple applications
    • Weather-resistant

3. Loctite Tan Adhesive and Sealant for Construction Works

Loctite has been producing advanced sealants and adhesives for over 50 years now. They are committed to reliability, quality as well as innovation. Something you’ll see in their products including this Loctite Premium construction adhesive!

This formula is that it’s 3 times stronger than the standard solvent-based glues. Thus ensuring it delivers exceptional results and reliability.

Also, this glue is highly versatile, making it ideal for various uses. It adheres to various construction materials including frozen or wet-dry lumber. Other materials you can apply it on include; metal, concrete, masonry, fiberglass, etc.

On application, this formula sets in about 24 hours. Although this time is longer than other glues, it creates a rock-solid finish when it dries fully. Besides, this strong bond can withstand moisture damage. Hence making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

Another plus for this formula is that it doesn’t contain chlorinated solvent or water. As such, it has low odor properties, making it free from irritating solvent smells. This is another reason that makes it ideal for indoor applications.

As for the packaging, this glue is available in 10 oz. or 28oz. cartridge. The 10 oz. capacity can cover about 30 linear feet of a ¼” bead. While the 28 oz. capacity can cover about 90” linear feet. Lastly, this formula works in a broad temperature range.

For that, you can apply it in hot or cold temperatures without experiencing any challenges. Moreover, it’s paintable, waterproof and one of the most pro-grade adhesives out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Produces low odor
  • Waterproof, paintable, and versatile
  • Withstands a broad temperature range
  • Forms a permanent bond with most surfaces
  • Works in hot and cold temperatures
  • Sets in 24 hours

4. Gorilla Max Strength Clear Adhesive Sealant for Construction

If you want a super-strong glue, consider buying this Gorilla Max Strength adhesive. It’s one of the most-loved glues in the market since it forms solid bonds.

That’s not the only reason most constructors love it though! Besides, this solution has so many incredible features, so it’s hard to settle on one.

For starters, this glue can bond almost every construction material out there. For instance, you can use it on metal, glass, ceramic, and more. Even better, you can apply it on wet surfaces as well as decks.

The other great thing about this glue is it’s incredibly durable. This glue form bonds that are 2 times stronger than the Gorilla Heavy-duty adhesive. Thanks to its unique formulation which enhances the bond’s strength. Besides, this makes it both water- and impact-resistant. Therefore, you can use it in various places including outdoors or underwater.

It’s also worth mentioning that this formula produces a low odor. So, it’s ideal for indoor applications since it doesn’t produce an irritating smell.

As for the application, this formula is simple to use and has convenient packaging. Although this formula dries crystal clear, you’ll be glad to know that it’s paintable. Even better, it’s repositionable, which improves its functionality. This also makes it perfect for gap filling.

The only issue with this glue is that it’s not sandable. Apart from that, it’s reliable and guarantees effective and long-lasting adhesion!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries crystal clear
  • Fast-drying formula
  • Forms strong & durable bond
  • Waterproof, paintable, & repositionable
  • Bonds to various surfaces

5. CT1 Unique White Sealant & Construction Adhesive

Manufactured by C-TEC, CT1 adhesive is one of the strongest industrial sealants available. It adheres to the most difficult materials. And, this ultimate sealant can be your best wood to concrete adhesive for all your construction works.

What other aspects set this bonding agent apart from the rest? Well, many properties indicate why this glue is strong and powerful.

For one, as we stated earlier, this glue forms strong bonds with most surfaces. As such, you can use it even on difficult materials like glass, wood to concrete, and steel, etc. These high bonding properties make them suitable for industrial applications.

Also, unlike most adhesives, its ability to withstand UV rays is incredible. This enables it to withstand harsh weather elements and high temperatures. So, it’s an excellent option to use for outdoor projects. This allows it to resists shrinking, cracking, and deterioration when exposed to elements.

The other incredible property of this glue is that it’s very flexible. As such, it can withstand heavy movement, regardless of the amount of pressure it is subjected to. This prevents leaks and air that may be trapped inside the adhesion, thus weakening the bond. Also, it prevents bacterial growth and has incredibly resistant to chemicals.

Still, on resistance, CT1 is 100% waterproof, meaning you can use it in dry or wet conditions. Lastly, this formula is food-safe and free from harsh chemicals. Therefore, you can use it to bond kitchen surfaces and food preparation areas.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free from harsh chemicals and solvents
  • Ideal for use in dry or wet conditions
  • Resists water damage, UV, shrinking, leaking, and impact
  • Forms strong bonds with various surfaces
  • Odorless and paintable

6. Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Premium Adhesive

To bond construction materials permanently, you need a reliable adhesive. More importantly, it should be able to withstand all temperatures and weather conditions. Thankfully, Loctite Premium Polyurethane adhesive is that type of product!

Manufactured by a reputable brand, this formula features exceptional strength under all conditions. So, regardless of whether it’s rainy, sunny, or thundery, it maintains strong adhesion. Moreover, it has excellent resistance to water and moisture.

It’s also worth mentioning that this adhesive has better grab power than most bonding agents. To be precise, it’s 8 times stronger than most commonly-used adhesives.

In terms of compatibility, this multipurpose adhesive works on various materials. It adheres to concrete, masonry, slate, brick, wood, and many others. This means that you can use it to bond different materials, thus giving you value for your money.

Unlike most solutions we’ve looked at above, this glue doesn’t come in a cartridge can. Instead, it’s available in a 4 oz. squeeze tube, meaning you don’t need a cartridge gun to apply it. Its patented additive and low viscosity nature make it easy to apply on smooth surfaces.

As for safety, this glue is VOC compliant. This indicates that it’s a safe and reliable polyurethane adhesive. With all these incredible features, you can use them for outdoor and indoor projects. It’s waterproof, durable, paintable, and even cures in cold environments. Besides, it leaves a nice color on drying!

Highlighted Features:

  • Works under any condition
  • Waterproof & weather resistant
  • 8 times stronger than conventional adhesives
  • Ideal for exterior and interior use
  • Forms a strong & durable bond
  • Eco-friendly and low odor

7. Liquid Nails, FuzeIt All Surface Adhesive for Construction

Just like any construction other tasks, gluing requires that you’ve got the right tools. The first tool you need for that task being a quality adhesive. And with this FuzeIt glue from Liquid Nails, all your gluing needs will be sorted!

As the name suggests, this adhesive works on every surface. Hence making it the perfect partner in home improvement and construction projects. Its formula is designed with a unique hybrid-polymer blend to provide excellent adhesion. For this, it’s 2 times stronger than fasteners alone. Also, this enables it to adhere to various materials in all weather conditions. For this, you can apply it to marble, rubber, ceramic, wood, metal, glass, and granite.

With its 15 seconds grab time, this glue cure faster and withstands harsh conditions. Besides, this gives you enough time to customize or reposition your surfaces. Better still, the instant-grab property promotes faster job completion.

We also love that this formula is heat resistant, and even works in low temperatures. Its application temperature range is between 0 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. While its service temperatures range from -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This applies to any surface regardless of whether it’s wet, frozen, or dry.

The unit comes in a 9 oz. plastic cartridge for convenient application. More importantly, the cartridge protects it from damage when left in the snow or rain. Also, the cartridge features a detachable nozzle for convenient cleaning for reuse.

Lastly, this gray-colored paste is GREENGUARD certified and low VOC. Also, its formula is free from plasticizers. This prevents it from drying out or turning brittle over time.

Highlighted Features:

  • 15 seconds grab time
  • Plasticizer-free and low VOC
  • Withstands extreme weather elements
  • Bonds with all materials
  • Heat resistant

8. Power Grab Heavy Duty PG HD CONS Adhesive Product

Some construction adhesives tend to be weather-specific. This means that they’re only effective either in dry or cold weather. However, others are very versatile and you can use them for all weather conditions.

The Henkel Corporation 2032666 glue falls under the versatile category! It’s one of the best wall adhesives that is effective in both cold and dry weather. In short, you can either apply it on your surfaces, regardless of whether it’s winter or summer.

To add to its versatility, this glue bonds with various materials. Some of the surfaces it works on are; concrete to wood, brick, foam board, and plaster. Simply put, it’s an all-purpose glue that you can use for almost every gluing task in construction. Besides, it seeps through most surfaces, making it an ideal tool for gap filling.

Also, this glue has a fast drying time. However, it gives you about 15 minutes to align or reposition your materials. So, if you make any mistake while bonding materials, you have enough time to correct it.

As for the curing time, this formula takes about 12 hours to achieve full strength. However, when used on low porosity materials, this can take 7 days or more. The curing time will rely on other factors like porosity, humidity, and temperature.

All things considered, this latex-based adhesive is a premium-grade and high-strength product. It’s a popular choice among construction workers, especially for heavy-duty bonding tasks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Instant grab technology
  • Compatible with most surfaces
  • Repositionable 15 minutes after application
  • Eco-friendly and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Ideal for heavy-duty construction jobs
  • Powerful formula

9. Dap Polyurethane Construction Adhesive and Sealant

If you’re looking for an affordable adhesive product for your project, we suggest you try out this unit from DAP! Besides, unlike most cartridges, it doesn’t come in a 9 oz. can. Instead, it’s available in a 10.1 oz. can, giving you an extra ounce of adhesive.

There is more to this packaging though!

For instance, this cartridge protects the adhesive from going bad during storage. According to the manufacturer, the glue can stay in the can for more than 50 years.

Moving on, this high-performance glue gives excellent adhesion to different substrates. This makes it ideal for wide applications like use on ducts, gutters, and skylights. It’s a perfect option for forming a permanent, watertight seal when filling cracks and gaps.

After application, this solution can take about four to seven days to cure completely. Even better, it remains permanently flexible and you can even paint over it. Talking of application, this glue has a wide temperature range.

Its application temperate ranges from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

While its performance temperature range between -40 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it works effectively in both hot and cold environments. Even with its affordability, this glue matches the quality of other premium adhesives. So, don’t let its affordability fool you. Besides, it’s ranked among the best construction adhesives for a reason!

Highlighted Features:

  • Superior adhesion
  • Paintable and permanently flexible
  • Ideal for sealing exterior cracks, gaps, and joints
  • Forms a watertight seal
  • Exceptional durability

10. RD Pro Construction Grade Siliconized Acrylic Sealant

Established in 1872, Red Devil is one of the most dependable adhesive brands in the market. All their products guarantee the quality, innovation as well as reliability. And their Siliconized acrylic sealant is not an exception!

As the name suggests, this sealant contains silicone as one of its ingredients. Silicone helps to extend its life and increases its flexibility. So, with this formula, expect your materials to stay bonded together for several years to come.

This unit adheres to most construction substrates. This makes it a great gluing tool for most building projects. Also, the sealant provides extra strength for long-lasting, waterproof tight. As such, it can resist stains and prevent mildew growth. Hence making it a suitable adhesive for exterior and interior use. Not to go forget that you can easily paint over it when it dries.

In terms of durability, this glue can stay in place for more than 35 years.

Lastly, this formula is safe to use since it’s VOC compliant. Therefore, its application will not affect the user or the environment in any way. To sum everything up, this adhesive is perfect for DIYers and professional contractors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mildew resistant
  • Paintable and permanently flexible
  • Ideal for interior and exterior use
  • Forms durable, waterproof seals
  • Lasts for over 35 years
  • Superior adhesion

11. All-Purpose, All-Weather XTREME Bond Masonry Adhesive for Wet or Frozen Surfaces

As we wind up our list, let’s have a look at the Bond masonry adhesive from XTREME! A construction adhesive that’s specifically designed for professional use. So, if you’re a beginner, we recommend that you look for any option!

Other than that, this formula delivers exceptional bonding strength. Besides, it contains polyurethane, allowing it to meet the highest of demands. Thanks to its ability to work at any temperature. Besides, you can even apply it to bond frozen as well as wet surfaces.

Just like other quality adhesives, this formula is compatible with various surfaces. For that, you can use it on metal, stone, fiberglass, brick, and bonding concrete to wood. It’s ideal for use on stone, concrete, and retaining walls. However, its adhesion on wet concrete is not that great. So, keep that in mind if you’re planning to apply it on concrete.

When applied to the surface, this formula sticks well and forms a smooth texture. Better still, it gives you a work time of about 15 minutes. This enables you to adjust or reposition the materials to suit your needs. As for curing, this adhesive requires airborne moisture to cure and form a hard surface.

On the downside, this adhesive tends to be nose- and eye-irritant. For this reason, wear protective gloves and practice safety precautions when handling them. Also, it may not be a great option for vertical surfaces since its formula runs easily. Apart from that, it has high adhesion properties and delivers outstanding results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Needs moisture to cure
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • polyurethane construction adhesive
  • Adheres to wet & frozen surfaces
  • VOC- compliant & Faster adhesion

What to Consider When Buying Construction Adhesive for Metal, Concrete to Wood, Plastic, etc

As you’ve seen, there are many adhesives you can use for your construction projects. But, which is the best one for you? Truth is, if you don’t know the important aspects to look out for in an adhesive, you can still make a costly mistake. So, it’s only by considering these factors that you’ll be able to choose the perfect glue for your project.

Some of those aspects include;

1. Curing & drying time

Look for a construction adhesive that dries quickly. That way, you’ll be able to save both time and effort. Also, the adhesive should work effectively on wet surfaces and be more versatile. This will make it ideal for use interior and exterior applications.

You should also note that adhesives tend to have different curing times. For instance, some glues feature instant grab technology. This makes them bond faster with the materials than the ones without. On the same note, make sure the formula gives you enough time to adjust or reposition the materials.

2. Bonding strength

A good construction adhesive features a high bonding strength. This will eliminate the use of nails and screws when bonding materials together. Also, the glue should be flexible and offer excellent adhesion to different substrates.

3. Durable and watertight

A quality sealant should remain on the surface for a long time. Luckily, most manufacturers specify the adhesive’s lifespan on the packaging. However, you’ve to ensure you apply it on the right material and correctly. As for durability, we recommend that you choose the glue with the longest lifespan. When it comes to water-resistance, choose a completely watertight adhesive. This gives it exceptional holding capacity, even when exposed to wet/ humid conditions.

4. Safe to use

Before you choose a certain construction sealant, make sure it’s safe to use. If the adhesive is for interior use, make sure is free from harsh chemicals and irritant smell. Moreover, it should be able to resist chemical attacks and even prevents mildew.

5. Temperature resistant

This is another essential aspect you should consider. This property enables the bonding agent to withstand cold or hot environments.

Water Based VS Non Water Based Construction Adhesive

There are several types of commercial construction adhesives in the market. However, there are 2 most commonly used ones; water-based and solvent-based adhesives.

But, which is of these 2 types is ideal for your project! To determine that, it’s good to distinguish them first.

As the name suggests, water is the carrier fluid in water-based glues. Its adhesive particles are finely distributed and suspended in water. Thus reducing the formula’s viscosity. This means that you can easily apply this glue at different levels of thickness. With water-based glues, water has to evaporate for the curing process to take place. Therefore, you can speed up their curing by applying air ventilation and heat.

On the other hand, non-water-based glues are made of various materials. They contain synthetic and natural rubbers as well as suitable resin combinations. This type of glue delivers high strengths on different surfaces. Also, they have faster drying and bonding properties than water-based adhesive products.

Nonetheless, solvent-based glues aren’t always the best option! For instance, they cause environmental damage and they’re hard to clean up. Besides, they’re more costly than water-based glues. Not to forget that they may contain harmful ingredients.

In short, water-based glues are usually the best option in most circumstances. They’re easy to apply, affordable, consistent, versatile, and produce low odor.


If you’re a serious DIYer or construction worker, make sure you have the best adhesive in your toolbox. It will come in handy when handling bonding and gluing projects.

Regardless of what you need the adhesive for, our list gives you lots of options. We recommend that you compare them before you make the final buying decision. That way, you’ll not end up being frustrated or investing in a bonding agent that may not work for you. Instead, you’ll find the ideal construction glue to suit all your gluing needs!


1. Can I remove the old construction adhesive on concrete?

Answer: Yes. However, you’ve to soften the adhesive with a blow dryer or electric heat gun first. Then scrape it off with a flat edge or putty knife. Afterward, wipe the surfaces with mineral spirit to get rid of remaining residues.

2. How strong are the adhesives listed above?

Answer: It creates very strong adhesion. Some adhesive products can hold more than 100 pounds on wood and more than 60 pounds on the PVC.

3. What’s the less curing time an adhesive should take to dry?

Answer: It can take as little as 15 minutes to start drying. However, drying time may vary depending on temperature, humidity, and surface porosity.

4. How long does construction adhesive takes to cure fully?

Answer: Most adhesives take 24 hours to 7 days to cure fully and reach maximum strength.

5. Are construction adhesives made with silicone?

Answer: Some adhesives contain silicone, while others do not. Silicone extends the formula’s lifetime while improving its flexibility.