5 Best Camera for Blue Iris in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Choosing the best IP Camera for the Blue iris is very important for your security surveillance system. Seeing that Blue Iris is compatible with almost all leading security cameras, this may seem like a simple task.

Well, it isn’t, especially since there are hundreds of cameras from various brands to choose from! Fortunately, this article is intended to help you find the best camera for Blue Iris for your home and office surveillance needs.

Our review includes cameras that have outstanding night vision and superior video quality. More notably, they’re easy to install and set up with the Blue Iris Software.

Quick round-up table with our top 5 Blue Iris Compatible Cameras:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Amcrest Blue Iris Compatible PTZ Camera

5 out of 5

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Amcrest UltraHD 4k Security IP AI Turret Camera

5 out of 5

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Amcrest UltraHD 4K Outdoor POE Camera

4.5 out of 5

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REOLINK PoE Outdoor Security IP Camera

4.5 out of 5

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Amcrest UltraHD Outdoor POE Bullet Camera

4.5 out of 5

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Reviews of 5 Best Cameras for Blue Iris


Blue Iris offers the best solution for anyone looking to upgrade the security system in their home. With this 3rd party security surveillance software, you can monitor your home/ office right from your PC or mobile.

Best of all, it will allow you to control all the installed security cameras with ease. So here’re the top 5 high-quality devices we found to work great with Blue Iris…

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1. Amcrest ProHD Indoor PTZ Camera for Blue Iris

To start our list is this ProHD 1920TVL Wi-Fi Camera from Amcrest. It works well with Blue Iris, delivers high image quality and superior video resolution, yet it’s quite affordable. More notably, it has a round shape design and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) functionality.

Therefore, it can move left, right, up, and down, ensuring that it covers every angle you need. In addition, you’ll enjoy the following features from this Blue Iris Camera:

Key Features

Night Vision:

Although 1920TVL is an indoor security camera model, it has outstanding night vision technology. As a result, you’ll get crystal clear images even in total darkness.

Specifically, the camera has a view of around 32 ft. in the dark. Besides, the camera has a 1080p resolution, helping it capture crisp video quality at 30 fps. This delivers a high level of detail, making it the best Wifi Camera for Blue Iris for home security.

2-Way Audio:

Another unique feature you’ll get from this device is that it has inbuilt 2-way audio. Thanks to the embedded speaker and mic. This allows you to hear the voice of anyone in the room and talkback with your tablet or phone. As if that’s not enough, the device uses modern noise-canceling technology, to filter out any background noise.

Easy Setup:

Even with all those cutting-edge features, Amcrest ProHD security cameras are quite simple to set up. Besides, since it’s a Wi-Fi camera, you don’t have to be good at networking to set it up. Instead, you just need to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Then scan the QR code on its bottom with the Blue Iris App on your mobile device. To power the device, you’ll get a 10 ft. cable, allowing you to top put this device anywhere within your home.

Variety of Storage Options:

First, this security camera comes with 4 hours of free storage on Amcrest Cloud. However, you can store the recorded data in a computer, NAS, microSD card, NAS, or an FTP server.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 2 megapixels
  • 32 ft. night vision
  • Black, white & silver color options
  • 90 deg. Viewing angle
  • Ambarella S2LM chipset
  • Sony Exmor IMX323 Sensor


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent image quality
  • Sensitive motion detection
  • Great tilting and panning functionality
  • Full HD 1080P video recording at 30 fps


  • Ideal for indoor usage only

2. Amcrest UltraHD 4k Outdoor Security Camera for Blue Iris

Amcrest UltraHD PoE IP camera is another great security device that’s compatible with the Blue Iris software. It captures videos at a 4k (3840 X 2160/ 8MP) resolution, giving you high-quality security footage. Moreover, as a PoE camera, you only need one Ethernet cable for data transfer and power. For these reasons, you’ll find it quite simple to set up and install, even without the assistance of an expert!

Key Features


At first glance, this outdoor camera for Blue Iris has a heavy-duty metal casing. This gives an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and storm.

Another factor that makes it such a great outdoor device is that it comes with 12 inbuilt IR LEDs. This, plus the CMOS image sensor allows it to achieve the unsurpassed vision in low-light conditions. As a result, it captures images within a range of 98 ft. in complete darkness.

Motion Detection:

This security model features smart motion detection. Best of all, it allows you to specify certain areas for motion detection, and even adjust their sensibility level.

As a drawback, this camera cannot detect audio. However, it supports one-way audio, meaning you can hear the sound, but you can’t talk back.


As we mentioned earlier, this Ultra HD security camera from Amcrest has 3840 X 2160 (8MP) resolution. For this reason, you can constantly record footage with full clarity at 4K resolution.

In addition, the device is fitted with a 1/2.7” CMOS image sensor. This enables you to see clearly and pinpoint any potential intrusion even in low light. Better still, the 105 deg super wide viewing angle allows you to monitor a large area in front of your home.

Footage Storage:

With this security camera, you can view, playback, and record footage directly from your mobile device. As an alternative, you can save the recorded footage to a 256 GB microSD card or cloud-based storage system. Moreover, the device features dual H.246/ H.265 compression to ensure maximum encryption for the recorded footage. As a result, the camera will have higher bandwidth and video storage capacity.


  • 8mm lens
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 105 deg viewing angle
  • 8 megapixels
  • 98 ft. night vision
  • 256GB MicroSD card slot
  • PoE connectivity


  • Maximum encryption of the recorded footage
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Super wide viewing angle
  • Streams and records videos at 4k resolution
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Works with Alexa for hands-free operation


  • A bit pricey

3. Amcrest UltraHD 4K Outdoor POE Camera for Blue Iris

Similar to the Amcrest security camera we’ve reviewed above, IP8M-2496EW-V2 records stunning UltraHD quality videos in 4K resolution. However, unlike the previous model, this unit features a bullet-style design. For that, it’s considered the best PoE camera for Blue Iris when you want to aim in one direction especially in porch areas.

Best of all, this camera is one of the few devices from Amcrest that features color night vision. Therefore, identifying people will be much easier in the dark once you install this camera.

Key Features

Wired Connectivity:

To be precise, this security camera features a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity. For that, it’s quite simple to set up since you can power it and transfer data using one Ethernet cable.

The only issue with this connectivity option is that you’ll need to buy a PoE switch/ PoE injector. Other than that, it will allow you to set up a stable security system that’s compatible with the Blue Iris software.

Moreover, you can use it with other video surveillance platforms and operating systems.

Secure Cloud Storage:

Once you buy this camera, you’ll get 4 hours of free Amcrest cloud recording and live viewing. This video storage subscription is secure to ensure your footage is safe. Besides, it allows you to store your footage offsite in a 3rd party location automatically.

Alternatively, you can simply playback or record your videos using Blue Iris, or other options like FTP and ONVIF NVR.

Weatherproof Construction:

Being an outdoor camera, this device is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Thanks to the heavy-duty metal housing with an IP67 waterproof rating.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a Sony Starvis 1/2.7” image sensor and inbuilt IR LEDs. This gives a 98 ft night vision, allowing it to record images during the darkest of nights.

 Field of View:

This Amcrest security camera offers a super wide viewing angle of around 105 deg. As a result, it will ensure that your surveillance covers more ground, keeping your property safe. Besides, it has other smart security features like motion detection notifications.


  • 105 deg viewing angle
  • 8 megapixels
  • 98 ft. night vision
  • Ip67 weatherproof rating
  • 8mm lens


  • Durable sealed heavy-duty metal housing
  • Easy & quick to set up
  • Sends motion alerts to web/ mobile apps
  • Streams videos in 4k resolution
  • Provides various recording options


  • Requires PoE power supply (switch/ injector)
  • Points in one direction

4. REOLINK PoE Outdoor IP Camera for Blue Iris

With its dome-type case, the Reolink RLC-520 is another great Blue Iris camera for outdoor usage. It’s designed to withstand harsh weather elements, yet it’s reasonably priced. Besides, it has a night vision of around 100ft, motion detection, and a 5MP (2560 X 1920p) resolution.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of its features in detail!

Key features


At first glance, the RLC-520 seems like a cheaply made camera since its body is entirely made up of plastic. Well, don’t that delude you! Although this construction makes the device very lightweight, it’s quite durable.

Besides, the main body of the camera is completely sealed to prevent it from being affected by harsh weather. On the same note, it has an IP66 rating, meaning it’s both water- and dust-proof. At the same time, it has working temperatures of around -10 to 55 deg. C.


First, this camera has a 5MP sensor and streams videos with a 2560 X 1920P resolution at 30 fps. As a result, it will capture smooth and crystal clear video quality during the day.

But what about the night? Interestingly, this device has excellent night vision seeing that it can record images within a range of 30m (100 ft) in the dark. That’s because it’s equipped with 18 Infrared LEDs as well as 3D-NR technology, giving it unmatched low-light ability.

Lastly, this device has an inbuilt microphone, helping you hear noises from your home/ office. However, it doesn’t have a speaker, so it will not support 2-way audio.


Like most Blue Iris IP Security cameras on our list, RLC-520 is powered over Ethernet. In simpler terms, this means that you can power it with an Ethernet cable.

More notably, this means that you’ll need a PoE switch/ power adapter, which doesn’t come included in the package.

Motion Detection:

As a bonus, this device has a motion detection feature. For this reason, a notification will be sent to your device once the camera detects any movement.

Even better, that footage will be recorded on the microSD card. Moreover, you can adjust the motion detection sensitivity to avoid false alarms.


  • 5 megapixels
  • 100ft night vision
  • 0mm lens
  • 80 deg horizontal field of view
  • 58 deg vertical field of view
  • MicroSD card slot


  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Multiple storage options
  • Good video quality
  • Outstanding night vision
  • Supports microSD card of up to 128GB
  • Compatible with most 3rd party software including Blue Iris


  • No automatic tilt and pan movements

5. Amcrest UltraHD Outdoor POE Bullet IP Security Camera

Compared to other Amcrest cameras on our list, IP5M-B1186EW has the lowest resolution. Specifically, it records footage with a resolution of 2592 X 1944 (5MP). Nonetheless, it works well and delivers outstanding video quality day and night. Besides, 5MP UltraHD is a substantially-high resolution.

Bottom line, if you want the best Blue Iris camera for outdoor security, IP5M-B1186EW is a great match. Now, let’s check out some powerful features you’ll get from this camera!

Key Features

Clean Video Quality Day and Night:

Various factors enable this camera to deliver stunning performance in different light conditions. First, the device is equipped with the latest Starlight CMOS 1/2.7” image sensor. Yet it has a wide viewing angle of around 103 deg, helping it cover more ground. Such properties give it a 989 ft. night vision and unmatched low-light capability.


This device has a very simple setup process. Although this doesn’t come as a surprise seeing that it’s a PoE camera. However, you’ll need a PoE switch or injector to power it over Ethernet. Apart from that, it’s a fixed security camera and you can even tilt or pan it manually in no time. In addition, the package comes with 3 screws that you can use to mount it to the wall.

IP67 Weatherproof:

Like most cameras from Amcrest, this device features a high-quality frame construction. Specifically, its body has a heavy-duty IP67 weatherproof design. For that, it can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions including rain and dust. More notably, it can resist impacts as well as hurricane-level winds.

Smart Security and Storage Options:

The first smart security feature displayed by this camera is that it can detect movement. Even better, it sends a notification directly to your smartphone or computer when that happens. On top of that, it allows you to create about 4 motion detection spots and customize the sensitivity of each zone.

That way, you’ll only receive the necessary alerts.

Secondly, this camera is compatible with 3rd party professional video surveillance software like Blue Iris. As for storage, it stores the recorded footage in MicroSD card, cloud remote video storage, NAS, FTP, and so on.


  • 103 deg viewing angle
  • PoE/ AC powered
  • 5 Megapixel resolution
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • 4 ft IR range
  • 8mm lens


  • Durable and weatherproof metal construction
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple storage options
  • UltraHD 5MP video recordings
  • Supports MicroSD card of up to 256GB
  • Stunning low-light performance
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa devices


  • Doesn’t come with a PoE injector/ switch

Is Amcrest better than Reolink for Blue Iris?

Reolink and Amcrest manufacture some of the best Blue Iris cameras in the market today. But as you can see, our list seems to be dominated by Amcrest products. So, does this mean that Amcrest is better for Blue Iris than Reolink?

Well, here are some of their notable differences that can help you decide;


Both Amcrest and Reolink have various types of security cameras. This includes; bullet-type, dome, PTZ, and dome cameras.

However, most cameras from Amcrest are IP67 rated and appear sturdier than Reolink models. On the contrary, most devices from Reolink are battery operated. For that reason, Reolink surveillance cameras are a better option for an area that is inaccessible to power.

Customer Service

Most security camera manufacturers include a user manual in their kits. However, if you encounter an issue when using or installing the device, you’ll have to contact their support team. Interestingly, both Amcrerst and Reolink have a live chatbot that you can use to contact their customer service team.

However, users claim that Amcrest offers better technical support as compared to the latter. Moreover, they are quick in helping their clients to solve various issues.

Storage Options

Security cameras from both brands support various storage options. For instance, they provide standalone devices with microSD card slots and DVR & NVR systems with hard disk drives. Such options allow you to save your recordings locally for free.

Also, if you’d like to playback and view footage from anywhere, both brands provide optional online cloud storage.

Unfortunately, Amcrest cloud storage services are relatively expensive. As an example, their monthly plan has an average cost of around $ 6 to $10 per security camera. This is approximately 15 times more as compared to Reolink cloud storage subscription.

Video Quality & Resolution

Amcrest and Reolink cameras have resolutions of up to 4K/ 8MP Ultra HD. Moreover, both brands have 5mp or 4mp cameras that deliver better images than the popular 1080p resolution.

More notably, both brands use Starlight technology to ensure enhanced night vision. However, Amcrest cameras have better night vision than their Reolink counterparts. So, if you want a device that can see far in the dark, Amcrest is the way to go!

Comparison Table of Our Recommended Products

Product Name Resolution Viewing Angle Night Vision
Amcrest ProHD WiFi Camera 2 MP 90 deg. 32 ft.
Amcrest UltraHD 4K PoE camera 8 MP 105 deg. 98 ft.
Amcrest UltraHD Outdoor camera 8 MP 105 deg. 98 ft.
REOLINK PoE IP Camera 5 MP 80 deg. 100 ft.
Amcrest Outdoor camera 5 MP 103 deg. 98.4 ft.

What to Look for in a Blue Iris Compatible Camera

Before you decide to settle on a certain Blue Iris compatible camera, there are some key factors you should consider. Besides, it’s the only way to find the best Blue Iris camera for your needs. That said, here are some of those factors;

Quality & Resolution

Camera resolution plays an essential role in determining how clear the footage quality will be. At the moment, 1080p is considered the industry standard for security camera resolution.

So, it’s good to avoid devices that offer less than 1080p resolution. Instead, look for cameras that offer 1080p or higher resolution like 4K/ 1440p resolution. This will ensure that you get high-quality videos and images, making it easy to see every detail of the footage.

Night Vision

Some Blue Iris IP cameras record low-quality videos and images in complete darkness. That’s why it’s important to choose a device that features great night vision capability. As a result, this will make it easy to monitor your surveillance system when it’s dark.

In addition, look for a camera that’s equipped with IR filters and IR LEDs. Like night vision capability, this will allow you to view captured images in low light conditions within a range of 20 m t0 200 m.

Field of View

The ideal field of view tends to vary for different users depending on the size of their property. Either way, the best Blue Iris camera should at least has a 90 deg viewing angle.

But if you want a device that covers more ground, you can choose a camera with a higher field of view. For instance, an outdoor security camera with 104 degrees viewing angle is a perfect option for backyard spaces.

Ease of Installation

Another factor that can help you choose a security camera is its easiness of installation. In essence, the device should be easy to set up even without professional assistance. That said, look for a camera that connects fast over Wi-Fi or PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Most cameras on our list have PoE connectivity, meaning they use the same cable for power and data transfer. This ensures fast installation and reduces the number of cables needed during the setup process.

Lens Size & Sensor

Before you settle for any device, check the size of its lens and the integrated image sensor. Highly sensitive sensors that you get high-quality and clear images. As for the lens, opt for devices whose lens size is at least 2.8mm. Such devices provide a wider viewing angle from far distances.

Motion Detection

Invest in a Blue Iris camera that comes with several characteristics including motion detection. On top of that, it should send notifications to your PC or phone immediately after detection movement. Such features will help you to act promptly and protect your property from intruders.

Weatherproof Rating

Lastly, a Blue Iris camera should have the ability to withstand environmental elements, especially if you intend to install it in an outdoor setting. With that in mind, opt for a camera whose weatherproof rating is over IP66. Such security cameras tolerate harsh elements like rainwater, heavy winds as well as high temperatures.


In addition to the above features, it’s important to consider your needs as well when buying a Blue Iris camera. For instance, if you want to secure a small area around your property, you don’t have to buy expensive cameras.

But if you want to cover a large store or warehouse, you’ll need a big camera with 360 deg of coverage. All in all, it’s important to consider all these factors when buying the best Blue Iris camera. By doing so, you’ll hopefully find the most suitable option for your home on our list!


1. How many cameras does Blue Iris support?

The number of cameras supported by Blue Iris will depend on the version of your license. For instance, the LE version supports 1 camera, while the full version can support up to 64 security cameras.

2. Does Blue Iris work with Wi-Fi cameras?

Blue Iris is compatible with all types of cameras in the market including Wi-Fi cameras. Also, it’s compatible with PoE, 3690 deg fisheye, and USB IP security cameras.

3. Do Reolink cameras work with blue iris?

Reolink cameras work well with 3rd part video surveillance software like Blue Iris.

4. Is Blue Iris a one-time purchase?

Blue Iris doesn’t offer a free version. Instead, you’ll have to pay a one-time payment for their license which starts at $34.95. However, you’ll get a free trial that lasts for 15 days.

5. Does the ring doorbell work with blue iris?

Blue Iris isn’t compatible with the Ring doorbell. Similarly, Ring’s Application Programming Interface (API) doesn’t support the Blue Iris software.

6. Does Blue Iris have a mobile app?

Yes! Blue Iris has an app for both Android and iOS devices. This app offers a single point of contact to your office’s or home surveillance system.

7. Can you use a blue iris with an NVR?

Provided the camera is directly plugged into the NVR, you can use its stream in Blue Iris. So, yes, it’s possible to use the Blue Iris software with an NVR.

8. Can blue iris run on Mac?

One downside of Blue Iris is that it’s not available for Linux or Mac. Luckily, there are alternatives with similar alternatives that run on macOS. A good example is Shinobi for Mac and Zoneminder for Linux devices.

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