5 Best Fly Rod Blanks for the Money – Fly Fishing Made Easier

Has your last fly fishing rod broken? Or, perhaps for the first time, you’re getting your hands in this hobby? Well, it’s obvious to ensure that you’re set with the best fly rod blank!

With the best rod blank made from durable materials, you’re always ready to take on the rigors of any harsh fishing operational conditions.

Putting us in those same shoes, we’ve walked through some of the best quality fly fishing rods for both professionals and young novice fly anglers. And we’re excited to reveal what we’ve found!

Quick round-up table with our top 3 choices:

Image Name Rating Price
Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod Blank

5 out of 5

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Wakeman Fly Fishing Rod Blank

5 out of 5

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MoonShine Rod The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

4.5 out of 5

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5 Best Fly Fishing Rod Blank Reviews

The market is flooded with options. You’ll come across blanks crafted from various materials including graphite, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc. That makes it hard to find what’s best for someone at his age and experience.

Considering that in mind, we’ve listed the top FIVE rod blanks to make fly fishing easier for anyone at any level of expertise. So, let’s simplify this RIGHT NOW…!!!

1. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod Blank

First on our list is the fly fishing kit from Wild Water. As far as price is concerned, this set is one of the best fly rod blanks for the money! It’s affordable and we found that it’s the perfect fly fishing blank for women and entry-level fly anglers. You’ll find it ideal for fishing various species including trout.

Those are not the only great things about this kit though!

For starters, this blank is designed for use in both saltwater and freshwater lakes. Therefore, you can use it for fly fishing in various environments.

Moving on, this kit includes a 4-piece, 9 ft. 5/6 weight fly rod. Apart from that, you will get; a pre-installed line, leader, backing, and an arbor reel.

In terms of construction, the slow-action fly stick is made up of graphite. This gives it high sensitivity, enabling anglers to identify fish strikes more conveniently. The slow action feature gives you various choices when tackling various fish species.

Moving on, the reel is crafted from anodized aluminum. It’s also preloaded with high-strength blaze orange backing. This offers a smooth casting experience, especially for starter angling techniques. The other components, including snake guides and strippers, are crafted from stainless steel.

Another notable feature about this package is that it includes a rod sock. This prevents the fly line from abrasions and tangles when you place baits on the reel. Moreover, the sock protects the delicate guides and tips of the stick.

Even with these components, this kit is lightweight, portable, and simple to operate. For these reasons, you can easily use it to cast with precision. And with the included case, you can keep your fly stick safe when carrying it from one to another.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable body construction
  • Great fly fishing kit for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes a waterproof fly box


  • Tips are fragile

2. Wakeman Fly Fishing Rod Blank

The Wakeman Charter Series is seen as the best option for beginners and young anglers. Thanks to all the user-friendly features it comes with!

We consider it as one of the best fiberglass fly rod blanks.

This kit has all the bare necessities, EVA foam grip, and 2 flies. On top of that, it comes with a fly line, graphite reel, and tapered leader. With these accessories, you can start fishing immediately after buying the kit.

To enable kids to use this fishing kit, its shorter side is only 8 feet long. This, plus the EVA foam handle makes it easy for kids to hold and manage. More importantly, it has an inbuilt hook keeper to guarantee safety.

It’s also worth mentioning that this kit is available in 2 different options. That is; the premium and regular pack! The premium option includes 3 fiberglass rods, a carry bag, and a pre-spooled reel. The benefit of using fiberglass material is that it’s completely heat resistant. Also, this makes the blank both durable and lightweight to the user.

This blank is compact and fully collapsible. It is 97” long when fully extended and about 33.5” long when disassembled. The tapered leader line is 9 ft. long, while the reel is 45 ft. long. Therefore, you can easily keep it in the carry bag and carry it around.

If you’re an occasional angler or a beginner, this kit will come in the handle. It’s easy to assemble and learn, yet comes at an affordable price.


  • Great option for starters
  • Inbuilt hook keeper on the reel
  • EVA foam handle for secure and soft grip
  • Superior carry bag
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Not ideal for salty water

3. MoonShine Rod The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

Established in 2016, Moonshine Rod Co. has some of the best products in the fly fishing industry. A good example of their products is the Drifter Series rod. This is an incredibly versatile fly blank that includes a Cordura tube, and an additional.

Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty, yet it’s quite affordable.

At a first glance, you’ll notice that this rod is aesthetically different from other tools out there. It boasts a vintage color scheme, anodized copper hardware, and a Burlwood reel. In addition to having the looks, this kit casts beautifully.

The use of anodized copper to create the reel seats makes this kit very versatile. This is because anodized copper is a rest-resistant and durable material. For that reason, you can use this model both in freshwater and saltwater environments. The blank is made of high-quality graphite, which protects it from corrosion as well.

Regarding the design, this kit features a 4-piece carbon fiber fly blank. This makes it easy to carry around without taking up too much space. It delivers medium action to ensure anglers enjoy smooth casting with incredible accuracy.

This means that you can cast long distances without experiencing any issues. Besides, the units have high-quality AAA cork handles. This makes them easy and comfortable to hold for all-day fishing and casting.

The Drifter Series comes in a wide range of various models. This includes 4 different sizes ranging from 7.6 – 10 ft. and 6 different weights ranging from 3 -7. Therefore, you can get the rod with the perfect style and size to suit their fishing needs.

Lastly, this fly blank is ideal for experienced as well as beginner anglers!


  • High-grade components
  • Smooth casting & great flexibility
  • Available in various styles and sizes
  • Unique design with dyed wood and amazing finish
  • Ideal for saltwater and freshwater fishing


  • Fragile tip
  • Small guides

4. Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Rod

Piscifun is another fairly new company on our list, having been established in 2013. However, their fishing products are incredible in terms of price and quality. Their Piscifun Sword rod is an excellent option for beginners and experienced anglers.

But, what has made this kit so popular among anglers? Well, that would be the feature it comes with!

The most notable feature is that this kit is available in various actions. This includes slow action and fast action models. Not to forget that it comes in different sizes as well. This allows fishermen to choose the best fly blank based on their needs.

Like the kit we’ve looked at above, this fly fishing rod has a 4-piece design. This includes; 4, 5, 6, and 7 feet long fishing sticks. For this reason, you can easily carry this kit around on a fishing day. Moreover, the blanks have a PVC tube to protect the body from damage.

When it comes to construction, the stick is made from IM7 graphite material. This makes it more sensitive to ensure accurate performance. Graphite material makes the stick light in weight, yet durable and strong!

Still, on construction, the reel seat is crafted from durable machined aluminum. Also, it has double lock rings to ensure the reel is tightly attached. The chrome guides and ceramic stripping guide inserts help the line glide smoothly.

Lastly, the handle is made up of 3A grade cork. This makes it sensitive, lightweight, and comfortable to grip in various weather conditions. The only downside about this kit is that its tip can break easily. So, avoid using it to catch heavier fish.


  • Various actions and sizes to choose from
  • Low price
  • Precise accuracy
  • High-quality construction
  • High-performance fly rods
  • Great casting distance
  • Comfortable cork handle


  • All components aren’t corrosion resistant
  • Breakable tip

5. Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Rod

Manufactured by MAXIMUMCATCH, this kit offers a unique experience in various water conditions. It combines both quality and affordability, yet it has so many unique features. As if that’s not enough, it’s stronger than most regular fly blanks out there. So, if you want a superior fishing stick at an affordable price, Maxcatch Extreme is a great option for you!

That said, here are some of this kit’s features!

The MAXLINQ technology is the first feature that makes this fly rod stand out from the rest. To be precise, its blank is crafted from IM7 24T + 30T carbon fiber. This includes five layers of mixed carbon with reinforced muscle carbon. This construction increases its strength and reliability while keeping it light in weight.

Talking of lightweight, the reel is crafted from high-quality aluminum material. This plays an important role in enhancing its lightweight performance as well.

For convenient transportation, this fishing stick is available in 4 pieces of the same size. However, the blank comes with three different options including 8wt, 5wt, and 6wt. Also, the package comes with other accessories. This includes a reel cover, 12 flies in a waterproof box, and a travel case.

You’ll note that this tool feels good and comfortable in your hand. Thanks to the A+ contoured cork that guarantees a comfortable grip. This allows various users to use this tool effortlessly and comfortably!

Best of all, the manufacturers offer great customer service and a 1-year warranty. Overall, it’s a fast-action tool that is easy to use, both for seasoned fly fishermen and beginners.


  • Superior carbon fiber blank
  • Very durable
  • Available in different weights
  • Solid construction
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable cork handle


  • Lacks sensitivity

Things to Consider when Buying Fly Rod Blanks

A fly rod help angles to cast fishing lines with accuracy and precision. When the line is submerged, the blanks offer greater control, flexibility, and strength.

Determining the best fly fishing stick for your needs is that simple though! As you’ve seen, there are so many options in the market. To make the matters worse, there is nothing like a one-fly rod-fits-all blank.

Instead, different types of blanks can handle different fish types and fishing environments.

To avoid buying a kit that will not work best for you, there are some factors you need to consider. They include;


The first thing you need to consider when choosing a fishing stick is its weight. That’s because the tool’s weight rating determines how much weight the fly line can handle. For instance, a 5-wt fly rod is intended to cast a 5 weight line. Therefore, matching the stick’s weight rating to the fly line’s weight is important. It will determine how accurate your castings and loadings will be.

You should also note that weights are available in different forms. For this, you can come across the same model with different weights. The weight measurement ranges from 1-wt for the smallest rods to 12-wt for the largest ones.

To catch small fish, anglers usually use 2 to 4-wt blanks and 7 to 12-wt for large fish. If you’re a beginner, we’d recommend you choose a fly rod between 4-wt and 6-wt. Tools within this range are very versatile and ideal for handling smaller or larger fish.


Manufacturers use various composites and substances to make fly rods. Yet the type of materials used to make a fish rod affects its performance. Most blanks out there are either crafted from fiberglass or graphite.

Graphite is the most preferred option for fly fishing. That is because it’s both lightweight and strong. Also, graphite is more sensitive, making these tools easier to cast and hook a fish.

On the contrary, fiberglass models are durable and inexpensive. Moreover, they’ve got a slow action and ideal for fishing with small streamers and small dry flies. These reasons make them one of the best options, especially for beginners.


Action refers to the tool’s flexibility. In simple terms, it’s how much a rod can bend under pressure. In this regard, rod action falls under 3 categories; fast-, medium- and slow action.

In most cases, fast-action sticks tend to be stiff. Among the three categories, these rods have the least flexibility. Also, they’ve faster line speeds and longer casts. For this, they’re ideal for long-distance casts, especially on windy days.

Medium action blanks are not as powerful as fast action rods. They don’t have high line speeds, so you can’t use them for long-distance casting. They offer greater control than swift action tools. This makes them more suitable for freshwater fishing.

Lastly, slow-action tools are designed for anglers with a slow casting style. They’re also known as ‘full flex’ since they’re the most flexible fishing sticks. They can bend up to ¼” from their ends, enhancing the fly’s presentation.

Freshwater or Saltwater Use

Fly fishing in saltwater oceans and freshwater lakes are 2 different things. Understanding that, manufacturers make different sticks for saltwater and freshwater use. Most rods are safe for use in freshwater.

The same cannot be said for saltwater fishing though! This is because salt water can corrode certain materials. So, if you’re planning to fish in saltwater, make sure the tool is made of corrosion-resistant materials


Like fly rod weight, length affects the tool’s convenience and performance. Also, fly rods come in various lengths, ranging from 6 to 15 feet. In general, length tends to affect the rod’s casting ability.

Not to forget that different lengths are suitable for different situations.

Rods between 7 and 8 feet are ideal for short casts. On the other hand, 9- 10 feet blanks can handle fish in large water bodies perfectly. In other words, long blanks are used for long casts while short rods are ideal for short casts.

Fiberglass VS Carbon Fiber (Graphite) Rod Blanks 

Most rod blanks in the market today are crafted from graphite (carbon fiber) or fiberglass. First, you need to note that graphite and carbon fiber can be used interchangeably. This is because they’re both carbon-based components.

That said, which is the best material for your fishing needs? To answer that question, it’s good to understand the difference between them. On top of that, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks offered by each material.

1. Fiberglass Rod Blanks

Years ago, fiberglass was the most popular blank material. Although that’s not the case anymore, it’s still being used to make fly fishing sticks. Some anglers still love it for the unique feel it offers when fighting and casting a fish.

Besides, it’s the best option for anglers looking for slow and medium actions.

The main benefit of fiberglass blanks is that they’re inexpensive. This has made them so popular among budget anglers. Better still, they’re very durable and robust, making them a great option for novice anglers.

In terms of action, these rods flex in a parabolic curve. So, once you lift up a weight at the end of the line, the entire stick will bend from the top to the butt. In most cases, fiberglass rods fall in the medium to slow action categories.

This makes them ideal for soft presentations of big baits. You can use them to tangle soft-mouthed species like weakfish.

On the downside, fiberglass doesn’t have the sensitivity of graphite blanks. Not to forget that they’re slightly heavier than graphite fly rods. Also, they’re less powerful than other fishing sticks when it comes to fighting big fish.

2. Carbon Fiber Rod Blanks

The vast majority of fishing sticks out there today are made of carbon fiber. And there are several reasons for that!

For starters, carbon fiber is an incredibly sensitive material. Moreover, they’re much stiffer and lighter. All these factors enable anglers to detect even the slightest bites. This makes them suitable for tossing lures, bucktails, and diamond jigging.

Another thing you need to note about carbon fiber blanks is that they offer the fastest action. This is because the tip only flexes to the first-third of your rod. Therefore, most of the flex occurs in the tip. This allows the tip to move from flexed to stiff right away.

When compared to fiberglass, graphite blanks are lighter in weight. This makes them easy to handle and carry around, but it can also be a disadvantage. For instance, if you mistreat graphite rods, they can break more readily.

The other drawback of graphite fishing sticks is that they’re very expensive.

Putting that aside, graphite sticks offer a more resistant and stronger performance. They are suitable for fishing in extreme environments such as during strong winds. Also, you can use them when throwing heavy hopper-dropper rigs and nymphs as baits.

What is the Strongest Fishing Rod Material?

Carbon fiber fishing sticks are stronger than their fiberglass counterparts. They’ve high tensile, which makes them suitable for all anglers. Also, they offer accurate presentation and casting over any distance.

However, this doesn’t mean that carbon fiber is the best material for fly fishing sticks. The best material will depend on several individual aspects. This includes the angler’s preference and fishing technique.

Moreover, if you’re mainly focusing on budget, a fiberglass blank will be the best option for you. More importantly, you need to consider other aspects when choosing the best fly rod!


Fly fishing is an incredible way to enjoy the outdoors and the peace of nature. However, fishing will almost be impossible if you don’t have a well-made fishing stick.

Fortunately, finding the best fly rod building blank doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore. Check out the reviews above and choose the best option for your fishing needs. Also, remember to keep the factors mentioned in the buyer’s guide while picking your rod!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a fly fishing rod blank?

Answer: The rod blank refers to the pole (graphite or fiberglass) that forms the main part of the fly rod. Choosing a blank involves checking its length, weight, action, and the number of sections.

It’s the rod that tips off the angler that the fish is biting. It enables you to place baits at a fair distance by forming an extension in your hands. You can feel the comfort and flexibility with superior control over the line and throw it like a master.

This will allow creating loops, waves in your line, and make the bait look like a real one. Afterward, the stick offers leverage so when it’s trapped; you can fight and easily land the fish…Woah!!!

2. How are fishing rods so strong?

Answer: A fishing rod’s strength refers to its ability to resist bending under a certain amount of weight. 5-wt and 8-wt are the most common sizes. The best option will depend on the fish species you intend to catch.

3. Is carbon fiber the same as graphite?

Answer: Both graphite and carbon fibers are carbon-based compounds. That’s why most people use them interchangeably. However, there is some difference between these substances. The main one is that carbon fiber is strong, while graphite breaks easily.

4. Do graphite fly rods wear out?

Answer: Although graphite rods are very strong under a steady load, they’re quite brittle. Therefore, they can wear out over time or even fracture in case of a sudden shock.

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