10 Best Ear Cleaning Endoscope Reviews in 2023

Our ears produce a natural substance known as cerumen/ ear wax. This substance acts as an ear cleanser by protecting it from external elements like dirt and particles.

However, when produced in excess, cerumen may build up in the ear leading to various problems. For instance, it can cause loss of hearing, itchiness, ringing in the ears, pain, and so on. For this reason, it’s important to clean your ears to prevent excessive cerumen buildup. Unfortunately, most people use cotton swabs to clean their ear waxes.

Yet they’re not recommended by doctors since they can pose a danger to the ear. Besides, they’re not as effective as the best ear cleaning endoscopes!

Quick round-up table with our top 5 choices:

Image Name Rating Price
Teslong Digital Otoscope

5 out of 5

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AnyKit HD Otoscope

5 out of 5

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AnyKit MS450 Digital Otoscope

4.5 out of 5

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ScopeAround Wireless Otoscope

4.5 out of 5

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ScopeAround 1080p HD Pro Ear Camera

4.5 out of 5

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Why Use a Camera with Octoprint? 

An ear cleaning endoscope for wax removal is a mini-monitor camera that’s connected to a long tube stem. As a result, it can easily move into extremely narrow spaces, making it a great option for cleaning your ears at home.

At the same time, it’s more effective and safer than other ear cleaning techniques like suction power. More importantly, this device scoops out wax as you watch through its camera.

That said, here are some top ear cleaning endoscopes worth buying at the moment!

1. Teslong Digital Otoscope Camera Ear Endoscope Cleaner Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone (USB)

At first glance, the Teslong ear cleaning endoscope is very compact and portable. Thanks to its mini-size design, meaning you can bring it along when on the move. On top of that, it’s quite simple to use since it works with both iPhone and Android devices.

Moreover, you can use it with iPad and Tablets as well.

However, it will not connect to your mobile device, unless you install the ‘usee’ app. Once you’ve done that, press and hold its power button for some time.

This will allow you to start using this incredible device right away. Still, on compatibility, it’s worth mentioning that this endoscope doesn’t work with PCs and Macbooks. Other than that, it’s one of the best USB ear cleaning endoscopes worth every penny!

Moving on, this ear wax remover camera saves high-quality live videos and images. To be precise, its camera has a resolution of up to 1280 X 720p. Even better, the camera is fitted with heat and temperature controls. As a result, the device will not get too hot, thus preventing your ears from being burnt.

Another factor that enables this device to be safe to use is that it comes with 4 different ear pick sizes. For that, it’s suitable for different ear sizes, so you can use it for kids, adults, and even pets. Better still, it has 3 speculums to prevent extreme insertion into your ears.

As a drawback, the camera may produce blurry images at times. To prevent this, maintain a distance of 1” between the camera lens and your ear. Apart from improving the camera focus, this will prevent the device from harming your eardrum.

Finally, the unit has 6 adjustable LED lights with three brightness modes. This will ensure that a camera gets a great view of the internal parts of your inner ears.


  • Ideal for pets, kids & adults
  • Clear quality video recording and images
  • Waterproof device
  • Compact & portable design
  • Reasonable price


  • Not compatible with MacBook & PCs

2. Anykit HD Otoscope Best Ear Cleaning Endoscope for iPhone & Android

At times, determining whether pain in your ear is caused by infection or wax buildup can be difficult. Interestingly, with a quality Otoscope, diagnosing the problem will be much easier. One such device you can use is this ear cleaning endoscope from Anykit!

This ear cleaner is a digital otoscope that includes a 4.3mm camera. However, this tool does more than clean or remove wax buildup in your ear. Instead, you can monitor the cleaning process inside your ears via a computer or mobile phone.

One thing you need to note though is that this device is specifically designed for Android devices. Nonetheless, you can connect it to tablets, iPad, tablets, and iPhone devices as well. But, if you want a device that’s compatible with a PC, try another option!

That aside, this otoscope shows a live image of your ear canal on the connected device. Besides, you can use the ultra-slim micro ear camera to record high-quality videos as well. More notably, it supports recordings with a resolution of up to 1280 X 720p.

This will allow you to remove ear wax and examine it comfortably.

On top of that, the endoscope has an LED light with 6 different light intensity settings. As a result, the waterproof camera will capture more detailed images. Besides, you don’t have to worry about camera focus when using this device.

This is because it has a fixed focal length of 1” (2-3cm). So, if the images become blurry, simply adjust the distance between the ear and the camera lens. Overall, this ear cleaning endoscope offers exceptional viewing ability and clearer images. Moreover, it includes 4 different-sized soft silicone spoons that clean the ears with comfort and safety.


  • Standard USB connector
  • Inbuilt chip to prevent overheating
  • Included LEDs provide powerful illumination
  • Soft ear spoons
  • IP67 Waterproof-rated camera
  • Captures pictures and records 720p videos


  • Doesn’t connect to Macbook & PCs

3. AnyKit Digital Otoscope with 4.5″ Screen

To use the ear cleaning endoscopes we’ve reviewed above, you’ve to install the ‘USEE’ app on your mobile device.

With this MS450 model from Anykit, however, that will not be the case. That’s because, unlike the other otoscopes, this device comes with a 4.5” IPS color monitor. That way, you can easily capture pictures of your internal ear without relying on another device.

As if that’s not enough, the device includes a memory card with a capacity of up to 32GB. Therefore, you’ll have enough space to store all the recorded videos and captured images.

Talking of video recordings, this unit features a 3.9mm ultra-slim camera with great resolution. As an example, it can stream live HD videos with a resolution of 720p. Not to forget that it has 6 adjustable LEDs, ensuring you get a clear view.

Another great property offered by this endoscope is that it gives you complete control. To start, it doesn’t require a computer or a mobile phone to use. Instead, the monitor is equipped with convenient buttons that you can use to record videos, capture images or turn on the device. Moreover, it comes with a removable bracket, allowing you to use it hands-free.

Lastly, this 3.9 mm camera is waterproof. Therefore, it will give you a clear view of your inner ear, making it easy to detect infection or wax buildup. Besides, the camera’s slim design provides easy access to the ear canal of adults and kids alike!


  • App-free operation
  • Comes with a 4.5” color monitor
  • Suitable for kids & adults
  • 6 adjustable LED lights
  • Includes 4 ear picks and 3 specula
  • 32GB memory card


  • Doesn’t include a charger

4. ScopeAround Wireless Otoscope Ear Scope Camera with Dual View


This scopeAround Otoscope is a multifunctional tool that’s considered child- and pet-safe. More importantly, it allows you to see inside your mouth, nose, and ears. However, what makes it stand out from other endoscopes is that it offers a wireless connectivity option!

So, unlike the ear cleaning otoscopes we’ve reviewed so far, it doesn’t come with a USB cable. Instead, it has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your iPhone or Android device wirelessly.

However, to use this endoscope, you’ve to install the ‘BKWIFI’ app on your mobile device first. Afterward, connect the phone via wi-fi, and you can now capture videos or images with this ear camera. Thankfully, the device is equipped with overheat protection to ensure maximum comfort to the user.

Another unique feature of this ear-cleaning endoscope is that it has a 70-deg angle design to provide a wider view. While the 3.9mm camera lens delivers 720p high-definition performance. This enables you to view everything inside your ear canal in detail. Besides, it has 6 LED lights to illuminate the inner parts of your ear.

In addition, this device has 2 view modes, that is, split-screen and full-screen camera modes. With split-screen mode, you can easily compare the real-time image and earlier view. But with the full-screen option, you can only see the real-time footage.

Either way, this package will also include specula to help you check your ears safely. On the same note, this device is safe and comfortable to use for the entire family.


  • Works with Android & iOS devices
  • Overheat protection
  • Great camera quality
  • Comes with many attachments for various uses
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 2 viewing modes
  • 70-deg angle ergonomic design


  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity

5. ScopeAround HD Pro Endoscope Ear Cleaning Camera

Imagine having an ear camera that captures images and videos at a resolution of 1920 X 1080p? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this professional-grade device from ScopeAround. Moreover, the package comes with a soft ear spoon that you can use to remove wax buildup from your ears safely.

To sum things up, this device will make removing ear wax safer, clear, and more accurate.

Here’s why!

First, as we’ve already stated, this camera has a high video/ image resolution of 1080p. As a result, the device will deliver sharp and clean videos/ images. Hence allowing you to see the inner parts of your ear with ease. Even better, the camera is fitted with 6 LED lights with anti-dust and anti-fog technology.

Secondly, this endoscope helps to solve the issue of phone incompatibility. This is because, unlike other devices, this endoscope comes with a 4.5” IPS full-color monitor. Therefore, you don’t need a mobile phone to check your ear.

Instead, you can view the live image of your inner ear on this display directly. Besides, this means that you don’t have to install any app to use the device.

As for storage, the device comes with a 32 GB memory card where you can save the captured videos and images. Even better, you can send these videos or images to your doctor for a fast and convenient consultation.

In addition, this camera has an IP67 waterproof rating. This indicates that you can safely rinse it under running water. Also, remember to disinfect the camera lens and speculum with alcohol wipes after every use.


  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • 1080p video & image quality
  • Superior construction
  • Easy to handle
  • 6 adjustable LEDs with 3 light settings
  • Adequate storage space


  • Rechargeable batteries may drain quickly over time

6. WonVon Wireless Best Ear Wax Removal Camera for iPhone, iPad, Android

In addition to being the best ear endoscope, WonVon is one of the most versatile tools on our list. For that, you can use to monitor other parts of your body like the nose and mouth. At the same time, it’s ideal for use in kids, adults as well as pets.

One thing that makes this device suitable for various applications is that it comes with several accessories. Specifically, you’ll get 7 pieces of stainless steel earwax cleaner, 4 ear spoons, and 3 earmuffs.

Surprisingly, that’s the only great thing about this product. Instead, it comes loaded with many unique features you may not find in other otoscopes.

For instance, its camera has a 1080p resolution. As a result, with this endoscope, you’ll get high-quality and super clear inspection images.

Even better, the device has a 360-deg (4-axis) recognition gyroscope. This, plus the 6 LED lights ensure that the endoscope delivers smooth images. Moreover, the camera is waterproof so you can clean its lens with alcohol pads after use.

You’ll also note that this device has a wireless design. Thankfully, it comes with an inbuilt 350mAh Li-ion battery that acts as its power source. Moreover, it’s equipped with a Type-C USB port that you can use to charge the inbuilt battery. After charging fully, the battery will have enough power that can last up to 60 hours in standby mode.

As for compatibility, you can connect this device to tablets, iOS, and Android phones via Wi-Fi. On the downside, this camera doesn’t support a view on the computer! Other than that, it has a portable and compact design, making it ideal for travel, indoor and outdoor use.


  • Long battery life
  • Delivers high quality & clear images
  • Compatible with iOs 8.0 onwards and Android 4.2 or later
  • Ideal for various applications
  • Portable & compact design
  • Waterproof camera


  • Not available for Mac or Windows computers

7. ScopeAround Ear Camera with 5” Screen HD Digital Otoscope for Ear Cleaning

PRMS500 is yet another incredible endoscope from ScopeAround. However, unlike the other models, this handheld device comes with a 5” IPS color screen.

More notably, once you attach the ear camera to this device, you can conveniently capture videos and pictures right away. Besides, this eliminates the need for a mobile phone, making it one of the most effective tools on our list.

On the same note, this means that you don’t have to install any app to use this ear camera. Nonetheless, it delivers clearer images and a more stable connection. Especially since its camera has a high resolution of 1080p.

Other items that come with this kit are; 3 ear picks, 3 specula, and a user manual. Moreover, you’ll get a USB charging cable and an inbuilt rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

On top of that, the device comes with a 32GB SD card. So, once you capture or record videos with this 3.9mm camera, they’ll be automatically saved in the memory card. That way, you can easily share them with your doctor for a quick consultation.

It’s also worth mentioning that the camera probe has 6 inbuilt LED lights. This ensures that you get clearer images of your inner ear, even when the light is dim. Besides, this endoscope has a 360-deg wide-angle lens to provide a large coverage.

As a result, removing ear wax will be such a simple task. Lastly, considering the camera probe is water-resistant, you can safely wipe it with alcohol or water. More importantly, this indicates that the device is safe to use in humid and rainy atmospheres.


  • 5” IPS color monitor for flawless images
  • 1080p HD camera resolution
  • Includes a 32GB memory card
  • Excellent 6 LED lights
  • Comes with a soft spoon kit of various sizes
  • Ideal for children and adults


  • Doesn’t support wireless connectivity

8. Brrivers Wireless Spade Ear Wax Cleaning Endoscope Kit for iPhone, iPad & Android

Compared to other devices, the Brrivers ear camera is relatively new in the endoscope market. Nonetheless, it has optimized and unique features you may not find in regular endoscopes. More importantly, it’s an effective tool since it helps you to remove earwax accumulation easily and comfortably.

What are some of this unit’s unique features?

At first glance, this Brrivers wireless ear cleaner has a pen-like design. As a result, it’s both compact and portable, making it ideal for outdoor and travel applications. Moreover, it’s extremely simple to use since it’s equipped with one control button.

As for the camera, this unit comes with a 360-deg wide-angle, professional-quality lens. Not to forget that it records and captures images at a 1080p HD resolution. This will help you see the inner parts clearer and make it easier to remove wax buildup.

Better still, it has 6 LED lights that illuminate the inner ear, helping it capture more realistic pictures. Moreover, the camera has a 3.5mm ultra-thin lens to ensure comfortable use.

Due to the wireless design, this device comes with an inbuilt 250mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. When fully charged, this battery can last for a whole month, so you don’t have to charge it frequently. Even better, the lens is IP67 waterproof, making it hygienic and safe to share with family.

However, make sure you wipe it with alcohol and clean it with water after each use.

In terms of connectivity, you can connect this device to any iOS and Android device via Wi-Fi. However, this means that you’ve to install a certain app on that device to start using this camera. All in all, this endoscope is comfortable and safe for use to inspect your ears, mouth, throat, and nose!


  • Connects with tablets and computers
  • Inbuilt temperature control system
  • Compact, mini-sized design makes it highly portable
  • 1080p HD camera resolution
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Includes 2 soft silicone ear spoons


  • No cons

9. UrBesty Wireless Ear Endoscope for Wax Cleaning

Like Brrivers, UrBesty isn’t as popular as other reputable Ear Cleaning endoscope brands like ScopeAround. Yet its wireless otoscope is considered the most portable and best earwax removal camera out there.

Best of all, it’s available in various color options, so you can choose your favorite color. To be precise, this otoscope comes in black, tool green, and pink color options! Surprisingly, that’s not even the best thing about this device!

For starters, this endoscope is fitted with a 1080p HD camera and 5 powerful LED lights. For this, it will illuminate your inner ear perfectly. Thus making it easy to determine whether you’ve ear infection or earwax buildup. At the same time, this will enable the camera to record stunning videos and capture more realistic pictures.

In case of earwax buildup, the kit includes medical-grade ear spoons. Even better, these spoons are not too soft or too hard, helping you to remove the accumulated earwax safely. Besides, they’ve perfect tilt angles, making them comfortable to use as well.

Getting back to the camera, this device has an ultra-thin IP67 waterproof 3.5mm lens. For this reason, it can comfortably and easily reach deep into your eardrum. Besides, this allows it to fit ears of various sizes, meaning you can use it for pets, kids, and adults.

Alternatively, you can use it to check other body parts including scalp roots, throat, nasal cavity, teeth, and so on. Regarding compatibility, this device connects to tablets, iOS, and Android smartphones via Wi-Fi. On top of that, it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that works for about 1.5 hours when fully charged.


  • Compatible with all types of iOS and Android devices
  • Ideal for checking various body parts apart from ears
  • Comes in 3 different color options
  • 5 hours continuous working rechargeable battery
  • Captures high-quality videos and images
  • Includes USB charging cable and medical-grade ear spoons


  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity

10. DEETOK Ear Cleaner Camera Otoscope kit for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones

Despite being last on this, DEETOK ear camera otoscope is another excellent tool for removing earwax buildup. Besides, with this ear camera, you’ll never encounter the issue of blurry APP images. Thanks to the advanced stability and adjustable brightness levels included in the device.

So, if you want an ear cleaning otoscope that captures clear images, DEETOK is a great option! Now, let’s have a look at some stand-out features offered by this endoscope!

Similar to most earwax removal kits, this product comes with ear pick accessories. What makes it unique though, is that the included spoons have different types of arcs. That way, you can easily choose the ideal ear pick based on your preferences.

On the same note, these ear spoons are made up of silicone material. Therefore, you can rest assured that they’ll not scratch your ear canal.

Moving on to the otoscope, it’s fitted with a 1080p FHD camera. Yet it includes 6 LED lights, helping you capture clear images inside your ear.

On top of that, it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last up to 1.5 hours in use when fully charged. But, even with all these features, this device is convenient to handle due to its overall design which reduces its weight.

Another thing that makes this otoscope simple to use is that it has a one-key operation. For that, you can easily use it with one hand since you just need to press and hold its power button for 2 seconds. Moreover, the device comes with an instruction manual and it’s compatible with Android and iOS systems.

However, you’ll need Wi-Fi to connect it to your smartphone. More importantly, you’ve to download and install the ‘Suear’ app on the device you intend to use.


  • Supports Android, iOS, and other operating systems
  • Convenient one-key operation
  • IP67 waterproof 1080p camera lens
  • Has an inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • 2 color options
  • Safe-to-use ear spoons


  • Requires installation of an app to use

Top 10 Ear Cleaning Endoscope Comparison Table

Product Name Resolution Compatibility    Size   (camera lens diameter) Connectivity Technology
Teslong Digital Otoscope 720p iPad, iPhone, Android 4.3mm USB
AnyKit HD Otoscope  720p Android, iPhone 4.3mm USB
AnyKit MS450 Digital Otoscope 720p 3.9mm
ScopeAround Wireless Otoscope 720p Android, iPhone 3.9mm Wi-Fi
ScopeAround 1080p HD Pro Ear Camera 1080p 3.9mm
WonVon Wireless Ear Camera 1080p iPhone, iPad, Android 3.9mm Wi-Fi
ScopeAround PTMS500 Ear Camera 1080p 3.9mm
Brrivers Ear Wax Removal Kit 1080p iPhone, iPad, Android 3.5mm Wi-Fi
UrBesty Wireless Otoscope 1080p iOS, Android 3.5mm Wi-Fi
DEETOK Ear Camera Otoscope 1080p iPhone, iPad, Android 2.0mm Wi-Fi

Things to Consider in an Ear Cleaning Endoscope

Some of the factors you need to keep in mind when looking for the best ear cleaning endoscope include;

Streaming Quality

In essence, the main aim of buying an ear cleaning endoscope is to inspect your ears. For that reason, streaming quality should be the most important aspect you need to consider. That said, you’ll note that ear cameras have different resolutions.

For instance, some devices have a 720p resolution, while others have 1080p. Luckily, both 720p and 1080p cameras record smooth videos and capture quality pictures. Nonetheless, 1080p cameras have a higher resolution, so they’re more efficient in delivering quality images.


Another essential factor you need to consider when buying an ear scope is its size. Typically, any endoscope whose diameter is less than 6mm is a great option. However, we’d recommend that you choose a device with the smallest diameter possible.

That way, the era cleaning otoscope can be used both for kids and adults. For instance, any device over 6.5mm can only be used by adults. However, it has a diameter of around 3.5mm, it’s suitable for children, kids, and even pets.


The connectivity options offered by an ear camera will determine how you use it. Especially if it doesn’t come with a monitor. Moreover, this will enable you to connect to devices and transfer data.

If you want to buy a wireless endoscope, make sure it has easy connectivity options like Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if it’s wired, look for connectivity options like USB ports, Type C, or micro USB. On top of that, check if it’s compatible with various operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.


Lastly, choose an ear scope that has LED lights to provide some illumination. This will make it easy to check whether your ear canal has an infection or earwax buildup. More notably, this will significantly improve the quality of the captured images and videos.


Earwax accumulation can make you feel uncomfortable or even impair your hearing. For that, it’s important to clean and check them regularly with the best ear camera.

And as you’ve seen from the ear cleaning endoscope reviews above, there are many options available in the market. Remember, endoscopes are safer and effective than other ear cleaning methods like using cotton swabs. Not to forget that they’ll help you to remove the wax build and check for infection as well.

They’ve powerful cameras that will help you capture quality images and videos. Surprisingly, despite having all these incredible features, these endoscopes are extremely affordable. So, should be able to pick the ideal endoscope to keep your family healthy & safe!


1. What is the best product for removing ear wax?

Doctors recommend the use of wax-removal medication like carbamide peroxide to remove earwax. However, these drops may irritate the skin of your ear canal and eardrum. So, make sure you use them as directed by the doctor.

2. What tool do doctors use to remove earwax?

In most cases, doctors remove earwax manually with a small, curved tool known as a curette.

3. How safe is the spade ear cleaner?

A spade ear cleaner is more effective and safer than cotton swabs. Thanks to the inbuilt camera which makes it easy to access the earwax buildup. Moreover, it has 6 LED lights to provide a clear view of your ear. More importantly, it’s equipped with a temperature control system, so it will never get hot while inside your ears.

4. Is there an ear wax cleaning drop?

OTC (Over-the-Counter) products like Murine or Debrox ear drops can be used to remove earwax. However, these drops may not work when you’ve got a condition known as impacted cerumen or earwax buildup.

5. Are Q grips recommended by doctors?

Doctors don’t recommend the use of Q grips to remove earwax. This is because, instead of cleaning off the wax, Q grips push it further down into your ears. As a result, they can cause further damage to your eardrum or increase the risk of fungal infection.

6. Are spiral ear wax removers safe? 

Using spiral tools or ear picks isn’t safe, so it should be avoided by all means. Such tools can accidentally puncture the eardrum, leading to permanent hearing loss.

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