15 Best CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit Reviews

Your CNC spoilboard will become groovy over time due to the gouges and cuts left by various bits when working on your woodwork pieces. Once that happens, the surface will not support the workpieces properly. Not to forget that it becomes difficult to end up with high precision.

That’s where spoilboard surfacing comes in!

Surfacing refers to flattening large areas of a work surface with a CNC router. However, you can also surface a new spoilboard after installing it to ensure its surface forms an accurate plane with a consistent Z position.

As you’d expect though, surfacing larger wood slabs can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the best spoilboard surfacing bit!

Quick round-up table with our 5 top-order picks:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Amana  Spoilboard Surfacing Bit

5 out of 5

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Binstak CNC Router Bit 1/2 shank

5 out of 5

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Amana Tool RC-2263 Surfacing Bit

5 out of 5

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BINSTAK ¼” Shank Planner Bit

4.5 out of 5

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Amana Tool RC-2248 Cutter Bit

4.5 out of 5

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15 Best CNC Spoilboard Cutter Bit Reviews

You’ll see a long list of surfacing CNC router bits with variations. We’ve made it in a way that meets the demand of your various cutting purposes. With that in mind, let’s get started –

1. Amana Tool RC-2250 Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit

Having the perfect tool for the job is one of the most important things for any hobbyist woodworker or carpenter. And far as perfection is concerned, this Amana tool RC-2250 router bit is way ahead of its competitors. Here’s why!

First, this spoilboard router bit features a unique 2+2 carbide insert knife design. Simply put, it has 2 knives that act as up-shear scorers, while the remaining 2 serve as cutting flutes. As a result, it leaves a smoother finish compared to the traditional 2-knife style cutters.

Still, on the design, it has a 1-½” diameter and ½” shank.

In addition, the blades of this tool are crafted from Amana-exclusive carbide material. For that, they ensure maximum spoilboard cutting efficiency, high-quality cuts as well as fast material removal.

You can also use this bit for other tasks apart from spoilboard surfacing. Thanks to its ability to work with various large wooden surfaces. To mention a few, it works with MDF, hardwood, HDU board, softwood, and fiberboard among others.


  • Works with various large surface
  • Compatible with many routers
  • Provides maximum cutting efficiency


  • Needs regular maintenance
  • Pricey

2. Binstak CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit 1/2 shank

Over the years, BINSTAK has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of woodworking router bits. Thanks to their incredible products that guarantee precision and smoothness in various projects. And this ½” shank spoilboard surfacing cutter is not an exception!

At first glance, this tool comes with a solid steel body and a sharp carbide tip. So, expect to use it for your spoilboard flattening applications for a long period with minimal sharpening.

The bit has a heat-resistant Teflon coating, thus increasing its longevity further. At the same time, this makes it easier to maintain and ideal for industrial applications. Also, the tool’s design includes 3 wings with a ½” razor-sharp shank and a 2” cutting diameter.

Another property that makes it stand out from others is that it has unmatched versatility. In that regard, it’s ideal for various materials such as particleboard, plywood panels, MDF, and so on. However, avoid using it on any metal or non-wood surface.

While still on versatility, you’ll be glad to know that this surface planer router bit works with various routing machines. So, apart from CNC routers, you can use them with handheld/ table-mounted routers as well as automatic routers.

All in all, it’s a great woodworking tool for flattening, trimming, grooving and resurfacing your spoilboard.


  • Works with both manual and automatic routers
  • Heat-resistant Teflon coating prevents resin build-up
  • Handles various jobs like resurfacing, trimming, and grooving
  • Solid steel construction extends its durability


  • Not suitable for use on non-wood and metal surfaces

3. Amana Tool RC-2263 Surfacing Router Bit

With its solid carbide knives, the RC-2263 router bit offers the highest quality finish on your spoilboard surfacing projects. Even better, it’s equipped with 4 cutting edges so when one edge becomes dull, you can easily rotate the knife and continue working seamlessly!

As if that’s not enough, you’ll note that this bit has a higher number of teeth than similar tools. This provides a higher feed rate and enhances its cutting efficiency. Moreover, the tool has a bigger shank, larger diameter, and 3rd flute (Insert). For that reason, it’s well suited for larger routing machines with higher capacity spindles.

As a drawback, this bit features a 45 deg angle, preventing it from cutting square shoulders. Nonetheless, it provides a smoother cut as well as higher productivity. And its 3-wing design makes it a more balanced woodworking tool for everyone.


  • Creates a flawless surface
  • Maximum cutting efficiency
  • Superior carbide grade construction
  • Works on various materials such as spoilboard, MDF, Balsa core, etc.
  • Removes material faster
  • More balanced tool during use


  • A Bit costly

4. BINSTAK ¼” Shank CNC Spoilboard Planner Bit

Here goes yet another high-quality kit from BINSTAK. Specifically, it’s a great option for any woodworker who is looking for a lightweight and smaller CNC router bit.

However, you can use it with other routers including table-mounted, handheld, and automatic routing machines as well. More importantly, it’s quite durable, even when used for some heavy-duty woodworking applications.

That aside, let’s look at some of the properties that make it a worthwhile selection.

For starters, this tool has a smaller shank compared to the normal spoilboard flattening bits. To be precise, its shank is just ¼” long, while its cutting diameter is 1”.

Regarding the design, the bit has 3 wings, providing a clean and fast cut on the material you’re working on. Moreover, it has a solid hardened steel body with an anti-kick design and a sharp carbide tip. On top of that, the tool is coated with a heat-resistant Teflon layer, which reduces resin build-up, making it easy to clean after use.

The best part? Despite having a smaller size, this routing tool is very versatile. For instance, in addition to spoilboard resurfacing, you can also use it for grooving/ slotting as well as trimming. On the same note, it works on several other materials like MDF, laminate, acrylic, solid woods, and so on.


  • Durable solid hardened steel body
  • Smaller in size
  • Improved finishing
  • A great option for hobbyists and professional woodworkers
  • Suitable for different woodworking projects


  • Not ideal for cutting metal & non-wood materials

5. Amana Tool RC-2248 Router Bit

Due to the sharp edges and high cutting power, this is one of the best router bits for flattening slabs. The construction is super lightweight and durable, which is incredible as well. Even with its compact size, it’s quite easy to use on various surfaces.

Getting back to the rotating speed, this tool allows you to get up to 24,000RPM. For that, you can easily work on different wooden surfaces including MDF, softwood, hardwood, spoilboard, and balsa core.

It comes with extra-sharp edges that are crafted from Amana-exclusive carbide. Best of all, these carbide knives are replaceable, thus extending the tool’s life. When the blades become dull, you can easily replace them since you only need a screwdriver.

In general, replaceable knives can last 4 times longer than carbide-tipped bits.

All things considered, Amana RC-2248 is an excellent option when used as a CNC spoilboard surfacing machine. Moreover, it will enable you to create a masterpiece, thanks to its sharp blades which ensure precise cutting.


  • Durable, but lightweight construction
  • Sharper, replaceable blades
  • Precise cutting
  • Supports a high RPM
  • Ideal for any wooden surface


  • Blades have to be replaced frequently
  • Doesn’t come with an additional set of screws

6. BINSTAK Spoilboard Cutting Bit for CNC Router

Outstanding versatility, convenience, and durability are some of the great properties you’ll get from this BINSTAK router bit. And as you can see, it has a larger cutting diameter than most router bits we’ve reviewed so far. To be precise, it cuts exactly 3”, hence speeding up your spoilboard surfacing task.

Also, most traditional CNC router bits are fitted with 3 wings. Well, that’s not the case with this tool! Instead, this ½” shank router bit has 4 wings, giving you a better woodworking experience. Regarding the construction, these wings are crafted from superior-strength steel.

More notable, the wings have 4 solid carbide heavily sharpened blades, which allows them to work on any type of timber.

Still, on construction, the bit has a heat-resistant layer to provide a safe working environment. Better still, this tool is compatible with most routing machines available. Not to forget that you’ll get an extra set of screws that you can use while replacing the carbide inserts.


  • Larger cutting diameter
  • Heavy-duty carbide body construction
  • Includes 4 extra screws
  • More balanced
  • Higher cutting efficiency


  • Not ideal for cutting aluminum

7. Whiteside CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit

Designed to improve your CNC spoilboard surfacing abilities, this Whiteside 6220 bit is another great option for your workpieces. Besides, it delivers an accurate cut, making it one of the most reliable and convenient woodworking tools out there.

Surprisingly, that’s not even its most incredible property.

To start, this surface planer can get up to 15,000RPM during use. Such a high rotation speed allows you to conveniently work on various materials without any problem.

Even better, it’s equipped with a highly durable carbide tip. As a result, it’s ideal for cutting tougher materials. At the same time, it has an industrial-quality blade, thus helping you use the tool with minimal sharpening.

In addition, this ensures that you get a smooth, clean-cut at all times.

Overall, this heavy-duty router planner is ideal for both home improvement projects and industrial applications. So, if you’re a passionate crafter, it’s such a great option for you!


  • Durable carbide construction
  • 15000RPM can handle various tasks in no time
  • 4 efficient wings ensure smooth performance
  • Industrial -quality blades to provide reliable service


  • Carbide inserts aren’t replaceable

8. BINSTAK Spiral CNC Spoilboard Cutter Router Bit

Versatile, sturdy, and affordable! If those are some of the things you’re looking for in a cnc router spoilboard surfacing bit, then this tool from BINSTAK will be a perfect option for you! Best of all, it has an industrial-grade construction, unique design, and outstanding cutting efficiency. Regarding the design, the piece has 3 wings that are carbide-tipped.

For that, the tips are super strong and sharp. Better still, the tool’s wing length and ½” shank length offers exceptional balance when attached to your CNC machine.

This doesn’t mean that you can only use this spoilboard planer with a CNC machine though!

Instead, it’s compatible with various routing machines including table-mounted and hand-held routers. To add to its versatility, you can use it to plane, resurface and flatten the top surface of various materials apart from spoilboard. This includes; plywood compact panel, MDF, acrylic as well as hard & softwoods.

It can deliver a high-quality finish on the surface with its 4 cutting edges. On the same note, these edges allow you to rotate the knife with ease. That way, if one side becomes dull, you can simply replace the solid carbide inserts.


  • Highly versatile
  • Reasonable price
  • Replaceable blades
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Sharp-edged carbide tips


  • The carbide inserts look dull

9. ROOCBIT CNC Surfacing Bit for Spoilboard

Considered the Best surface planning router bit for spoilboard from ROOCBIT, this tool is a great way to enhance your woodworking experience. And with its innovative design, it always delivers an accurate cut in your projects.

Talking of design, the blade of this router bit is crafted from hard alloy. In general, hard alloy makes it more durable than most traditional blades. Moreover, its body is made of an anti-seismic high-quality diamond body.

This improves its seismic strength and enables it to suppress vibration during use. On top of all this, the entire body of the blade is electroplated. Therefore, with this tool, you don’t have to be concerned about any sort of rust issues.

In addition to extending the tool’s longevity, those properties allow it to handle various materials. Better still, it’s ideal for different woodworking applications and it’s compatible with almost all routing machines.

Finally, it’s quite simple to use, making it a perfect option for beginners. Besides, its replaceable allot blades are easy to change or remove, since you only need a screwdriver.


  • Electroplated blade ensure rust-resistance
  • Durable hard alloy blades
  • Suitable for movie users
  • Provides smoother spoilboard surfacing and wood planing
  • Contains 3 wings and 2” cutting diameter
  • Industrial-strength steel body construction


  • Screws might loosen after repeated use

10. SpeTOOL Spoilboard Surface Planner Bit

Like most options on our list, this surface planner tool features a 3-wing design and a 2” cutting diameter. For that, it’s a great tool for quick removal of material on large areas like spoilboard. More notably, it leaves a perfect finish on the surface, yet it’s more cost-effective than most router bits out there.

One thing that contributes to this cost-effectiveness is that it uses 4-sided replaceable solid YG-6X carbide inserts. Therefore, you can use all 4 edges of the carbide inserts. And when needed, you can simply replace the inserts, instead of replacing the entire bit.

Moving on to build quality, the body of this flattening bit is crafted from industrial-grade solid steel for durability. At the same time, this offers more stable processing and gives it good resistance to damage or bending.

On top of that, it’s coated to protect it against corrosion, giving it a longer life.

In addition, this makes it an ideal router bit for flattening slabs, resurfacing/ planning spoilboard, etc. Better still, you can use it on other automatic routers apart from CNC as well as handheld/ table-mounted manual routers.


  • Sharp & replaceable carbide inserts
  • Delivers smooth and consistent cuts
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Fast, efficient cutting
  • Cost-effective solution


  • The inserts aren’t that durable

11. BINSTAK 2-Wing CNC Spoilboard Surface Planner

Here goes yet another great-quality surfacing bit from BINSTAK. More importantly, it’s considered the perfect option for any woodworker looking for a smaller & lightweight CNC router bit. The first thing you’ll note about this tool though is that it only comes with 2 blades. That’s right!

Unlike the previous BINSTAK router bits on this list, this tool doesn’t include 3 or 4 wings. However, it still features an anti-kickback design and a superior-strength steel body.

Besides, it allows you to use all 4 edges of its carbide inserts.

For that, you can use it for any type of spoilboard resurfacing, planing, slab flattening as well as designing wooden canvas. Thanks to its 1” cutting diameter, ½” shank, 12 x12mm carbide inserts, and a max RPM of 18000.

Best of all, this tool comes with many features you can only find in the best CNC router bits for spoilboard. For instance, its inserts are easily removable and it works on various wooden surfaces. In addition, it’s compatible with many machines including manual and automatic routers, engraving machines, trimming machines, and so on.


  • Smaller, & lightweight design
  • Improved finishing
  • Sharper, steel-made blades
  • Well-balanced
  • Comes with 2 extra screws


  • Blades are a little difficult to replace

12. Whiteside Spoilboard Surfacing Bit 1/4 Shank

Whiteside is already a well-known brand in the router bit industry, thanks to the type of excellence their tools deliver. This time, we’ll be looking at their 6210 1/4 “ shank bit, which is a great woodworking tool for surfacing spoilboard.

But why consider this router bit for your CNC spoilboard surfacing task? Well, here are some of its stand-out properties!

First of all, this bit has carbide blade tips, while its body is made up of high-quality steel. In addition, the cutting blade has an innovative 3-wing design, allowing it to deliver the finest cuts. More importantly, the tips of the blade are sharp, which enables the tool to cut through the spoilboard without any issues.

Secondly, the bit has a 1” cutting diameter and ¼” shank, making it ideal for smaller CNC machines. At the same time, this allows the base surface to be perpendicular to the routing machine’s motor, providing an optimal surfacing experience.

Last but not least, this tool is compatible with CNC routers as well as custom-made router sleds. To sum up, if you want a spoilboard surfacing bit that combines reliability, durability, and affordability, you’ll not go wrong with this Whiteside surfacing bit!


  • Creates clean and clear cuts efficiently
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Specifically designed for spoilboard surfacing
  • 3-wing design ensure exquisite finishing


  • May experience heating issues after extended use

13. BINSTAK 2-Wing ¼” Shank CNC Spoilboard Cutter

At first glance, this is another BINSTAK planning bit that features a 2-wing design. Nonetheless, it’s suitable for spoilboard surfacing and cutting large surface areas.

Especially because of its ability to remove materials fast, while leaving an excellent finish at the bottom of the cut. For that, it’s the preferred planning and surfacing tool for most hobbyists and professionals.

Another benefit of this tool is that it has a lightweight and compact design. Yet it can work with various machines, including manual routers, CNC machines, and other automatic routing machines. Also, you can use it for other woodworking projects like trimming and engraving.

As for the construction, the body of this router bit is made of super-strength steel with an anti-kickback design. On the contrary, its 4-sided replaceable inserts are crafted from carbide. One issue with this tool is that its shank is smaller than regular flattening bits, seeing that it’s only ¼” long. Other than that, it has a maximum RPM of 18,000 and a 1” diameter.

Besides, that will not prevent it from cutting through various surfaces like laminate, MDF, and hardwood among others.


  • Balanced, 2-wing design
  • All 4 edges on the inserts are usable
  • super -strength steel body construction
  • Sharper carbide blades


  • Smaller shank size

14. BINSTAK Wood CNC Router Bit

When handling a complex spoilboard surfacing project, you’ll need an equally good router bit that can handle the task. Well, that’s where this BINSTAK router bit comes in, especially with its 4-wing design.

You heard that right!

Unlike most standard flattening router bits, this tool is equipped with 4 wings. As a result, it delivers fast, smooth, and clean cuts on various materials, without leaving a burr edge. Some of these materials include; acrylic, spoilboard, MDF, particleboard, and so on. This makes it the best tool for handling woodworking projects with different levels of complexity.

In addition, this tool is specifically designed to withstand some heavy-duty woodworking applications for a long time. As an example, its body is made up of solid hardened steel, while its sharp tips are crafted from carbide material.

As if that’s not enough, the bit is coated with a heat-resistant Teflon layer, making it easy to clean after use. As a bonus, the package comes with a router collet that you can use to turn mechanical and electrical wood carving milling chuck connectors from ½” to 1/4”.


  • Compatible with various routers
  • Comes with a heat-resistant Teflon layer
  • High-quality hardened steel construction
  • Sharp carbide tip


  • Not ideal for cutting non-wood materials and metal
  • Doesn’t work with drill machines and electric drills

15. KOWOOD Spoilboard Surfacing Bit for CNC Router

Despite being the last and the only router bit from KOWOOD on our list, this is another great woodworking tool for spoilboard surfacing. Besides, that’s exactly what it’s specifically designed for. However, you can still use it on other materials like wood, plywood compact panels, laminate, and particleboard.

To make it even more versatile, it’s suitable for various woodworking applications apart from wood slab flattening and spoilboard planing/ resurfacing. Instead, you can use it for other tasks like grooving, trimming, and slotting. So, if you want a multipurpose bit tool for your woodworking projects, it’s such an excellent option.

In terms of dimensions, this bit has a ¼” shank, 1.25” cutting diameter, and ¼” cutting length. In addition, it’s equipped with 3 wings and carbide-tipped blades. These features help it deliver smoother surfacing on various wooden surfaces.

On the downside, this router bit generates excessive vibration during use and its inserts aren’t that durable. Nonetheless, it is suitable for heavy-duty woodworking applications and its ¼” shank fits in a wide range of routers.


  • Highly versatile woodworking tool
  • Delivers smooth and clean cuts
  • High-quality carbide-tipped blade


  • Produces excessive vibration during use
  • The inserts are not very durable

Things to Consider when Buying Spoilboard Surfacing Bits

CNC machines provide a wide range of creative possibilities when handling a woodworking project. However, the magic lies in the bit as it determines the type of finishing you’ll get. So you must pay close attention when choosing the best surfacing router bit for spoilboard.

Unfortunately, finding the best tool for your project isn’t a simple task, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a particular unit. That’s why, in this section, we’ll talk about some important factors you should consider.

1. Shank size

Shank refers to the cylindrical part at the bottom of the router bit. More importantly, its size determines the bit’s core value since it is inserted into a router’s collet. In general, the bits are available in 2 sizes; ¼” and ½”.

First, ¼” shanks are ideal for light woodworking jobs that don’t involve any type of deep cutting. On the other hand, ½” shanks are suitable for large projects since they’re more versatile, reliable, and efficient. That said, the ideal shank size will depend on the task you’re planning to perform.

2. Construction

Build quality is the most important factor that determines the longevity of any woodworking tool. In essence, we all need a tool that will serve us for a long time without getting broken. For that reason, it’s good to choose a tool that’s crafted from high-quality material.

Specifically, you need to pay close attention to the cutting blade since it’s the only part of the bit that comes into contact with wooden surfaces. In that regard, the cutting blade can either be made from carbide, solid steel, or steel alloy.

The benefit of choosing a carbide-tipped bit is it can hold its sharpness for longer, making it more efficient. As a result, it provides better performance in the long run and it’s more

3. Compatibility

Although you’re looking for the best router bit for spoilboard surfacing, it’s good to check that it’s compatible with that material. However, you can choose a tool that works with other materials as well. That way, you can use the same tool to cut through various materials like softwood, MDF, plywood, and softwood.

Still, on compatibility, make sure you buy a router bit that fits perfectly in your CNC routing machine. Otherwise, you may end up with a bit that doesn’t fit in your router’s collet. If possible, look for a tool that fits other machines apart from CNC routers such as table-mounted and handheld routers.

4. RPM

Max RPM (Revolution per Minutes) simply indicates the maximum number of rotations the bit can handle per minute. For that, RPM is another important factor you need to consider since it will determine how long your project will take to complete. Typically, you need a tool with a higher RPM since it will help you perform your spoilboard surfacing task with minimal time.

5. Flute section

Finally, it’s important to check the flute section of the router bit since it determines the tool’s cutting quality and speed. Generally speaking, a tool with a lower number of flutes has a higher cutting rate than a tool with more flutes. However, a bit with more flutes provides a better quality finishing. That said, we’d recommend choosing a router bit with 2- 4 flutes for optimal performance.


So, what is the best spoilboard surfacing bit for you? Hopefully, you’ve already picked the right bit for your purpose of use. Remember if you want to end up professionally with high precision, you must invest in a high quality tool.

Consequently, you’ll be able to perform the entire woodworking project seamlessly. At the same time, these tools are quite versatile, meaning you can use them to undertake various other projects as well.

Hopefully, after going through our detailed reviews, you’ve already identified the perfect tool for your project. So, make sure you grab it as you prepare to surface your CNC spoilboard or flatten other wooden slabs.


1. What is a spoilboard for CNC machines?

A spoilboard is simply a replaceable work surface that is installed on top of your CNC routing machine’s permanent table. Its main aim is to protect the table from damage as router bits cut through different materials.

2. What types of bits are used for spoilboard surfacing?

These are the type of bits used to flatten or level the surface of spoilboards. In terms of size, a tool with a ½” shank and 2.5” cutting diameter is suitable for leveling perfectly.

3. What does a Spoilboard surfacing router bit do?

A surfacing bit flattens the board’s surface. As a result, it creates a base surface that’s perpendicular to the motor of the routing machine. Moreover, you can use the bit to flatten live edge wooden surfaces that are too large to pass through a planer.

4. Do I need a vacuum cleaner when surfacing a spoilboard with a CNC router?

Having a vacuum cleaner when surfacing a spoilboard is a good idea since it improves overall dust collection. Besides, you can use it to clean the spoilboard before you load a new material on the CNC router.

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