5 Best Baseboard Heater Covers (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Baseboard heaters are ideal for removing the chill and warming up your living spaces. However, these heat sources age and experience a lot of wear & wear over time. Moreover, they’re susceptible to scratches, rust spots, and dents.

This shouldn’t be surprising though seeing that they’re installed close to the ground.

All these issues make them look shabby and outdated, something that can be a real eyesore to your home decor. As a result, you may be forced to replace your heating equipment. But that option can be a bit pricey.

Why not settle for a more affordable solution – the best baseboard heater cover!

Quick round-up table with our top 3 choices:

Image Name Rating Price
NeatHeat Decorative Baseboard Heater Cover

5 out of 5

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Baseboarders Basic Galvanized Heater Cover

5 out of 5

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Premium Series Galvanized Steel Heater Cover

4.5 out of 5

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NeatHeat Modern Baseboard Heat Cover

4.5 out of 5

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Baseboarders Elliptus Galvanized Steel Heater Cover

4.5 out of 5

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5 Best Baseboard Heater Covers Reviews

All of our handpicked covers will fit around your baseboard heater equipment and conceal its components nicely. This provides an even surface at the front of your heater and protects them from your home’s daily traffic.

Better still, the cover will accentuate the decor, giving your home that perfect look again.

Now that you’ve decided to invest in a decorative baseboard heater cover, which one should you buy? Our detailed review will help you arrive at that decision. So here you go with the best NeatHeat baseboard Heater Front Cover.

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1. NeatHeat Baseboard Heater Front Cover

On top of our list is this Baseboard heat cover from NeatHeat! It’s a revolutionary cover that you can install over most baseboard heaters. Moreover, it will save you time and money since you don’t need to work on the existing heater.

Another benefit of installing this cover in your home/ office is that it doesn’t decay over time. O the same note, it’s resistant to chipping, denting, and rust. Instead, it will give your heating system a more appealing modern appearance.

When it comes to installation, you don’t need any special skills or tools to fix this cover. You can even cut the pieces with common household tools. Nonetheless, they’re permanent, effective, and simple to maintain. You just need to snap on the pieces and you’re good to go.

Painting these modern and decorative baseboard heater covers is quite simple as well. Simply snap off the 4-foot long pieces and spray them with any paint that adheres to the polymer. Unlike baseboards, these covers are much more kid-friendly since they lack sharp edges.

You’ll also be thrilled to know that these covers are ideal for replacing the baseboard’s front plate. That’s right! And to accomplish that, you just need the clips and the backplates. So, if your heater’s front face is damaged or missing, this product will be quite useful

One drawback with these covers though, is that they aren’t ideal for electric units. Moreover, the kit doesn’t come with other accessories like end caps, so you’ve to buy them separately.


  • Easy to cut and install
  • Fits various common 4ft size heaters
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • End caps are sold separately
  • Not safe for electric baseboard

2. Baseboarders Basic Galvanized Baseboard Heater Cover

If you’re planning to keep the costs of your project, look for a cost-effective option like the Basic Series. This piece comes at a reasonable price, yet it provides a clean, conservative look. Even better, it will refurbish your old, but functional heaters right away!

In terms of packaging, this set comes with 1 panel. Also, you’ll get a right and left closed end cap for covering your heating unit. Although the panel in this set is 3-ft long, you can find it in other sizes as well. It’s available in other lengths like 4-ft, 5-ft, and 6-foot.

Note, the included end caps aren’t compatible with the Basic Series panels! Each panel is crafted from heavy-duty 24-gauge) galvanized steel.

The steel is then powder coated and finished with semi-gloss paint. On the other hand, the end cps are made up of 22-gauge steel. This sturdy construction allows them to withstand years of chemical and physical abuse.

Another notable feature is that the panels have several holes. These holes have a diameter of 1/8” and they’re intended to ensure proper airflow.

Even with such a strong construction, the panels are quite simple to cut and install. Start by snapping the included end caps onto the panel. Then place the assembly onto the existing backplate. Lastly, firmly push the assembly until it slips over your baseboard heater.

This piece doesn’t have sharp edges, so it’s safe for your pets and kids.

This galvanized steel cover is designed to work in hot water (hydronic) heating units. However, you can install it in electric heaters. You just need to be cautious since electric heaters work at higher temperatures.


  • Various size options to choose from
  • Included left and right end caps
  • Great on hot water & electric baseboard heaters


  • Nothing so far, the galvanized steel so husky

3. Baseboarders Premium Galvanized Steel Heater Cover

The premium line is one of the most popular and versatile brands from Baseboarders. It solves various installation challenges and is available in common panel length. For those reasons, it provides a comprehensive solution for covering most baseboard heaters.

This piece is compatible with both hydroponic and electric baseboard heating units. It comes as a 1-size-fits-most cover the slips over existing heaters with ease. However, make sure you take the necessary precautions when covering electric heaters.

These units work at higher temperatures, heating your cover in the process.

You’ll also love that this series offers every accessory and common length you might need. The panels are available in the following standard lengths; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-feet. So, for baseboard heaters that exceed 7-feet in length, you’ll need multiple panels.

More notably, you’ll need couplers to join the ends together.

Additional accessories for installing this cover include; inside corners and closed-end caps. Also, you’ll need outside corners, open-end caps, and zero-clearance end caps. Unfortunately, this set doesn’t come with these accessories.

Moreover, these accessories are only compatible with the Baseboarders’ covers. Therefore, they’ll not fit into an existing heater without a Baseboarders panel. This is intended to ensure the perfect fit as well as safety design.

Like other products from Baseboards, this unit is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel. To be precise, end caps are made up of 22-gauge steel, while the panels are crafted from 24-gauge steel. Also, they’ve got a clean semi-gloss white powder coating.

Better still, you use a spray or roller to paint over this finish with your favorite color.


  • Modern and stylish look
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Easy to install
  • Semi-gloss white finish looks attractive
  • Great for hydronic & electric baseboard heaters


  • Existing baseboard heaters require a basic series panel for retrofitting

4. NeatHeat 6ft Tall Baseboard Heat Cover

A study demonstrates that most institutional and commercial environments have 9”+ tall heaters. Yet most modern baseboard heater covers available don’t fit in such units. This has resulted in the development of various tall profile models.

A good example of such a model is this set from NeatHeat. So, if you’ve got a taller high-output heater in your home/ office, this will be an excellent option.

In terms of appearance, this cover resembles the company’s FC 30/07-04 BW model. However, it has 1.25 extra inches in height to suit taller hydroponic heaters. Make sure you measure your baseboard heater before you buy this cover.

If it’s taller than your heater, stick to the 30/09 model instead.

The panel is crafted from melt-proof polymer. For this, it can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 460 deg. F. However, you should not install this cover over electric heaters. Moreover, this material doesn’t rust, dent, chip, or show scratches.

Even better, you can easily clean it with common household cleaning solutions.

Regarding the length, this panel is available in 6-ft length sizes. You can easily install these panels throughout your property without any special tools. Besides, it snaps over existing heaters, making it even easier to install.

However, you need to remove the damper or front cover from your heating unit first. Also, if you want end caps, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Installing this cover in your heater will protect you from potentially harmful conditions. It’s quite durable, yet the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Well-made product
  • Quick installation
  • Very easy to cut
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • The size (6ft.) can be a restriction for small-sized heaters
  • Might not have included end caps

5. Baseboarders Elliptus Galvanized Steel Heater Cover

As you know, most baseboard heating units have a rectilinear design. But with this Elliptus Series cover, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With its curved slip-on design, the cover will add elegance to your heating unit, giving it a fresh look!

The gentle curve on this cover is formed from a continuous set of 160° brake forms. For this reason, it’s almost similar to a true ellipse, hence the name ‘Elliptus’. Besides, the curve plus the aggressive end caps’ angles give it a unique look.

Apart from being curved, this set mimics other Baseboarders products in various ways. For instance, it’s crafted from high-quality galvanized steel. More importantly, it’s coated with a white powder finish, but you can paint over it with any color.

Still, on build quality, the panel is made up of 24-gauge steel. While the included right and left end caps are made up of 22-gauge steel. Also, similar to the Basic series, the panels have 1/8”-diameter holes to ensure proper airflow.

Better still, this hand-crafted piece comes with a lifetime warranty.

When it comes to dimensions, these panels are available in different length sizes. For instance, you can choose from 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, and 7ft options. If you’re concerned about the depth dimension, the widest point on this product line can bow out up to 3.75”.

Finally, this piece is easy to install on hydroponic and electric baseboard heaters. Like with other steel covers, take precautions when installing them on electric units.


  • Durable material
  • Snug fit for a stylish look
  • Quick transformation
  • No need to hire a professional
  • DIY installation
  • Comes with end caps


  • Nothing so bothering, however, consider the right size when ordering

Plastic vs. Metal Baseboard Heater Covers

Baseboard heat covers are made up of different materials. Therefore, choosing the perfect option for your house will not always be simple. To help you choose the ideal fit for your home and heater, we’ll compare 2 materials; plastic and metal!

Metal Covers

Many homeowners and professionals prefer covers made of metal, especially galvanized steel. Thanks to the numerous benefits offered by this material. It’s attractive, durable as well as efficient. First, galvanized steel has an extremely high level of thermal conductivity.

This allows it to distribute heat from the unit more effectively than plastic covers. Moreover, unlike other metals, galvanized steel is resistant to rust.

So, if you’re tired of covering up or painting over rusted covers, galvanized steel is the way to go. Lastly, most galvanized steel covers have an epoxy powder coating. This gives them a modern and sleek appearance that blends in with different home designs.

Plastic covers

Plastic is the second most popular material used in baseboard heater covers. This is because its thermal conductivity is slightly higher than that of wood. This improves their ability to distribute heat from your HVAC system.

Another benefit of plastic is that it’s more affordable and corrosion-resistant. This makes them an ideal option for covering heating units in humid conditions.

On the downside, plastic baseboard heater covers are at risk of melting when the temperatures are too high. Moreover, they don’t conduct heat as efficiently as galvanized steel. As a result, your radiator has to run more to distribute the same heat as metal covers. This makes your radiator wear out more quickly, reducing its lifetime.

Baseboard Heating Cover Buying Guide

Finding the best baseboard heater cover can be a confusing experience. But if you know what you’re looking for, that will not be the case. So, what factors do you need to consider then? Well, here are the essential ones;

Type of Baseboard Heater

There are several different models of baseboard heats. However, all models can be classified into 2 categories; electric and hydroponic heaters. In electric heaters, current passes through a heating element. This causes the element to glow and produce heat.

On the other hand, hydroponic heaters operate like radiators. Hot water circulates in the fins, thus distributing heat to the living space. Why does this matter when choosing a baseboard heater cover?

As you may have noticed, some covers aren’t intended for use on electric units. If you’re not careful, you can end up choosing a cover that’s doesn’t work for your existing heater. So, check whether the product you want to buy is compatible with your heating unit.


Radiator covers are made up of different materials. The most popular ones are; galvanized steel, plastic, and wood. Plastic covers are much more affordable than metal covers. While steel covers are more efficient and durable.

That said, if you’re looking for a cost-efficient option, plastic covers will be a great choice. But if you want an efficient product, you should choose galvanized steel covers.

Note, this may also be influenced by the type of heating unit in your home. If you’ve got an electric heater, avoid plastic covers. This is because they can’t tolerate severe temperatures.


Sizes of the baseboard heater cover is another important aspect you need to consider. This is because both covers and heaters are available in various sizes. So before you buy a certain cover, take the dimensions of your heater.

Then choose the cover whose dimensions will fit perfectly in your unit. As an alternative, you can settle for a cover with 1-size-fits-most. However, for high-output heaters, look for a tall cover model.


Choosing the best baseboard covers in this guide will offer you various benefits. They’re the most efficient cover out there for disguising unappealing heaters nicely. Also, they offer a quick solution to upgrade the appearance of your home.

Better yet, they protect your kids and pets from a potential burn. And with various sizes and styles to choose from, you’ll certainly find the perfect fit for your home décor!


1. Can I cover a baseboard heater?

Covering a baseboard heater helps to protect the adjoining furniture and kids. Also, it’s a great way to hide old, rusty heaters. However, you shouldn’t cover the unit’s lower portions since the heater may stop working. That’s why it’s good to use a baseboard heater cover.

2. What’s the cost of replacing baseboard heating covers?

Baseboard heater covers are quite simple to replace. The entire process involves removal, wall patching, and installation of new ones. You may need about $25 to replace 1 linear foot of installed cover.

3. How can maintain and keep baseboard heaters clean?

Dirt, debris, pet hair, and dust can accumulate on your baseboard. To maintain your unit, clean it at least once per year. This will keep it working efficiently and safely.

4. How do you keep kids off baseboard heaters?

There are various ways to protect your kids from baseboard heaters. You can hide it, install baseboard heater covers, or consider alternative heating options.

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