Best Chlorine for Fiberglass Pool or, Vinyl Pool

TOP 11 Best Chlorine for Fiberglass and Vinyl Pools: (Reviews)

When selecting the best chlorine for fiberglass or vinyl pools, requires your special attention. The type of chlorinator you use does matter with the pool type.

It’s because, not all types are suitable for fiberglass or, vinyl pools.

So, which brand of pool water chlorine should you buy? Specifically, which is suitable for a fiberglass/vinyl pool that contains the right chemical concentration? More importantly, it needs to be safe for your health alongside being effective.

Well, that’s a hard nut to crack!

Especially if you’ve got less knowledge about the different brands, types, features, special packages, etc. BUT WE’VE GOT THE ANSWER FOR YOU!

Fiberglass and Vinyl Pool Chlorinator  Swimming in the Pool Water

We made it by putting ourselves in that same shoe. So, be sure to learn something amazing from today’s content. And surely you’ll get your match from the 11 best inground & above ground fiberglass pool chlorinators that we’ve expanded extremely.

Stay tuned, & scroll down!

Our TOP 4 products in a short preview table:

Image Name Our Rating Price
CLOROX XtraBlue Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

5 out of 5

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Clear Balance Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Tablets Clear Balance Fiberglass/ Vinyl Pool Maintenance Tablets

4.5 out of 5

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HTH Super Shock Treatment, Pool Chlorine Cleaner

4.5 out of 5

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Clorox XtraBlue Swimming Pool Chlorinating Granules

5 out of 5

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To read about our product selection procedure, visit the “About” page.

11 Best Chlorine for Fiberglass and Vinyl Pools

In short, the best chlorine should be effective in its job. And with the wise selection, you can achieve that without any risk. Consequently, it won’t harm your health and the pool material. To recommend a single product for you, number 1 is the highest-ranked on our list. In that sense, CLOROX Pool & Spa Chlorinating Tablets are best for your use. Let’s see how!

1. CLOROX Pool&Spa XtraBlue Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

Our first pick is very attractive to a huge number of consumers. It’s one of the best chorine tablets for fiberglass or vinyl pools. That’s because they don’t disintegrate but dissolve slowly.

For that, you only need a few of these CLOROX tablets to restore the goodness!

The tablets are designed to work in six different ways. Similar to other chlorine tablets, they prevent and kill various types of algae and bacteria. They also prevent the formation of scum and scale by de-scaling. Thus ensuring the water remains safe and clean for swimmers.

Moreover, these tablets protect your fiberglass pool from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is because they have a stabilizing agent. That agent protects your pool from sunlight, providing continuous and long-lasting disinfection.

The tablets come in rectangular buckets that are easy to use. You can find these buckets in 4 different weights. Sizes include; 35-pound, 25-pound, 12-pound, and 5-pound buckets. So, it’s easy to find the best chlorine tablets option.

No matter what sized pool you have!

Clorox Pool Chlorinating Tablets

Each tablet has a diameter of 3 inches. Therefore, they can fit in most automated systems and floating dispensers. Since these tablets don’t stain or corrode surfaces, they’re ideal for fiberglass pools. Their high concentration and slow-dissolving nature ensure the water chlorine remains at an optimum level. That way it stays disinfected and fresh.


  • Doesn’t stain or corrode surfaces
  • Slow-dissolving
  • UV-stabilized & lasts longer
  • Works with; floater, skimmer, feeder


  • Manufacturer: Chem Lab Products, Inc.
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Tablets: 3-inch diameter
  • 4 different container sizes

2. Vinyl or Fiberglass Pool Water Best Chlorine Tablets

These 3” chlorine tablets have a 99% concentration of Tri-Chloro-S-Triazinetrione. This enables them to provide a solid 90 percent chlorine in every dose. It’s a great sanitizing agent. Well known for excellent cleansing performance!

It protects you from fighting against germs, algae, bacteria, and viruses. Besides that, it also maintains the optimum pH value of the pool water. With a slow and steady dissolving rate, it ensures long-lasting protection against contaminants.

And you can let your children swim without making you worry.

Its steady dissolving rate guarantees low maintenance costs. And your poll will need only fewer tablets to sanitize.

Each tablet weighs 8 oz., available in a 10-pound bucket, holding 21-22 tablets. Consequently, it will get you through the good part of any swimming season. But, it’s a slow dissolving version. So you’ll have to wait a few days to let it take an action against any bacteria.

Vinyl or Fiberglass Pool Water Chlorine Tablets

After they dissolve into the water, they release UV-stabilized chlorine. For that reason, you can use them for any pool.

Especially, as chlorine for fiberglass or vinyl swimming pool, of course!

Another notable feature of this product is its excellent packing. The bucket it comes with is both sturdy and waterproof. For extra protection against water intrusion, each tablet comes protected with a plastic coating.

Since these tablets are chemically stabilized, they don’t disintegrate into the water to ensure maximum performance. Therefore, they last for a long period. So, you can enjoy freshwater throughout the week. In addition to eliminating pathogens and germs, these tablets also remove algae and slime from the water surface.

With the capability to remove bad odor, making them a perfect pool sanitizer.


  • High composition of sanitizing agent
  • Slow dissolving & steady action
  • Decent packing, NO water intrusion
  • Provides maximum performance
  • Chemically stabilized


  • Manufacturer: In The Swim
  • Each tablet weighs 8 oz.
  • Available in a 10-pound bucket
  • Comes with 21-22 tablets
  • Tablets: 3” diameter

3. Clear Balance Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Tablets

Clear Balance Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Tablets

Arm & Hammer Clear Balance tablets act as one of the best pool water clarifiers. They also adjust and stabilize the PH level. Consequently, the alkalinity level will boost. They enhance the chlorine efficiency and create a collaboration effect.

Still eliminates the chances of eye and skin irritation!

It comes in a 7-pound package that contains 16 tablets. The tablets clear up all cloudiness in the pool water, effectively and naturally. Thus ensuring it has the highest clarity level. Moreover, they protect the surfaces from corrosion and stains. Not to forget, they guarantee enhanced removal of harmful organics living into the water.

Another unique thing is that you can add it to other chlorine forms.

That is just AMAZING!

Just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use a separate dispenser for your favorite chlorine tablets. This will ensure that you get the full effect of the Clear Balance product! For excellent results, test your pool water’s alkalinity, PH, and chlorine levels first.

Unlike most tablets, this product dissolves very quickly. And it circulates uniformly into water. They soften the water and make it more pleasant to swimmers’ eyes and skin. And the water becomes very clean and clear. You can even easily see anything at the bottom of the pool.

These tabs can work for almost every unfavorable condition. So, if you want something that will remove all types of stuff effectively, this is the product for you! Its affordability and ease of use make it a precise pick on our list.


  • Safe for eyes and skin
  • Ideal for cloudy pools
  • Prevents staining & corrosion
  • Can be used with other chemicals
  • Optimize chlorine performance
  • Gives you crystal clear water


  • Manufacturer: Arm & Hammer
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Count: 16 tablets
  • Active ingredient: NaHCO3

4. HTH Super Shock Treatment, Best Fiberglass or Vinyl Swimming Pool Chlorine Cleaner

You might have come across an HTH product before. Well, if not, HTH is one of the leading manufacturers of pool treatment products. This Super Shock Treatment chlorine is even considered to be the best one for eliminating algae.

It’s designed to deliver the ideal chlorine boost. Following that, it kills any unwanted bacteria and algae living in the water.

Call it a powerful pool-shocking agent!

Its main ingredient is calcium hypochlorite. For that reason, it provides 54% chlorine and ensures crystal-clear results in 24 hours. The best thing is that it’s extremely easy to apply. Also, you don’t even have to worry about eye irritation, fading your fiberglass/ vinyl liner, or leaving a chlorine smell.

Seems pretty safe for fiberglass or vinyl materials!

It comes in a 1-pound bag that’s convenient & easy to open. For excellent results, use this product at least once every week. One bag is enough to treat 13,500 gallons of water. So, with 12 bags, it seems like a package for the whole month! You can use it for all types of pools.

That includes gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl liner, etc. Note that it works within 24 hours. So, apply it right before sunset and leave it to work overnight. Then you can enjoy the next day! Consider it’s one of the best fiberglass saltwater pool chlorinators.

This fast-acting solution will improve water quality. We also have a few other saltwater chlorines listed below. So, don’t forget to read them as well.


  • Comes in easy-to-open bags
  • Ideal for vinyl & saltwater pools
  • Contains a high level of chlorine
  • Works within 24 hours


  • Made by Innovative Water Care
  • Size: 12 pounds
  • Main ingredient: Ca(ClO)2
  • 6 package options are available

5. Clorox XtraBlue Swimming Pool Chlorinating Granules

When you HAVE a pool, you MUST HAVE a sanitizing system. And we guess you already know that!

That can either be bromine, ozone, mineral, salt, or chlorine. Since chlorine is the cheapest and most effective, it’s the most popular option. One such thing is this CLOROX chlorinating granule. Unlike tablets, chlorine granules are a great alternative since they’re fast-dissolving.

For that reason, they provide rapid results than tablets. And this special chlorinating granule is more suited for pools with soft water. This is because they do not reduce the alkalinity or PH balance of the pool. Instead, it works as a multi-purpose sanitizer, algaecide, and shock.

This product doesn’t need any additional solutions. Therefore, you can use it for all your pool needs. Its all-in-one formulation is designed to remove contaminants, treat algae, sanitize, shock, and prevent eye irritation.

Moreover, the sanitizing agent protects it from UV rays. This ensures its longevity as compared to other chlorinators.

That fulfills your goal, YES!

Let’s see what else of the features are left for us…

So, you can use it directly to water or through a skimmer. Also, it removes contaminants and enhances the filter performance to clear water and promote filtration. These granules are available in different-sized packages. Those include; 22.5 pounds and 6-pound. So, this easy-to-use granule is what you’ll find the best product to suit your fiberglass or vinyl liner pool.

Clorox Pool App


  • All-purpose algaecide
  • Works as both sanitizer & shock
  • Improves filter performance
  • Easy to apply and removes odor
  • It has organic contaminants
  • Reduces eye irritation
  • Faster dissolving capability


  • Size: 22.5 pounds
  • 2 more packages are available
  • Granules: In power form
  • 3 more pack styles are available
    • Antifoam + Granules
    • Water Clarifier + Granules
    • pH Up + Granules

6. Fiberglass or, Vinyl Chlorine Pool Shock – ‘In The Swim’

Looking for quick results?

This is the best chlorine for your intex or inground fiberglass or vinyl pool. It’s a powerful chlorinated shock treatment that will fight off bacterial and algae growth rapidly. Also, it’s one of the most effective products for raising chlorine levels after heavy rainfall.

So, before knowing about this special item, what did you use to treat your pool’s water after a heavy rainfall?

We’d love to know about that from your side!

With 68% Calcium Hypochlorite, it guarantees fast-acting oxidation. This produces chlorines that spread across quickly. Even better, these shocks provide a chlorine boost that returns to normal within 24 hours. So, you’ll get crystal clear water that is free from harmful contaminants.

The product comes in 24 bags.

With each bag carrying 1 pound of chlorine shock. You can add this directly to the pool water since it’s safe. It doesn’t even damage vinyl liners. Once applied to the water, it starts an oxidization process that burns off bacteria and algae. This product is so powerful that 1 pound can be used on 10,000 gallons of water. That’s a pretty extreme action, right?

So, there’s no chance you get disappointed with it.

However, once you open the bag, it’s hard to store it for long. Overall, this is the best chlorine for above ground or intex fiberglass swimming pools. And it’s a fast-acting solution. Especially after heavy rainfall or during summer, this is an ideal option for you!


  • Fights off algae formation
  • Kills any harmful bacteria
  • Boosts chlorine level quickly
  • Contains a powerful oxidizing agent
  • Ideal fiberglass pool chlorine


  • Manufacturer: In The Swim
  • Size: 1 pound pack
  • The whole package: 24 packs
  • 1 pound is for 10,000 gallons
  • Main Ingredient: Ca(ClO)2

7. HTH – Super Shock Pool Chlorine Cleaner Treatment

For Gunite or vinyl liner pools, HTH super shock treatment is one of the safest products to use. Not to mention that it provides fast results. And this easy-use agent cleans the water within 24 hours. That’s pretty fast, right?

Besides, it protects the lines and prevents them from fading out. Subsequently, that reduces the chances of swimmers experiencing eye irritation. You’ll be glad to know that you can use this chemical treatment for saltwater systems as well.

So this is number 2 among the best salt water fiberglass pool chlorine we’ve reviewed. The product comes in 1 –pound bag that’s easy to open.

And this package contains a total of 6 packs.

One bag can be used to treat about 13,500 gallons of water. The contained chemical has a 4-in-1 formula. That enhanced formula kills both bacteria and algae effectively. Moreover, it dissolves quickly without interfering with the existing stabilized condition.

So it’s more than just an algae and bacteria killer!

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can use it to eliminate scale, clear water, and soften water. All these in less than 24 hours!

Amazingly, it works great with all types of swimming pools. Once applied, this thing features a blue action that shows it’s working. Overall, it’s a superior product for your fiberglass swimming pool. It maintains the chlorine without affecting the pH level. So, a great choice to keep the water sparkling clean!


  • Increases chlorine level
  • Doesn’t affect stabilization
  • Ideal for all pool types
  • Works with saltwater systems
  • Prevents liner fading out


  • Made by: Innovative Water Care
  • 1 bag is for 13,500 gallons
  • Comes in 1 pound bag
  • The whole package: 6 bags
  • Main Ingredient: Ca(ClO)2

8. ‘In The Swim’ – Fiberglass/ Vinyl Pool Shock

Calcium Hypochlorite is a much more stabilized form of chlorine. It’s widely used in manufacturing swimming pool chlorinators. And this is yet another product made of that as the main ingredient.

It’s a great pool shock treatment with so many amazing features!

It helps to kill algae and bacterial by increasing the chlorine level. Even better, it acts rapidly to ensure that your pool is safe. With 68% Calcium Hypochlorite, this product oxidizes faster than most others. It comes with 1 pound bag of chlorine shock. That size can be used to treat 10,000 gallons of water.

So, a perfect choice for that volume owner!

Just make sure to order the right package. And RELAX…

If you’ve got a fiberglass or vinyl pool, you can use it. Just dissolve the shock in a 5-gallon bucket. Then disperse it into the water for excellent results. But for concrete pools, apply it directly while walking around the edge.

Note that it’s important you move around the edge.

That ensures the product isn’t concentrated in only one part of the pool. If that happens, it might cause discoloration in the water. Considering how powerful it is, you can also use it for regular maintenance. It’s affordable and easy to use.

So calling it an even better option is worth it!


  • Effective doer
  • Kills algae & harmful bacteria
  • Easy to store for future
  • 68% calcium hypochlorite


  • Manufacturer: In The Swim
  • Package: 12 bags
  • Comes in a 1-pound bag
  • Main Ingredient: Ca(ClO)2

9. Shock Pods Care for Swimming Pools – by HTH

So, what encourages the growth of algae and bacteria? Well, it’s mainly warm weather, low chlorine levels, and poor water circulation. But whatever it is who tolerates???

No one does, NEVER…!

Then consider investing in this HTH product. It works fast and eliminates any unwanted trouble maker into the water. That could be algae or bacteria whatsoever! Whether you’ve got an outdoor or indoor swimming pool, you can apply the shock pods easily.

When used, the chlorine level is boosted very naturally.

And you’ll see crystal clear water in less than just 24 hours. And you’ll have crystal clear & clean water for fun times all season long!

Moreover, this fast-acting shock product reduces chlorine odor. It doesn’t fade liners or eye irritation resulting from improperly treated water. You can either apply it directly into the water or through a skimmer.

Whatever is best for you!

The package comes with 15 pods in each bucket (2 buckets). Each pod contains 6 oz. of the shock treatment. It’s a self-protected system fight against harmful UV rays to extend chlorine life. Even better, you can use it on any type of pool system.

To name a few specific types; saltwater, gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl material types.

It’s water-soluble and comes pre-measured. So that ensures an optimum balance in the alkalinity level. Just remember to check the shock and water every week. And make sure the chlorine level is between 1 and 4 ppm.


  • Water-soluble and fast-acting
  • Ideal for all pool types
  • Contains 56% Chlorine level
  • Kills water contaminants
  • Restore water’s clarity


  • Manufacturer: Arch Chemical
  • Brand: HTH
  • You get 15 pods in a bucket
  • Total 2 buckets
  • Each pod measures 6 Oz.

10. All-in-1 Swimming Pool Chlorinating Tablets

Understanding the importance of cleaning, Pool Mate has launched various types of pool sanitizers. This chlorinating tablet pack is one of those. Most commercial and residential property owners love it. It’s because of the huge number of benefits they offer.

These tablets cleanse and purify your pool water deeply. They de-index it from water pollutants like germs, viruses, pathogens, and bacteria. These microorganisms are responsible for that horrible situation. And then you come to know that bad odor & greenish color.

But there’s no chance for that!

It guarantees you a durable and effective result. Thus ensuring the water is clean and sanitized properly.

Go ahead and throw a tablet into the water and RELAX…

As for the diameter, they can fit into any skimmer, automatic feeder, and floater. Have you got any of them to use? Don’t hesitate to advise us on that. So we know which one worked better for you in what circumstance. With a powerful stabilized formula, it burns out the contaminants.

So the water is crystal clear with improved beauties. Moreover, these tablets have descaling properties. For that, it prevents the formation of scales. That’s a lovely thing…!

Cause you know that scales might cause corrosion gradually.

This package is all about 20 tabs, each weighing 8 ounces. These tabs have a diameter of 3”, and are wrapped separately. This makes them safe to use and easy to handle.

Also, this ensures that you don’t smell that unpleasant chlorine odor after opening the bucket. Also, because of its slow dissolving rate, it dissolves in the pool water slowly, allowing the chlorine to spread around uniformly.

The sturdy bucket provides you with additional safety. However, since the tabs are highly vigorous, remember to wear a glove when you’re handling them.


  • Separately wrapped tablets
  • Inbuilt descaler prevents scales
  • Prevents formation of corrosion
  • Slow dissolving rate
  • Even chlorine distribution


  • Sturdy Bucket: 10 pounds
  • The bucket contains 20 tabs
  • Each measures 8 ounces
  • Size: 3” diameter tablet
  • 1 – 3 tablets for 10,000 gallons

11. ‘Pool Mate’ – Stabilized and Concentrated Chlorinating Granules

Lastly, we’re going to finish up the reviews with our 11th great product. Some pool owners prefer chlorine granules because they have little effect on the pH levels. If you prefer them too, then you’ll love this Pool Mate’s product!

With fast-dissolving capability it’s super-concentrated. And it’s residue-free that’s effective and simple to use. For that, these granules can remove all unsightly algae spots and kill them. So you get it deeply cleaned until the next time it spoils back.

Moreover, the granule doesn’t contain calcium. Due to that, there’s no chance of clouding into the water. You can use it in fiberglass, vinyl-lined, and colored plaster surface swimming pools. Or even you can these chlorinating granules in spas & hot tubs.

However, it’s not allowed to use in a chlorinator. Although it’s the 11th doer on our list, it’s such a potential thing. That’s pretty much for multi-purpose intensions.

Regarding the applications just spread them uniformly.

Peculiarly, put it over a large area in your pool’s deepest part where water is circulating. It’s also worth noting that you can use it as a shock treatment or routine chlorine sanitizer. We’re amazed to know that…but let’s see what else it tells us!

It’s packaged in a convenient 8-pound bucket.

After application, this chlorinating releases 56% chlorine into the water. It’s available in different sizes including 4, 16, 22, 32, and 50 pounds. To maintain the chlorine level at 2 to 4ppm, spread 3 ounces of this product over 10,000 gallons of pool water.


  • Fast-dissolving
  • Residue-free to avoid clouding
  • Comes in a convenient bucket
  • Minimal effect on PH levels
  • Easy to handle


  • Weight: 8-pound bucket
  • 3 oz. for 10,000 gallons
  • Stabilized and concentrated
  • For 2-4 ppm chlorine residual
  • 5 other package options avail.

What is Pool Chlorinator & Their Benefits?

Pool Chlorinator is a chlorine-based disinfectant. It’s a substance that gives the water that funny taste. To keep your pool safe, there’s no alternative to this. Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits of using pool chlorine.

1. Cleans the Water

It will clean the water to a sparkling level. So, you can see deep down the bottom of the pool. You just have to chlorinate the water regularly. That gives you a strong personality when swimming with guests.

2. Ensures Health Safety

If you’ve ever suffered from waterborne diseases, you might know its pain better. Namely, some of them are; athlete’s foot, diarrhea, skin or ear rashes, etc. But that has a simple solution!

You just chlorinate your pool and spa. And then relax…! Cause the disinfectant will kill the pathogens and keep away all the chances of your illness.

3. Eliminates Bad Odor

This is another personality issue. Because, how would you feel if you notice your guests are bothered by the bad odor in the water? It’s pretty disgusting, right? That’s where you should take benefit from pool chlorine.

It kills protozoa, viruses, and bacteria in stagnant water. And thus it prevents algae formation and eliminates bad odor.

Chlorine for Fiberglass Pool or Vinyl Pool: Buying Guide

Knowing the different types of chlorine helps to narrow down your choices. However, it doesn’t let you know the things you should consider when making a buying decision. Here are some factors you should apply to.

This is mainly when you tend to buy the best chlorine for your swimming pool. It could be a fiberglass or vinyl liner type, but the same things apply.

1. Base Product Form

There are various types of pool chlorine, including powdered and chlorine tablets. Tablets have a high chlorine composition and they’re highly concentrated. The only issue with these tablets is that they take longer to dissolve in the water than powdered chlorine. As for the powdered form, it has a lower composition of chlorine than in the tablets.

Therefore powdered chlorine is best for a faster result. However, for affordability, chlorine tabs are less costly and they’re still very popular.

2. Type of Product

With so many types out there, you’ve to determine the best type for your use. It can either be un-stabilized or stabilized. Chlorine stabilization is a process that involves the addition of cyanuric acid to the pool chlorine. This chemical stabilizes your chlorine by protecting it from the sun’s UV rays.

So, you must consider whether you’ll use it for an indoor or outdoor pool. For outdoors, always make sure to buy stabilized chlorine. This includes chlorine forms like pool shocks and chlorine tablets.

3. Volume Of Water

The volume of water is directly proportionate to the amount of chlorine. Pools with larger volumes have more contaminants. Therefore, if the volume is greater, you’ll need more chlorine. So when buying chlorine for pool water, the volume will determine the amount of chlorine you need to buy.

4. Ease of use

Consider investing in a chlorinator that’s extremely simple to use. For instance, with tablets, you only need to throw them into the water and forget it. They will dissolve slowly as they release chlorine. Also, unlike other forms like liquid chlorine, you don’t have to measure the exact amount to use.

5. Effectiveness

Ever wondered why some forms of pool chlorine are more popular than others? The answer lies within their effectiveness to sanitize the water. And, it should still ensure a durable and active action. So, make sure the product will eliminate all the harmful substances effectively.

Granular Vs Liquid Chlorine, What’s Best?

Most people frequently use the term ‘chlorine’ to refer to sanitizers. However, real chlorine exists in a gaseous state. This gas is mixed with certain chemicals to make the liquid or solid form that is used in pools.

You might have noticed pool chlorine comes in various forms. Some of them being liquid chlorine and granular shock. But have you wondered which one of these is the best? Or even how they differ?

Both of these forms contain the same active ingredient. Besides they do the same job, that’s to sanitize the water. Their difference is how you use them and their strength. Here are some of their notable differences:

Granular Shock:

  • Available in a powdered (solid) water-soluble form
  • More stabilized and Fats-dissolving rate
  • Easy to transport & store for an extended duration

Liquid Chlorine:

  • Available in a liquid form contained in refillable contains
  • 60 to 80% more affordable than granular shock
  • Leaves no residue and acts as a descaler
  • Doesn’t have to be water-soluble (Since liquid)
  • Carrying needs just a bit more care than power granules

Pool Shock Vs Bleach; What’s the difference?

Pool shocks are used to keep the water free from harmful bacteria. And also from other microorganisms that live. This ensures that the water is both clean and safe for swimmers. But did you know that you can use bleach as an alternative to pool shock?

So, if both of these can do the same thing, what differentiates them?

Which one should you pick? Let’s see a few key points that clarify the fact:

1. Effectiveness

Both pool shock and bleach have the same ingredients. It helps them to burn off bacteria. However, when it comes to cleaning, the former has more strength. Bleach has about 5% chlorine, while the rest is salt and water that keeps it in a liquid form. Whereas pool shock has about 65% chlorine. It also has more inert ingredients that add more strength.

2. Convenience

Bleach is much easier to use and mix. Then give your pool a shock when disinfecting the water. You just need to measure the suggested bleach amount and then pour it out uniformly. With pool shock, you have to mix the powder and tabs with water to create a solution. This ensures everything is mixed properly before you add it to the water.

3. Affordability

When it comes to price, bleach is a less costly option than pool shock. Even if you need a significant amount of bleach, it will still be cheaper than buying chlorine tabs or powder.


In fine, a wise pick is the name of your comfort. It will keep your swimming pool sparkling clean without breaking your bank. And our list is super focused on that to let you achieve the goal very easily. That’s why we’ve done the work for you!

Whether you’ve got fiberglass or vinyl or any other type, our list can recommend it. It’s because in some cases, you will see all-purpose products. They are easy to use and highly effective that lasts longer.

So you get safe, clean, and healthy pool treatment at an affordable cost!

Good luck and stay safe.


1. Can chlorine tablets damage a fiberglass pool?

Answer: Throwing chlorine tablets directly into the water can damage fiberglass, vinyl, or stain plaster pools. Therefore, chlorine tables should not come into contact with the material surface. Otherwise, they may discolor it over time.

2. Can I acid wash a fiberglass pool?

Answer: Yes, it can be washed using acid. Ascorbic acid is suggested for you. Note that it will change the level of pH in water. Also, you might see changes in alkalinity. So, it’s a smart practice to measure it before cleaning and keep it noted.

Then after the process is done, measure it again. Then match the change with the previous value using some adjuster products. You can pick the 3rd product in our list above. That’s a great pH stabilizer & alkalinity booster.

3. Can I add shock and chlorine at the same time?

Answer: Adding shock and chlorine at the same time might increase the level of chlorine in the water. This renders the whole shocking process useless. Thus, it’s better to avoid adding them at the same time. Instead, start by shocking first and add chlorine later.

4. How many chlorine tablets do I need for a 10,000-gallon pool?

Answer: This will depend on the water quality at that certain time. But as a standard, for every 10,000 gallons of pool water, it’s recommended to use 2 chlorine tabs. However, different manufacturers might give you different advice.

So, that’s a great book to read for this information. You might also calculate the amount of bleach, chlorine gas, trichlor, or dichlor you need to add to the pool.

5. How often should I put chlorine in my fiberglass pool?

Answer: It’s good to add chlorine every week. This will quickly raise the level. And it will remove the pollutants without affecting the pH levels of the water.

6. Can I leave the chlorine dispenser in the pool while swimming?

Answer: You can use a floating dispenser in both in-ground and above-ground/ intex pools. However, it should be removed when people are swimming.

7. How frequently should I shock the pool?

Answer: Shocking is the process of adding non-chlorine or chlorine chemicals into the water. The main aim of this process is to increase the level of ‘free chlorine’. And It’s recommended that you shock once a week!

8. How much time does a chlorine tablet last in a pool?

Answer: The amount of time taken by a chlorine tab to dissolve varies. Generally, stabilized tablets last for about 2 to 3 days, while slow-dissolving tablets may last 4 to 5 days.

9. Does chlorine increase pH in my fiberglass pool?

Answer: Chlorine gas would lower the pH. On the contrary, both powder and liquid chlorine raise the pool water’s pH. To neutralize those alkaline compounds, you can either use sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid.

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