10 Best Hinge Release for Hunting and Target Shooting

In most cases, the accuracy and consistency of your archery will depend on how you release the arrow from the bow. Unfortunately, maintaining consistency can be somewhat challenging, both to veteran archers and novice hunters.

This often happens when you punch the trigger of a manual release due to anxiety while shooting, a condition known as ‘target panic’. As a result, you end up triggering the release prematurely, thus affecting your accuracy. Interestingly, there’s one simple way to solve this issue; buying the best hinge release for target shooting and hunting! That’s right!

With a back tension (hinge-style) release, it’s almost impossible to anticipate the shot since there is no button/ trigger to push. However, to make things easier, we’ve picked some of the best quality products after exclusive and extended hours of market research.

With that in mind, here’s a short overview table with our top 5 picks, helpful you’ve got less time and want to make a quick purchasing decision:

Image Name Our Rating Price
FTRU Ball Archery Fang (4-Finger)

Rate five stars

5 out of 5

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Carter Enterprises Wise Choice (3-Finger)

Rate five stars

5 out of 5

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Copper John Stanislawski SX3 Trio

Rate five stars

5 out of 5

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Scott Archery Pursuit Release

4.5 out of 5

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Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release, Black

Rate four and a half stars

4.5 out of 5

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10 Best Hinge Release for Hunting [Reviews]

As the name suggests, this tool relies on tension to shoot the arrow instead of a trigger. This gives archers a bit more control over when the arrow will be shot and increases accuracy. Also, it improves timing, enhances your back muscles, and reduces fatigue among other benefits.

But, which hinge release will ensure you get a perfect shot while hunting? Well, that’s what this guide is all about! We’ve reviewed some of the best hinge-style accessories for hunting out there to help you find the perfect option based on your needs or budget.

1. TRU Ball Archery Fang 4 Finger Hinge Release

The TRU Ball Fang hinge release is slowly becoming a popular option for many archers, thanks to its affordability and functionality. It has many great features that make it an excellent accessory for advanced and novice archers alike.

To start, this accessory features an FCS (full containment system) with a hook-style jaw. This allows hands-free hunting operation and makes it easy to shoot consistently. Besides, you only need to pull the trigger to shoot, then reset the hook by pulling it again.

All these factors make it the best hinge release for beginner shooters. Another interesting feature of this device is that it supports unlimited customizations.

It’s loaded with several properties that allow this including 3 sensitivity settings, a travel adjustment screw, and an adjustable thumb barrel. You can easily adjust these settings to customize this release accordingly. Lastly, this TRU Ball Fang device is available in various color options as well as 3- and 4- finger models.


  • Different trigger sensitivity springs
  • The unique containment trigger system
  • Available in 3-/ 4- finger models
  • Adjustable thumb barrel position
  • The hook-style jaw for a hands-free hunting operation


  • The FCS may seem a bit complicated for novice archers

2. Carter Enterprises Wise Choice 3-Finger Release

If you’re looking for the best Carter hinge release that guarantees accuracy when shooting, the Wise Choice model is a ‘wise’ investment. It has a set screw tension adjustment system that allows you to adjust the trigger tension to meet your bow/ archery hunting needs.

In addition, its design includes an index finger hole to ensure constant placement of the index finger. This allows archers to use the device with exceptional comfort. At the same time, this will give you a wide range of platforms, helping you make an accurate shot.

The other popular feature exhibited by this tool is that it has an auto-closing jaw. As a result, you’ll have a smoother, stable, and cleaner hunting release. Also, it’s equipped with a detachable lanyard that enables archers to attach the tool to their wrist or D-loop.

That said, this unit considerably improves your accuracy, while simplifying shooting. Best of all, it’s available in 3- and 4-finger variants, and it’s for all hand sizes!


  • Improves precision
  • Lightweight, but sturdy & durable design
  • Suitable for various hand sizes
  • Optimal comfort levels
  • The Integrated index finger hole provides a better grip


  • A bit pricey

3. Copper John Stanislawski SX3 Archery Release

Manufactured by Copper John, the Stanislawski SX3 is another archery release for hunting. It creates more tension when you pull through the thumb, generating a higher speed to ensure you get a better hit. Besides, its target design has a thumb trigger mechanism, allowing you to use it with your fingers.

Moving on, this unit has a gentle handle sweep that provides more leverage than most shoot-off models. In addition, it’s equipped with an adjustable travel and trigger tension, allowing you to hit animals at longer or shorter distances with high precision. Even better, the tension adjustability and trigger travel eliminate the need for extra springs.

With this unit, you can safely practice shot execution without having to fire the arrow. This is because it uses the trainer lock technology that also allows you to drag the bowstrings with more strength.


  • A good option for precise shooting
  • The train lock feature is ideal for training
  • Excellent tool for most hunters
  • Easy to hit a moving target


  • Higher price tag

4. Scott Archery Pursuit Back Tension Release

Scott Archery’s release allows archers to perform various tasks and it’s reasonably priced. Moreover, it is well-crafted with an elegant design to ensure durability, functionality, and reliability. So, if you’re planning to take part in a hunting competition, this superior archery bow hinge release is the perfect tool to make sure you come out on top!

For starters, this device uses a multi-sear mechanism that provides an outstanding crisp trigger feel. As a result, you’ll enjoy high precision in every target. Moreover, it’s quite comfortable to use since it has an adjustable trigger.

The other exciting feature that comes with this bow release is that it has a rope connector. This allows for accurate adjustment of various hand sizes. On top of that, it has 3 and 4 finger extensions for additional safety and comfort. To add to its comfort, the unit has a molded rubber grip that is ideal for hunting and target shooting.

As for construction, the tool is crafted from solid steel and aluminum. Its design also includes a 360-deg swivel head that delivers a reliable & smooth operation. Overall, it’s one of the best budget hinge release worth investing in!


  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable for 3- & 4-finger configurations
  • RCS buckle strap to increase the wrist strap’s security
  • Stainless steel jaws offer a smooth release


  • No color variants

5. Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release for Target Shooting

Seeing that Hot Shots has been in the Archery industry for over 30 years now, they’ve some superior quality archery accessories. Their Vapor 4 is no expectation as it has all the features you’d expect to find in a high-quality hinge release.

One of those properties is that it has a fully adjustable thumb barrel. Therefore, you can easily position it where you see fit to get the most comfortable and accurate shots. Besides, you don’t need to be concerned about the trigger set requirements.

Instead, this device comes with an automatically closing jaw. This allows you to take accurate shots close to your chin, with no skin scratches.

Besides, the auto-close hook doesn’t have a cocking mechanism. This makes it a great option for archers who want to keep things simple since the hook ensures the tool has minimal torque once it’s activated.

To solidify this tool as the best-rated hinge release for hunting, it has a zero noise internal actuating system. Simply put, it’s as silent as a whisper, reducing the chances of scarring your prey away! Overall, it’s an incredible option for archers keen on excellent penetration and accurate aim when hunting.


  • Available in 3- & 4-finger configurations
  • Zero noise production during use
  • Auto closing jaw and a crisp adjustable tension trigger for convenient operation
  • Durable & lightweight design
  • Easy to adjust and use


  • Lacks 360-degree head rotation feature

6. NoxDyn Archery 360° Rotatable Thumb Release for Bow

The NoxDyn compound accessory is considered the best hinge release with safety features by serious archers. And there are several reasons for that!

First, it’s crafted from high-grade aluminum alloy, making it both strong and durable. Also, this construction gives it a lightweight and compact design for convenient carrying and storage.

Secondly, it’s designed with safety in mind, preventing you from accidentally firing the arrows.

Even better, it ensures optimum comfort since you can easily adjust its sensitivity with the included wrench to suit your preference. Besides, its design allows you to hold your bowstring with 4 fingers, improving your shooting accuracy.

To increase your shooting accuracy further, this device features a 36-deggree rotating clamp head that offers torque-free shooting. In terms of appearance, this unit is one of the most beautiful hunting archery releases out there.

It’s available in various color variants including blue, black, red, and pure black.


  • Easy to use
  • 360 deg rotating clamp head
  • Smooth operating mechanism
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Can be adjusted by both hands
  • Available in 4 different color options


  • No wrist strap

7. Tru-Fire Sear Archery Compound Bow Hinge Release

Professional archers and serious hunters are always looking for reliable archery releases. Well, this one from Tru-Fire is in that category, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing that it comes from a reputable brand.

In fact, TRU-FIRE is one of the most popular brands in the archery industry today. Their products have outstanding performance, quality, and accuracy. This premium hinge archery aid is no different! The most unique feature of this accessory is that its heavy brass handle has a versatile end that can go up to 45 deg.

This allows you to place your fourth finger over the trigger in various positions based on your grip style. More notably, this enables you to set it up either as a three- or four-finger release. In addition, it has 4 click options (no click, short, medium & long) that make it easy to rotate the sears. It is ideal for both-handed archers.

Moreover, this accessory is designed to provide long-lasting performance. While its brass handle has a smooth finish that makes you feel better in every shot. At the same time, this provides a comfortable grip and improves your shot’s accuracy. You can find this tool in various color options including; red, silver, orange, green and blue.


  • Variable click options
  • Ultimate comfort & versatility
  • Adjustable settings
  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Premium construction with a black nickel finish


  • Requires practice to get used to the tool

8. Trophy Ridge Precise Pro T Compound Bow Release

As the name suggests, Trophy Ridge Precise pro archery aid is designed for professional performance. It provides superior customization and comfort with every shot, making it the best archery hinge release for bowhunters.

Still, in comfort, this device has an ergonomic 4-finger design.

This gives archers more drawing power, while the sear-style system and 360 deg rotating head ensure a smooth, torque-free release. These features, plus the fully adjustable trigger helps this tool deliver a perfectly precise & consistent shot all the time.

It’s also worth mentioning that this product includes a sling wrist strap. More importantly, it has a knurled thumb trigger with a locking system that provides extra security during the draw.

All things considered, this tool is an excellent option for archers that want accuracy and consistency while hunting. As you can see, it has all the features needed to ensure precision shot after shot.


  • Features a sling wrist strap
  • The sear-style system offers a smooth release
  • 360 deg rotating caliper head for increased accuracy
  • The 4-finger design provides more drawing power
  • Fully-adjustable sear tension & thumb trigger
  • Trigger locking system for extra security during each shot


  • Poor strap design

9. TRU Ball Bone Collector T-Rex Release Black 4 Finger

This Bone Collector T-Rex release from TRU Ball is another incredible accessory worth buying for your hunting camp. It provides a hunter-friendly performance, thanks to its ultra-quiet design. Moreover, this thumb-button style accessory is specifically designed for target archery and hunting.

Another factor that makes this unit one of the best releases for hunting is that it has a superior construction. It’s expertly made from strong materials and even includes an inbuilt lanyard. Therefore, you can easily strap it to your wrists to avoid leaving it in the woods.

In addition, this accessory is both simple and comfortable to use. For instance, it has an ergonomic, 4-fingered handle that provides a good grip, making it easy to draw. On the same note, its multi-position thumb barrel has a knurled finish, giving you a sure grip, even when you’re wearing gloves.

In terms of application, the tool has a convenient loading design with a single jaw and thinner head. This design provides consistency and reduces D-loop torque. Best of all, you can use the sensitivity settings and trigger travel to find and lock in the perfect settings.


  • Inbuilt lanyard for extra security
  • Easy-to-grip 4-fingered handle
  • Adjustable sensitivity and multi-position barrel
  • Ultra-quiet single-jaw design
  • Comfortable and reliable bow release
  • Best TRU ball hinge release for hunting


  • Available in 4-finger variants only

10. Spot-Hogg Whipper Snapper 3-Finger Release

Last on the list is the Whipper Snapper release from Spot Hogg that is available in 3- or 4-finger settings. It’s equipped with great adjustability features for travel and tension. Moreover, its trigger barrel has 2 positions that easily fit most archers.

The other benefit of choosing this tool is that it’s designed to deliver maximum comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to hold. Also, it has a closed jaw that locks the D-Loop until you make your shot.

As a drawback, the grips of this tool are quite flat. As a result, it can be slightly uncomfortable to use for extended shooting sessions. Thankfully, you can add a wrist strap to the release to provide extra support when you’re drawing back.

Apart from that, this accessory makes it easy to keep the anchor at the same point for consistent shooting.


  • Consistent anchor spot
  • Wrist strap accessible
  • Highly adjustable
  • Auto-reload features
  • Available in closed- or open-jaw design
  • Ergonomic design


  • Extended shooting sessions are uncomfortable without the wrist strap

Guide to Selecting an Archery Bow Hinge Release

To determine if a certain hinge release will meet your shooting needs, there are some factors you need to consider. Besides, there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ hunting bow. Instead, your preferred bow usually depends on the one that works well for you and your needs as a bowhunter.

That said, here are some of the key factors you should pay close attention to when choosing the best rated hinge release for hunting;

1. Material quality

Most bow accessories are quite costly. For that reason, you need to buy a tool that can withstand many years of shooting. The best way to determine if a hinge release is durable or not is to check the quality of its materials.

In essence, you should pick a device that is crafted from sturdy materials. A good example is aluminum since it’s both lightweight and durable. Generally, a tool that is made from sturdy materials will last longer and withstand harsh conditions including wear & tear.

2. Adjustable positioning

The best hinge release for beginners needs to have convenient positioning adjustability. In that regard, 3- and 4-finger positions are the most common adjustment settings. This will allow you to customize the device to meet your needs. Besides, the 4-finger adjustment setting provides a better grip, consistency, and precision.

3. Ergonomic design

Shape and design are very important aspects when it comes to back tension/ hinge release for hunting. As you know, it’s almost impossible to shoot your target with a bow if your archery aid is uncomfortable.

Besides, such devices will strain your fingers, hence affecting your accuracy level. An archery accessory with an ergonomic design, on the other hand, will fit comfortably and snugly in your hand.

Some of these tools even have an easy-grip handle to give shooters maximum comfort. These features allow archers to concentrate more on the target instead of comfort.

4. Noise level

A noisy accessory that produces a clicking sound when shooting or drawing an arrow may scare away your prey. Therefore, quietness is another important factor you shouldn’t ignore when looking for the best hinge release for hunting.

Also, avoid using Velcro wrist straps since they generate loud noises while adjusting them. If possible, look for a unit with a buckle system since it’s simple to adjust to the perfect fit and silent.

5. Release mechanism

As mentioned earlier, back tension release aids don’t have a trigger. However, there are various ways to activate them to fire an arrow.

For instance, some archers squeeze the shoulder blades together to free their hands backward. While other shooters rotate their hands to the back to activate it. Whichever the case, it’s good to select a tool with a release mechanism that matches your preferred activation method.


The perfect hinge release for hunting should improve your aim rating and accuracy. In addition, it should include some of the features we’ve described above to make your archery simple and comfortable.

Interestingly, most of the release aids we’ve reviewed above will help you get the desired shot while hunting. So, check them out and select the archery accessory that meets your needs and preferences!


1. Why use a hinge release?

The main aim of using a hinge release is to prevent target panic. It doesn’t have a trigger, thus making it almost impossible to accurately time the shot. This allows you to focus on the target instead of pressing the trigger to fire the arrow.

2. Are back tension releases useful for hunting?

A back tension release aid is suitable for hunting and any other form of target shooting. Thanks to its ability to launch an arrow from the bowstring at prey with the utmost precision.

3. What is a click on hinge?

The click on a hinge release refers to the feature that turns on toward the end of the rotation mechanism. It gives archers an audible notice that the device is almost firing the arrow.

4. What type of hinge release is good for beginners?

There are several types of archery release aids. They include; a handheld thumb trigger, wrist strap index finger, handheld tension/ resistance & handheld hinge release. The hinge-style (back tension) release is the best option for beginners since it’s user-friendly. Besides, it doesn’t have a trigger since it’s activated by slightly rotating the release backward.

5. Can I use Hinge release on a recurve bow?

Most archers do not use hinge release aids when shooting their recurve bows. Besides, recurves are intended to be shot using fingers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a release aid for recurve bows. Instead, shooting recurves with release aids is perfectly acceptable, whether you’re hunting or shooting for fun.

6. Can I shoot a bow without using any hinge release?

Most archers out there today prefer using release aids since they make shooting much easier. However, you can also shoot your bow with fingers, but this will need much practice to keep your arrows grouping well.

7. Does the draw length change with the thumb release?

The thumb release aid doesn’t change the draw length or the measurement between the grip throat and the nock point plus 1.75”. However, the accessory will change the anchor point. So, if you want to maintain the same anchor point, you need to adjust the bow’s cams/ modules to change the draw length.

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