What is Blue Iris Software for Security Cameras

Blue Iris is simply a professional surveillance monitoring software. Unlike security systems like CCTV, it uses already installed camera equipment.

In other words, it provides an affordable, yet simple way to set up a surveillance system in your business or home. On the same note, you can use it to monitor important locations like stores, workplaces, and companies.

Features of Blue Iris Software for IP Cameras

Blue Iris comes with many incredible features that will benefit the users. Some of those features are;

1. Supports Various Types of Cameras

One of the most popular features of Blue Iris is that it’s compatible with various types of cameras out there. As an example, it integrates with webcams, camcorders, and Network IP cameras among others. That way, you can observe the events of various locations on the same display, at once!

2. Event-based & Continuous Video Recording

With this software, you can select the video streaming option you want to work with. This enables you to record videos from security cameras with various kinds of configurations.

For instance, if your camera streams videos at 30FPS, this program will ensure smooth video recording at that rate. Still, on video recording, this software supports event-based and continuous recording. Continuous recording means that it can record videos all the time.

But event-based recording depends on events like motion or audio detection. This feature will come in handy in video searching and helps to save storage space.

3. User-friendly Interface

Blue Iris software has a simple & user-friendly interface. Once you load it on your device, you can see all the information and security cameras right away. Better still, you can organize the cameras’ titles in various ways based on your preference.

Besides, the date and time are shown on each camera, making it easy to determine when an event took place. Alternatively, you can search for a recorded video depending on the calendar.

4. Image and Video File Formats

Another great function offered by this software is that it takes screenshots from time to time. Then save them into your computer’s folder that you created in advance.

More notably, these images are usually captured as JPEG images, while the video files are saved in AVI format. Interestingly, you can export the saved video files in different video formats. You can export them as MP4, Windows Media Videos (WMV), and AVI.

5. Email and SMS Alerts

Blue Iris automatically sends reports about your security system through SMS or email. As a result, you’ll receive alerts on your phone or PC in real-time when an event occurs.

On top of that, the captured images or recorded videos are uploaded to the website. This allows observing and monitoring your home/ office from anywhere at any time.

6. Blue Iris Provides Smartphone App

Lastly, Blue Iris allows you to monitor your security cameras using your smartphone. Thanks to their Blue Iris App that’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of Blue Iris Software

The benefits of using Blue Iris as your video surveillance software include;

  • Its interface is extremely simple and user-friendly
  • The program is easy to set up, both for beginners and professionals
  • You can conveniently adjust the settings to match your needs
  • The video recordings are easy to access
  • Detects both movements and noises
  • It allows you to upload up to 64 cameras under one license
  • Includes advanced features such as remote viewing and uploading
  • Compatible with security cameras from various brands and models
  • Recorded footage has timestamps for easy investigation of already occurred
  • Suitable for all organizations and companies being an open-source program

Blue Iris License and Software Cost

After downloading and installing the Blue Iris on your PC, you can use the software free of charge for 15 days. However, after the 15-day trial, you’ll have to purchase the Blue Iris license as well as tech support.

Once you do that, you’ll get a lifetime license for the software.

One thing you need to understand though is that the license is available in different versions. And each version has different pricing. To start, there is the LE version which comes at $34.95 and only supports one camera.

Also, there is the Full Version, which costs $69.95 and supports multiple Blue Iris compatible cameras. To be precise, the full version can accommodate up to 64 security cameras. In essence, the full version is a more economical option in the long term if you’re planning to install many cameras.

In addition to the license fee, you have to pay for the Blue Iris tech support as well. Luckily, you will get a free basic support plan for 1 year.

But once this plan expires, you will need to upgrade it into the Extended annual plan for $29.95 or Priority annual plan at $99.95. Similar to any other software, upgrading your support plan will allow you to enjoy feature updates.

However, once the support plan expires, this feature will shut off automatically. For this reason, it’s important to renew the support plan before it expires to keep your video surveillance system up to date.

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