7 Best Boat Cover Support System Reviews & Buying Guide

Covers are essential when storing your boat, either indoor or outdoor. They shield the boat from rain, dirt, snow, sun as well as bird droppings. Moreover, they protect your water vessel from saltwater, which can have corrosive effects on the finish.

Unfortunately, covers are still susceptible to various types of damage including tears and rips. Especially due to water pooling that may occur in the rainy or winter season.

Moreover, they can be easily blown off by strong winds on their own. The best boat cover support system can prevent all these problems from happening! It ensures that the cover is not too loose or tight, giving it utmost protection from strong winds and other harsh elements.

Here’s a quick round-up table with our top 5 picks:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Camco 41970 Boat Cover Support System

5 out of 5

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Kemimoto Boat Cover Support pole

5 out of 5

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Better Boat 1PK Cover Support

5 out of 5

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iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole

4.5 out of 5

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TMP Fishing Boat Cover Support

4.5 out of 5

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7 Best Boat Cover Support System Reviews

As you would expect though, there are many types of boat covers out there. For that, finding the perfect cover support system can be a bit challenging. Well, it doesn’t have to be!

In this guide, we’ve analyzed some of the top best cover support systems in the market. That way, you can easily compare their benefits, drawbacks, and features until you find the ideal option for your boating needs!

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1. Camco 41970 Boat Cover Support System

Generally speaking, the main role of a support system is to prevent the boat cover from sagging. At the same time, it should have enough strength to prevent the weight of snow and water from making the cover droop.

Well, this 41970 cover from Camco meets these requirements!

For starters, this unit comes with a convenient telescoping support system. While its self-standing features 2 solid plates for both ends. This holds the system in place, even when subjected to heavy rain or strong wind.

You’ll also note that the base plate has foam padding. This plays an important role in preventing the system from sliding or slipping. It also protects the sole of your water vessel from the pole.

Another interesting feature displayed by this product is that it comes with strong hooks and a 50-ft adjustable strap. But even with all these components, the package is compact in size and easy to store when not in use.

You’ll find it quite easy to assemble and install. Moreover, it’s highly versatile since it-s ideal for use in most water vessels that are up to 22 ft long. You can adjust the height in 2.5” increments from 30” – 50” depending on the boat’s size.

One issue you’re likely to experience with this unit though is that it’s a bit pricey. Also, it’s a little heavy seeing that it weighs around 4 lbs. All in all, it’s a reliable cover support system in our opinion and ideal for various types of boats.


  • Compact size & easy installation
  • A super stable design with foam-padded base plates
  • Ideal for use during the heavy rainy season
  • Includes a 50” sturdy nylon adjustable strap
  • Suitable for boats of up to 22’
  • Adjustable height


  • A little pricey

2. Kemimoto Best Boat Cover Support pole System

Kemimoto support system is a relatively affordable option that’s compatible with various boat types. Moreover, it’s stronger than regular plastic support rods. As a result, it will stably support your boat’s cover, giving you a convenient user experience.

At first glance, this set comes with a well-constructed aluminum alloy support pole with four 167.2” long straps with hooks at both ends. This gives it enough strength to hold your boat’s cover without bending or breaking, even when it rains.

Besides, aluminum construction protects the pole from rust, extending its longevity.

The pole also features a plastic base with a foam-padding to prevent it from sliding. Specifically, the base is 5.9” in diameter, giving it enough stability to hold the boat tarp well in place. While the plastic top helps to protect the tarp from stress tearing.

It can hold up tarps and carps made from different materials like plastic, plastic, etc.

In addition to having superior construction, this unit is quite simple to install. You simply need to stand the pole in the middle of your vessel and pass the included straps through the top. Lastly, hook the hooks at the Oxford fabric straps to your water vessel and you’re set to go!

As for compatibility, this unit is designed for boats up to 24’ long. At the same time, you can adjust the pole’s height to match up with covers that are between 27.5 and 62.8” high. This will ensure that it fits your vessel perfectly, and make it easy to store when you’re not using it.


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Rust-resistant aluminum alloy rods
  • Comes with 4 adjustable straps
  • Suitable for various vessel types
  • Sturdy plastic base


  • You may need 2 support poles for an extra-large pontoon boat

3. Better Boat 1PK Cover Support System

If you want something that’s designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, then this unit from Better Boat is a great option. It’s constructed from superior-marine-grade aluminum, allowing it to resist corrosion or rust. Even better, this allows it to hold your boat cover securely for a long time.

Unlike most others, this product is available as a single and dual unit. But this particular set comes as a single unit, hence the ‘1 PK’ in its name. However, if you’ve got a large vessel, the 2PK option would be much more economical and affordable than buying 2 single support poles separately.

That aside, this telescoping pole is height-adjustable. You can extend its height from 23.5” up to 56”, making it ideal for different types of covers.

Another stand-out feature is that the pole is equipped with a sturdy 7” base to keep it steady and upright. In addition, the pole has a mushroom cap with a button snap rubber end to prevent it from tripping over. The pole also has multiple attachment points to prevent it from falling over.

Overall, this tarp support system will come in handy all year round when you’re not using your vessel. It distributes the load on the tarp  perfectly to prevent it from stress tearing. Better still, it’s efficient in protecting the boat tarp from debris build-up as well as water pooling.


  • Ultra-durable, yet lightweight marine-grade telescoping pole
  • Can withstand various weather conditions
  • Rust- & corrosion-resistant
  • Fits in most types of vessels
  • Prevents debris build-up and water pooling
  • Larger & sturdy base plate


  • Not suitable for large water vessels
  • No webbing straps

4. iCOVER Boat Cover Support Pole System

Durability, reliability, and incredible performance! Those are some of the great aspects that make this Boat tarp support system from iCOVER a great investment. In addition, it’s affordable yet its quality isn’t compromised since it stays consistent in protecting your vessel.

At first glance, this unit comes with a study & customized aluminum pole. You can adjust this pole conveniently from 23” to 56.5” in no time. Even better, the pole is fitted with a 56’ long strap with a hooked end to ensure the tarp is fitted on securely.

Moreover, you can either extend or shorten this strap with ease to suit the length of your water vessel. You can use this system on various vessels that are up to 25’ long such as a bass boat. This also means that you can put the pole anywhere on your vessel, giving you maximum coverage.

Another unique feature that comes with this pole is that it’s fitted with a triangulate plate on the top. This innovative design makes it easy to thread the 56’ strap through. It will also make it easy to put the cover onto the boat once you hook the support system for inserting the 56’ strap.

Finally, this pole comes with a large round plate that can be installed at the bottom for stability. This gives the whole system a steady and secure hold. For that, it will not move or budge when strong winds are blowing against your vessel.


  • Affordable, yet high-quality product
  • Withstand all-weather conditions
  • Incredibly durable, self-standing pole
  • Height-adjustable sturdy pole
  • Fits on almost every vessel type (up to 25’ long)


  • Longer vessels require at least 2 poles

5. TMP Fishing Boat Cover Support System

The Taylor Made Products 55741 support pole system is one of the best options for beginners or small fishing boat owners. It has a simple and sleek design yet performs really well. Besides, this unit has some incredible features you’ll not find in other systems!

First, the kit comes with all the important accessories you need to keep your boat’s tarp in place. You’ll get; a support pole, quick-release buckles, and a 50-ft webbing strap. Nonetheless, it’s relatively lightweight since it only weighs 1.8 lbs.

The best part? It has excellent simplicity, both in terms of look and application!

The webbing strap is tight enough to firmly keep it in place. When the pole snaps to the webbing security, the system can withstand heavy rain and strong winds. Moreover, this boat cover frame kit can last for several years if you take good care of it.

On the downside, the pole doesn’t have any base plate. For that reason, it can be misplaced by strong wind if you don’t adjust the webbing strap tight enough. Also, the support pole has a fixed length of 29”, meaning it’s only suitable for specific size vessels.

Other than that, this system is well made, affordable, easy to install, and protects your fishing boat tarp from sagging due to raindrops.


  • Simple to install and fix
  • Comes with strong & quick-release buckles
  • Ideal for vessels without support system features & windshield
  • Includes several accessories
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Clean & modern look


  • Only fits specifics size vessels

6. Extreme Marine Products Arnall’s Standard Arch Support

Arnall’s Standard Arch support system is one of the best-selling products from Extreme Marine Products. And it’s trusted by thousands of boat owners across the USA. All thanks to the incredible features it comes with, giving your vessel utmost protection for harsh weather elements. The first thing you need to note is that this set comes with 8 pieces of standard Arch support brackets.

These brackets are made up of aluminum material, while the support rate is crafted from stainless steel. More notably, its design creates a support system that arches your boat tarp, helping it shed off rain. That way, your vessel will remain dry when it’s not in use, even under heavy rain.

Also, the arch design prevents the tarp from resting on the vessel seat. This protects the interior from being bleached by UV rays and prevents the vessel’s fabric from ‘fading’.

As a drawback, this support system isn’t as versatile as some products we’ve reviewed so far. For instance, it’s only suitable for vessels whose boat rails are 1.25” square. Or else you’ll need universal brackets for the system to work. In addition, this cover system is only ideal for use with the new Polyester 300 – 600 Denier cover.

Apart from these issues, this support system fits in vessels that are up to 24’ long and even comes with instructions for convenient installation.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for vessels that are up to 24-ft long
  • Comes with instructions for easy assemble & installation
  • Features an arch support system design
  • Includes 8 aluminum brackets


  • Only works for vessels whose rails are 1.25” square
  • Supports the new 300- 600 Denier boat tarp only

7. TMP 55745 Marine Pontoon Boat Cover Support

A pontoon is a popular water vessel among many leisure boaters. That’s because it has comfortable seats, large space and allows smooth cruising. Unfortunately, pontoons are usually longer than regular boars, making it difficult to find the perfect cover support system.

That doesn’t have to be the case anymore, thanks to this Taylor Made 55745 support system! It’s the best pontoon boat cover support system to protect your vessel during winter and rainy days. Also, it holds up quite well when weather changes like strong winds come by.

One thing you ought to know about this unit is that it comes with 2 poles, weighing 2.84 lbs each. These poles are crafted from sturdy materials and can be adjusted from 27’’ up to 50”. All these factors will ensure optimal and maximum coverage of your pontoon.

This set also includes 60’ webbing straps that you can connect to the poles’ top caps. In addition, it comes with quick-release adjustable straps. These straps are made from long-lasting polypropylene, allowing them to withstand the weight of your boat tarp.

You’ll also note that the included poles aren’t fitted with a base plate to help them stand freely. Instead, the bottom end of each pole has a rubber cap, providing a firm grip on your pontoon’s sole. Lastly, this support system is quite easy and comfortable to set up and disassemble.

One reason for this is that you don’t have to crawl under the cover to set it up. Moreover, it’s fitted with hooks and buckles, making it easy to make the necessary adjustments.


  • Easier installation process than other brands
  • Poles are made from high-grade material
  • Comes with strong & durable polypropylene straps
  • Height-adjustable from 27” – 50”
  • Includes injection-molded hooks


  • Hardware and pivot points are made up of plastic

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Boat Cover Support System

With so many boat tarp support systems available, finding the perfect option for your vessel can be challenging. That’s why it’s always important to consider certain aspects to help you make an informed decision. In this case, some of those factors include;

1. Extensibility

Most cover support poles are generally categorized as telescopic. More importantly, they differ in terms of length as well as their ability to extend. In actuality, if you’ve got a big vessel, you should look for a pole with higher extensibility.

Besides, you can adjust its length to suit small vessels as well. However, if you only intend to use the support system to hold the cover of a small vessel, a regular pole will get the job done.

2. Ease of installation

A support pole should be easy to assemble and use. This will help you to install it on your vessel, even if you’re not experienced or handy. Besides, a user-friendly support system will not take up a lot of your time or effort.

3. Construction

The sturdiness and strength of a cover support system are important. These aspects prevent the boat tarp from skidding or experiencing unwanted movements due to strong winds or heavy rains. In addition, the unit should be crafted from superior material to provide much-needed longevity.

Nowadays, support poles can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, ABS plastic, PVC, etc. Whichever the case, the used material should have enough strength to withstand harsh marine conditions and diverse weather elements.

4. Features

Finally, choose a cover support system model that is equipped with the latest features and functions. Nowadays, different support poles have exclusive functions and features to give your boat tarp maximum protection.

Such functions and features include; height adjustability, telescoping, and cam-lock mechanism. Choosing a unit with these features will make your boating life hassle-free!


As a boat owner, the best cover support system is a must-have item if you need to extend your vessel’s life. It will prevent heavy snow or water from pooling on the boat cover.

Moreover, it will help to preserve your vessel’s optimum performance as well as a nice appearance. Interestingly, as you’ve seen from our reviews, there are many great boat cover systems to choose from. So, check them out until you find the perfect cover support system for your vessel.


1. How do I stop my boat cover from collecting water?

Water causes the cover fabric to relax, creating low points where the water eventually collects. You can avoid this by proving a frame or support system beneath the cover.

2. Can I make a pontoon boat cover support system using a pool?

If you can’t find the ideal support system to hold your boat cover in place, the alternative is to create one yourself. For instance, you can use PVC pipes to make the frames, which is a relatively inexpensive and simple process.

3. How do I cover my boat for the winter?

There are many ways to cover your water vessel for winter. You can utilize a semi-custom, shrink war, canvas tarp, or a plastic cover. A plastic cover is the most affordable option but it’s not that durable and may not fit properly. As a result, it may end up damaging your vessel’s base coat as it flaps in the wind.

4. What is a boat cover support pole?

A boat cover support pole is a sturdy rod that holds the cover to prevent debris buildup and water pooling.

5. Is it OK to leave the boat uncovered in rain?

Rain will damage your boat’s interior if you leave it without a cover. Also, it will expose to the sun’s UV rays, making it lose value very fast. So, make an effort to cover your vessel when it’s not in use, either with an old or new tarp.


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