Best Butane Fuel Refill for Torch Lighters (Reviewed in 2022)

Butane refill cans are a great way to revive your torch lighters. It saves some extra bucks giving more flexibility in your works.

That’s where the search for the best butane fuel refill for torch lighters start-off!

And we’re especially proud to bring you the best place to buy highly refined and flammable pure butane gases. We’ve inspected the 5 best butane for torch lighters that are leading the market now! So, let’s have a look;

Quick round-up table with our carefully-picked butane refills:

Image Name Rating Price
Ronson Lighter Butane Refill with Cleaning Cloths

5 out of 5

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Colibri Premium Butane 300 ML Large Can, 2-Pack

5 out of 5

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Neon 11X Butane Refill Fuel Ultra-Refined Lighter Fluid

4.5 out of 5

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Jo Chef – Butane Gas Refill Canister for Resin Blow Torch

4.5 out of 5

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XIKAR PUROFINE Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Torches

4.5 out of 5

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5 Best Butane Refill for Torch (Reviews)

1. Ronson Lighter Butane Refill with Cleaning Cloths

A quality refill should be compatible with different lighters and torches. That way, you don’t have to buy separate canisters to refill your lighters. And that’s one of the many benefits offered by this KKBESTPACK butane gas.

As the name suggests, this package is available as a pack. To be precise, by buying this set, you’ll get three canisters. With each can having a capacity of 135 ml of butane fuel. Simply put, with only one of these cans, you can refill about 40 disposable lighters.

The other unique feature of these cans is that they’re fitted with a universal tip. This means that you can quickly refill any type of torch with ease.

To refill your torch, start by turning it upside down with its lid closed. Look for a small screw as well as the inlet valve. Once you see them, remove the lid, turn this banister fuel can upside down. Now, put the tank’s valve into the inlet valve and the refilling will commence.

Putting that aside, this fuel contains low non-volatile pollutants. This protects the burner valves from clogging. So the flame intensity will not be affected. Besides, this fuel is ultra-pure, making it a great option for refilling torches.

In addition to that, this pack includes a (6 x 7)” microfiber cloth. Better still it’s specifically designed for quick refueling of various butane-powered devices!

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-pure fuel
  • Refills most lighters and torches
  • Easy and fast refueling
  • Includes three 135ml cans

2. Colibri Premium Butane 300 ML Large Can, 2-Pack

Colibri was established by Julius Lowenthal in 1928. He aimed to produce a semi-automated torch. This was in an attempt to replace the less energy-efficient and dangerous models. Since then, the company has developed significantly. That’s how it becomes one of the best premium-grade lighters and accessories in the world.

Their products are known for reliability, incredible craftsmanship, and affordability. And their butane refill is not an exception!

This fuel is processed in high-profile refineries. Then it’s packed in the cleanest conditions possible, thus resulting in a gas that is about 99.99% pure. Simply put, this fuel doesn’t need repeated filterings to extract unwanted contaminants.

For this reason, this product is one of the cleanest fuels for torches you’ll ever find. It will not affect your lighter’s flame and you’ll get the same level of performance.

Still on its pure nature, with this gas, your burner valves will not clog. Even better, it protects your gas-powered device from misfires and malfunctions, saving you expensive repairs.

We also love how extremely versatile this gas is. It comes in a pack of two 300ml cans which have a standard nozzle tip. This enables you to refill different types of butane lighters including old models. Besides, you’ll get 5 removable nozzle adapters. It’s ideal using for stoves, crafting torches, and many other gas-powered units.

To sum things up, Colibri fuel is the cleanest fuel for most torches available. It’s the best fuel for filling your torches or lighters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reduces misfires, malfunctions, and clogged burner valves
  • Comes with 5 additional nozzle adapters
  • Premium-grade formula
  • Cleanest fuel (99.99% pure)
  • Versatile use

3. Neon 11X Butane Refill Fuel Ultra-Refined Lighter Fluid

Quality fuels are usually refined many times to get the final product. For that, they tend to produce a cleaner flame as compared to regular butane.

So far, we’ve looked at fuels that have been refined 3 to 5 times. Now, imagine having a fuel that’s refined 11 times?

Well, that’s what you’ll get with this one from Neon! This indicates that the formula is very pure. It has fewer contaminants than regular fuel. Moreover, this gives its superior performance to most brands.

The other benefit of buying this refill is that it comes in a large capacity can. You’ll get three 300ml cans as well as 5 different metal tips. Therefore, you’ll easily find the perfect tip to suit your lighter. More importantly, the large capacity makes the gas last longer.

While we’re still on the metal tips, it’s worth noting that they’re fitted with plastic nozzles. This makes the product simple to use. Better still, this enables you to fill your torch to the maximum capacity with minimal or no wastage.

Even with its ultra-refined formula, this package comes at a very pocket-friendly price. Besides, you’ll get enough cans to meet your energy needs. These cans work on different items such as cooking stoves and torches!

Highlighted Features:

  • 11 times refined formula
  • Free from harmful gases
  • The nozzle adapter works on any lighter
  • Durable metallic tips

4. Jo Chef – Butane Gas Refill Canister for Resin Blow Torch Lighter

Jo Chef is a brand that specializes in creating innovative kitchen tools. They make torches, ice cream scoops, smoking guns, and accessories. Each of these products is professional, simple to use, and extremely durable. Their gas refill is no different!

At first glance, this butane gas refill offers a premium feel. It comes with a nice-looking 150ml can and a nozzle adapter. That’s how it’s one of the best options for torch lovers who love premium quality products.

To top that off, this can contains high-grade gas that creates an intensely hi-heat flame. Better still, this flame burns smoothly since it’s ultra-refined. For that, it’s ideal for tasks like heating cocktails, resin arts, and cooking gourmet.

You’ll also find this refill to be very versatile. That’s because it has a universal nozzle that fits in most gas-powered devices. You can use it to refuel candle lighters, reusable lighters, flex necks, and torches. Besides, the nozzle adapter enables you to screw this can directly onto your torch.

On the downside, the 150ml can may not contain enough fuel to fill large capacity torches. Luckily, this gas is available in other options. That way, you can either buy a pack of 2 to 5 cans. Thus ensuring you have enough gas to fuel your refillable torch.

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal gas refill
  • ultra-refined formula
  • Includes a nozzle adapter
  • Convenient pre-filled 150ml can
  • Premium-grade fuel
  • Near zero purity

5. XIKAR PUROFINE Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Torches

Last on the list is this gas refill from XIKAR. With this refill, expect your lighter to continue functioning for a long time.

Although this gas only comes in a 100ml can, don’t let that fool you! Besides, we always advise users to go with quality instead of quantity! So, what does this gas refill have to ensure quality?

First, its formula has an extremely low level of contaminants. It has undergone many filtrations to ensure that it has almost zero impurities. As such, it guarantees top-notch performance and increases your torch’s durability. This is because it protects your device from misfires and clogged burner valves.

This also makes the formula safe to use and free from unpleasant odors. Therefore, when using this fuel, you’ll rarely experience an accident.

In addition to that, this refill works in almost all lighters available. Its can has a perfect shape that fills any lighter perfectly. Moreover, you’ll get extra adapters. This will enable you to refill various gas-powered devices with ease.

Overall, this refill gives your torch many years of reliable service. Best of all, when you buy this pack of 3 cans, you’ll get a lifetime warranty! Also, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the purest gases in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fewer impurities
  • Doesn’t contain unpleasant odors
  • Doesn’t clog burner valves or cause misfires
  • Delivers top-notch performance
  • Refills different lighters
  • Lifetime guarantee

How Many Types of Butane are There?

Butane (C4H10) refers to an alkane is extracted from natural gas. Similar to natural gas, it’s naturally an odorless and colorless hydrocarbon. And when exposed to oxygen, it can burn to release water vapor and carbon dioxide.

What you may not know is that butane exists in 2 different structural isomers. That’s isobutene and n-butane. However, it can exist as a blend of both forms.

N-butane is highly refined and highly flammable. It’s the most commonly used type of gas. You can find it in devices like torches, or portable camping stoves. Its boiling point is at 31 degrees F and its flame can go as high as 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. A good example of N-butane is Puretane.

Contrarily, isobutene such as methyl propane is less refined as compared to n-butane. It usually acts as a refrigerant in freezers and domestic refrigerators. You can also find it in aerosol sprays where it serves as a propellant.

Things to Consider when Buying Butane for Torches

Are you still having a hard time choosing the best butane refill for your torch? Then, here are some essential factors that will help you out;


Butane is a highly flammable fuel. So, if you aren’t careful, it can lead to accidents. To prevent that, look for an option that comes in a durable can. This will ensure that it remains safe in the can. Moreover, the can should be leak-proof to prevent it from compromising the room’s air quality. On the same note, the gas should be odorless and free of harmful chemicals.


A good butane refill should be compatible with different lighters. For that, you should look at whether the product comes with extra adapters or not. Also, it should have a standard tip to fit in most lighters in the market.

Clean Gas

It’s always good to settle on a fuel that has a high level of purity. That way, it will not affect the flame’s quality or clog your burner. Besides, this ensures that the gas is free from contaminants that may affect the user’s health. Worst of all, contaminants can cause malfunctions or misfires.


The quality of butane gas plays a significant role in determining its performance. A quality fuel should have low or zero impurities. Moreover, it should be tasteless and odorless to promote comfortable use. This also enhances its durability as well as its shelf life.


Lastly, look for a butane refill that is reasonably priced. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality because of cost. We’re saying this because premium gas has high quality but usually comes at a higher price.


Overall, there are several options for refilling your butane torch out there. Nonetheless, you should always choose the best product that suits your needs. That way, you’ll be able to keep your torch working properly and even extends its lifetime. Lucky for you, every gas refill on our list offers you just that. Besides, they’re affordable, high-quality, and contain zero or fewer impurities!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is butane fuel the same as butane gas?

Answer: Butane is a fuel that’s mainly used in small lighters. It can be mixed with propane to create liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

2. What is ultra-pure butane used for?

Answer: Ultra-refined butane is used in various industries. Some of these industries include; jewelry making, construction, plumbing, welding, and glassmaking.

3. How many times is Ronson butane refined?

Answer: Ronson butane undergoes a 4-step refining process after its extraction from natural gas. So you can rely on it without worrying.

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