9 Best Caulk Remover REVIEWS: (Silicone & Latex Sealant)

Be it indoor or outdoor, caulk removers are incredibly essential for all your caulking projects. Although caulk removal tools are quite handy when it comes to removing old silicone caulk, you can’t ignore liquid chemical sealant softeners.

With the best caulk remover (liquid) at hand, you get to reduce the dust. Besides, it softens the old, moldy stubborn caulk layer thus saving you valuable time.

And, it’s also very effective for professionals intending heavy-duty applications. Without further talking, let’s get to check out our list of the 9 best silicone and latex caulk remover solvents that dissolve the old sealant very easily.

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Image Name Our Rating Price
Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel Caulk Remover

5 out of 5

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Orange-Sol De-Sovl-it Contractors Adhesive Solvent

5 out of 5

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Goof Off – Professional Strength Sealant Remover

4.5 out of 5

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9 Best Silicone and Latex Caulk Remover Reviews

Caulking can be a messy task if you’re pretty new. It can spread around unintended surfaces to your hands and skin. But, especially when it comes to re-caulking your shower or, kitchen, you must get rid of the old sealant before you reapply a new bead.

Otherwise, you’ll end up badly with low-quality sealing that doesn’t seal properly. And, it’s quite frustrating for surfaces that require a watertight and airtight sturdy seal. With that in mind let’s begin with the 1st of the 9 best silicone caulk removers –

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1. Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel Caulk Remover

First on our list is this Pro-Power adhesive remover by Goo Gone! Goo Gone is a reputable manufacturer of caulk removers! Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a trustworthy product.

However, that’s not the only good thing about this product.

To start with, this adhesive remover comes at very moderate prices. As such, you can buy it without breaking your bank.

But what we love most about it is that it is perfect for various applications. You can use almost every material you can think of without damaging the surface. You can utilize it to remove caulk on clothes, floors, carpet, and furniture among others.

It penetrates through the toughest surfaces and removes caulk instantly!

Besides, this solution comes in a convenient 24oz spray bottle, so applying is very simple. You just need to spray the solution on the caulk you want to want to get rid of and wipe it with a clean cloth! And just like that, you’ll have to remove the adhesive from the surface successfully!

You’ll also love the pleasant citrus smell that this solution leaves behind. This makes it a better option than using alcohol and harsh chemicals. Simply put, it is free from noise- and skin-irritant ingredients.

Caulk tends to be a bit difficult to remove, especially after drying. However, this Goo Gone Pro-Power adhesive remover has a powerful formula.

The solution contains adequate strength to remove such stains effectively. This also makes it ideal for removing sealers, commercial glues, tree sap, and tar! So, when any of these tough substances stick on your clothes, this is the go-to solution!

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to spray gel product
  • Multipurpose application
  • Application accuracy prevents wastage
  • Comes from the trusted Goo-Gone brand
  • Surface-safe faster caulk remover

2. Goof Off – Professional Strength Sealant Remover

Caulking projects usually create a mess that is hard to clean up. In that case, you should consider buying this Goof Off FG653 solution!

A product that will help you to effectively clean up any amount of adhesive!

The best thing about this adhesive remover is that it can remove a wide variety of unwanted items. We’re talking about things like dried latex paint, candle wax, tree sap, and asphalt. Thus, if your items have any of these substances, you’ll not go wrong with this solution.

It will help to restore their initial appearance.

Its versatility doesn’t end there though! That’s because you can use this adhesive remover on various surfaces as well. You can use it on wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass, glass, grout & automotive finishes.

When it comes to application, pour the solution on the surface directly from the 16oz. turret top bottle. And thanks to the solution’s thick nature, it doesn’t drain off the applied surface. This increasing its efficiency, especially when removing heavy-duty, old adhesive.

Besides, this makes it easy to apply the sealant remover without using your hands.

After application, it cuts through the tough stains and spots, leaving you with a clean item. The only downside of this solution is that it has a non-diluted formula. As such, it produces a strong smell. Luckily, that smell eventually goes away after use.

Also, the concentrated nature of this formula, makes it skin irritant. So, make sure it doesn’t contact your skin during application. Other than that, this adhesive remover is ideal for tackling tough stains.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly versatile
  • Faster and stronger action
  • Multi-material/surface application
  • Professional strength sealant remover
  • Penetrates through the toughest layer
  • Can be used for many others

3. Goo-Gone, Professional Strength Adhesive Remover

As one of the leading manufacturers of caulk removers in the market, this is yet another Goo Gone product! It’s a professional-grade solution that is designed to tackle complicated tasks. It’s excellent for cleaning up stickier items.

Even so, this product can be used for both commercial and home applications!

This professional strength solution features an ultra-softening formula with a pleasant orange fragrance. This makes it ideal for softening stubborn surfaces. Moreover, the formula dissolves stickers and tape quickly. You don’t even have to scrape or rub the surface.

Apart from removing sealant, this solution works on many other items as well.

This includes; tree sap, grease, soot, tar, oil, wax, adhesives, marker, and glue. As for the surfaces, it works on porcelain, finished wood, metal, glass, and painted surfaces. This also makes it ideal for removing oil stains/ stickers from automotive finishes.

On the downside, this softening solution contains some harsh chemicals. Therefore, you should avoid using it on unfinished wood furniture or non-painted walls.

However, if the wall is painted and the wood finished, we don’t see why you should not use this adhesive remover. It does wonders on removing chewing gums and ink stains from upholstery and carpets. Not to forget it’s excellent in peeling off stickers from furniture and clothes.

Even better, it can do all this in less than 10 minutes!

Highlighted Features:

  • Safe citrus power
  • Easy spray bottle design
  • Doesn’t affect the surface
  • Aggressive against the adhesive
  • Wide range of application

4. Goo Gone Pro-Power – Silicone & Latex Caulk Remover

When you’re undertaking a large project, consider buying this 320z Goo Gone cleaner. Its professional-grade formula will help you clean up tough, sticky messes with ease.

However, this doesn’t mean that the solution is only ideal for handling caulk. But you can use it to remove other substances. Some of these surfaces are; oil, grease, grime, asphalt, sealant, and wet paint among others.

That’s not all!

It’s also a great solution for removing stickers and tape from various surfaces. Not to forget that its formulation is also ideal for getting rid of carpet stains. Other surfaces that this liquid works on include; finished wood, plastic, porcelain, & glass.

So, how is this liquid able to do all this? Simple!

Once you pour it on the stain you intend to clean, this powerful formula loosens them up. Thus making them easy to remove. However, if the sealant or glue is very tough, let the adhesive remover sit there for a few minutes.

Doing so will give it enough time to dissolve the tough stains effectively.

One thing you need to know about this product though is that it doesn’t come in an aerosol formula. Also, while it’s safe to use on many hard surfaces, be very careful when using it on delicate and rubber fabrics. This solution can affect those materials.

Putting that aside, this diverse adhesive remover works on various sticky mess cleanups. It’s the best option when you’re handling a large home improvement project!

Highlighted Features:

  • Surface safe adhesive remover
  • Dissolves sealant super easily
  • Speed up the caulk removal
  • Multi-material action
  • Soften the bead fast

5. Orange-Sol De-Sovl-it Contractors Adhesive Solvent

If you’re an eco-activist, then you should have a closer look at this Orange-Sol Solvent. It’s one of the most environment-friendly caulk removers out there.

This also means that the solution is non-toxic. It’s free from harmful chlorinated or benzene solvents. Therefore, you can safely use it in your home, even if you have pets. Besides, it doesn’t produce foul odors.

So you don’t have to wear protective gloves and respirators during application. There is more to this product other than its non-toxic nature though!

For one, this formula is strong enough to remove various substances. You can use it to get rid of wet paint, floor adhesive, oil, grease, silicone adhesive, roofing tar, and more. Moreover, it works effectively on hard surfaces including ceramic & porcelain tiles, and wood, etc.

You can also use it to eliminate sealants from your hair, skin, and clothing. Most importantly, it does not irritate the skin or damage the surface!

Moving on, this sealant remover is available in a useful 33 oz. spray bottle. Thus, you can easily apply the solution at the precise location of the sealant you want to remove. Besides, the formula starts to work on the tough stain instantly.

In short, it will take you a matter of minutes to get rid of the old sealant residue completely. However, if the residue is too thick, you may be forced to spray that area again.

As a petroleum-based solution, this formula produces a light petroleum smell. Other than that, its ability to remove the sealant and the greasy stain is unmatched!

Highlighted Features:

  • Fast-acting quick release formula
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable solvent
  • Comfortable grip bottle design
  • Convenient spray system
  • Multi-purpose application

6. Goo Gone – Silicone & Acrylic Adhesive Caulk Remover

To remove any sticky caulk stain on hardwood floors, get yourself this Goo Gone cleaner. This solution will keep the surface clean and intact!

However, caulk and adhesives are not the only substances you can clean with this solution. Instead, it works on other items like grease, paint, soot, tar, oil, wax, tree sap, and asphalt. So, if you’d like to get rid of oil stains on your driveway, this is the best solution for you!

Besides, this adhesive remover works on various surfaces without damaging them. For instance, you can use it on automobile parts, glass, granite, and loth fabric.

Getting back to silicone sealant, how is this product able to get rid of it completely! Well, that’s attributed to the ultra-soft technology used in its formulation. In simpler terms, it softens tough substances, making them easy to remove.

As such, you don’t even have to scrape or rub the residues. It’s also an excellent option for dissolving stickers and tapes.

Even with so many incredible properties, this caulk remover has its drawbacks though. However, the main one is that it affects unfinished wood and non-painted walls. So, avoid using it to remove sealants on such surfaces.

But for painted walls, finished woods, and other surfaces, it’s a great option for getting rid of tough stains. Besides, it has a professional-grade formula. This makes it ideal for handling larger, stickier tasks in commercial applications.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly versatile
  • Powerful caulk softener
  • Dissolves silicone sealant easily
  • Safe to use on numerous surfaces

7. MXY – Arbor Household Sealant Cleaner Gel

Using regular adhesive cleaners to remove sealant on inclined/ vertical surfaces isn’t easy. That’s because liquid cleaners tend to flow down the surfaces after application. Thus, they don’t have enough time to remove the old caulk completely.

So, what should you in such circumstances then?

Well, we recommend you give this MXY caulk remover a try! Unlike most adhesive cleaners in the market, this product is available as a gel type. This allows users to get rid of old sealants on vertical or inclined surfaces with more comfort and ease.

Regarding the package, this sealant cleaner comes in a convenient squeeze bottle. One thing we love about this bottle is that it has a unique precision tip applicator. This ensures that you apply the cleaner to the exact area you’re working on.

Apart from removing sealant, this cleaner acts as a general sealant dissolving agent. It’s also ideal for getting rid of stains caused by mildew and mold.

Even better, with this cleaner, you don’t need to wire brush, sand, or scrub. This is because its formula is powerful enough to tackle these stains. It’s made up of deep processing thickeners from Korea as well as raw materials from Japan.

As for the drawbacks, the sticky nature of the formula makes it difficult to spread over the surface. Also, this solution has low workability.

All in all, this gel-type cleaner is very versatile. You can use it to remove old sealants on the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, windows, veranda, and much more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to use (flat & inclined surfaces)
  • Convenient squeeze tube
  • Softens the sealant fast
  • Saves you valuable time
  • Gel formula

8. DAP – Latex Caulk Remover Tube

Another great caulk remover, especially for buyers who are on a budget, is this DAP caulk remover. It’s an effective and affordable dissolving agent that gets into action in less than 2 hours. The other incredible thing about this formula is that it doesn’t affect the surfaces.

You heard that right!

This product doesn’t have any side effects on the surfaces that the adhesive was adhering to!

When it comes to versatility, this adhesive cleaner is ideal for both outdoor and indoor uses. It’s ideal for removing silicone sealant around vents, windows, and doors. Moreover, you can use it to get rid of sealant around countertops, sinks, showers, and tubs.

As for the performance, this sealant remover is very effective. It softens up old sealants and adhesives, thus making them easy to remove with minimal effort. You can use it on porcelain sinks, tub surrounds, granite countertops, and more.

After application, let the gel sit on the surface for about 2 hours before you start to scrub. Doing so, gives the gel enough time to soften the sealants, making them easy to scrub and peel away.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that this gel has a very pleasing fresh scent. This makes it even more suitable for indoor applications. Just remember to wear latex gloves when applying this product since it can irritate the skin!

Highlighted Features:

  • Made by famous DAP brand
  • Best latex caulk softener & remover
  • Both for indoor & outdoor caulking projects
  • Safe on numerous surfaces
  • No harsh smell

9. Motsenbocker’s Lift Off, Surface Safe, Water-Based and Biodegradable Silicone Caulk Remover

Like most products from Mostenbocker, this caulk remover is environment-friendly as well. So, if you’re looking for a safe and non-toxic option to remove adhesives in your home, this is the ideal cleaner for you!

Silicone caulk is not the only thing you can remove with this water-based solution though! It is very effective in removing substances like 2-part epoxies, expansion foams, & sealants. More importantly, it does not affect the surface that the sealant is adhering to!

Besides, this solution has a fast-acting formula and applying is quite simple. This is because it comes in a convenient 4.5 oz. spray bottle which is very easy to use. When it comes to performance, this solution does not dissolve the old caulk.

Instead, it penetrates the surface and breaks the sealant’s molecular bond. Thus making it easy to remove the sealant in pieces!

It’s also worth mentioning that this sealant remover is very versatile. This can be seen in its ability to work on various surfaces. Some of these surfaces are; ceramic, stone, granite, marble, baseboards, wood, and steel!

Moreover, you can safely use it when you’re working on your shower and tub enclosures.

Regarding the drawbacks, this solution contains some strong chemicals. So, if you’re sensitive to strong odors, consider another option. Apart from that, Motsenbocker’s adhesive remover is very effective and reasonably priced!

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-based formula
  • Biodegradable product
  • Caulk remover made in the USA
  • Safe on painted or polished surfaces
  • Sealant removal is super easy

Why Liquid Caulk Removers are Essential?

There are various ways of removing old caulk when you’re undertaking home repairs. But the most common ones include the use of liquid caulk removers. One thing you need to know is that old caulk bead can’t be scraped as a single piece.

Instead, it comes off in tiny pieces.

So, when you’re removing acrylic or silicone sealant, you can add a chemical solvent. These are quite powerful solutions. And, they don’t literally ‘remove’ the sealant. Instead, it weakens the inner structure of the adhesive thus softens the stubborn old sealant bead so it becomes easy to peel off using a removal tool.

Because the old bead is not that easy to remove!

Hence, using a metal razor scraper might scratch on your fiberglass or, acrylic materials. So, you can use liquid chemical solvents to soften the hard sealant. And then you use mechanical tools to scrape it away from the surface!

However, liquid chemical sealant removers might not be suitable for all types of surfaces. So, before you use the solution on your project, read the manufacturer’s instructions. That way, you’ll be able to see if the product is compatible with that surface or not.


  • Reduces dust accumulation
  • Doesn’t damage the surface like heating
  • Makes the removal less labor-intensive
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Time-saving process

Silicone and Latex Caulk Remover Buying Guide

So, what dissolves silicone and acrylic latex caulk or sealant efficiently? The answer isn’t just a sentence! You should know what to look for in your caulk remover.

So, choosing your best one will be simple and faster. Moreover, you should always make sure that you’re comfortable with the product you want to choose. You’ll need to ensure that it removes hard caulk efficiently. But, how do reach the final buying decision?

We suggest you have a look at the following factors:

1. Type of Caulk

First, you need to understand that adhesive removers come in 3 different formulas. They include; solvent-based, citrus-based, and soy-based formulas. Similarly, caulks come in various types. But the most common ones are acrylic, latex, and silicone caulk.

So, before you settle on a certain adhesive remover, you must consider the caulk type you intend to work on. This is because not all cleaners are suitable for different types of caulks.

Although most options are ideal for silicone adhesives, look for versatile products. This refers to cleaners that can work on both non-silicone and silicone adhesives!

2. Application Method

Most of the time, you can either apply an adhesive remover as a gel or through a spray. Gel tends to be more accurate and powerful. However, its dense nature also makes it difficult to work with. On the contrary, the spray application method is very simple. On the downside, this approach can leave a mess behind because of the runny nature of the solution. Whichever method you decide to choose, make sure it’s safe as well as user-friendly.

3. Surface You’re Applying on

Using the wrong adhesive remover can damage the surface you’re working on. So make sure the liquid chemical you’re planning to use will not damage the surface permanently. Maybe you intend to remove caulk from finished wood, flooring, or automotive parts. Either way, choose a solution that’s safe to use on those surfaces!

4. Environment Friendly

It is also good to buy a sealant cleaner with non-toxic, biodegradable substances. That way, you’ll be protecting the environment when you dispose of these products. Also, choosing a liquid adhesive remover with low VOC is safe for your skin as well.

5. Price

Lastly, make sure the product you’re about to buy is reasonably priced. If you intend to remove caulk from your clothes, don’t spend a lot of money on the liquid remover. However, if you think the product is worth the price, don’t hesitate to buy it!


Caulk and adhesives are very useful products in our homes. We use them to stabilize sinks, seal cracks, and more. However, over the years, we may be forced to undertake home improvement or repair projects.

And as you know, you can’t apply a new bead over an old sealant. Instead, we have to remove the old adhesive first. To do that, you’ll need the best liquid sealant remover to dissolve the hard sealant.

Thankfully, we have reviewed some of the best liquid sealant solvents you can find in the market today! Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose the removing agent that is best suited for your caulk removal needs.


1. What can I use as an alternative to sealant remover?

Answer: Liquid removers designed for silicone applications are ideal for removing silicone caulks. However, if you don’t have a sealant remover, mix warm water and a strong powdered cleaner into a paste. Afterward, use a cotton swab to apply that paste to the sealant.

2. Can I use acetone as a silicone adhesive softener?

Answer: Yes, acetone is an effective solution for softening silicone adhesive. However, before you apply acetone, scrape off as much adhesive as possible!

3. Does vinegar dissolve caulk?

Answer: Vinegar contains acetic acid which acts as a solvent. So, you can also use it to dissolve old stubborn adhesive sealants.

4. Can I use acetone as a silicone adhesive softener?

Answer: Yes, acetone is an effective solution for softening silicone adhesive. However, before you apply acetone, scrape off as much adhesive as possible!

5. Will caulk remover damage my fiberglass tub?

Answer: Some harsh chemicals might do that. But, our list contains some of the best-rated products that are safe to use on fiberglass including a wide range of other surfaces. So, you just apply the softener (such as – GOO GONE) and peel it away using a scraper tool that doesn’t scratch the surface.

6. Is liquid sealant remover harmful to the skin?

Answer: Some liquid sealant removers contain toxic substances. These chemicals can cause skin irritation or dermatitis. So, always wear rubber gloves when handling liquid sealant removers.

7. Is harden latex caulk removable at all?

Answer: Use a commercial product like the DAP latex-based adhesive remover to loosen the bond. Once the sealant bead is soft enough, you can now chisel it away.

8. Can I use caulk remover on the old caulk around the wooden door and windows?

Answer: Since most wooden windows and doors are sealed with silicone caulks, the answer is YES! A caulk remover will effectively remove old sealant around them!

9. Are Goo Gone products effective on wood cabinets?

Answer: Goo-Gone caulk removers are very effective on wood cabinets.  Not only that, but they are also safe on a wide range of surfaces. These include – from finished wood, metal, glass to painted surfaces, ceramic, plastics among others. They safely break down the adhesive layer without damaging the wood surface. After that, you can just wipe clean the surface.

10. Does WD 40 remove caulk?

Answer: Yes, you can use WD-40 to dissolve old silicone sealant in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other place around the house. You’ll spray it on the caulk bead and allow it about 20 minutes to soften the layer. Just make sure it doesn’t harm the surface you’re applying on.

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