11 Best Boat Transom Savers for Trailering or Transporting

When piloting a boat as an angler or just as part of your daily routine, there’s no need to worry about saving the transom since the boat can flex on the water.

Consequently, the engine placement is designed in a way to keep the rear end of the boat safe. However, when it’s out of the water on a trailer, things are almost entirely different. The motor will be hanging and hopping at the back.

To be precise, road shocks will be absorbed directly on the transom. So that pulls on it causing to crack over time. That’s why famous manufacturers have designed some of the critical items we call best transom savers for large and small outboards.

That said, we’ve reviewed the top 11 boat transom support brackets in this article. If you’re looking for honest reviews to invest in a particular item, this is where you start!

Here’s a quick round-up table with our top 5 picks:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Attwood SP-400-RB Adjustable 23″ to 35″

5 out of 5

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Extreme Max 3001 Adjustable 28″ to 59″

4.5 out of 5

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Extreme Max 3005 Adjustable 21″ to 31″

5 out of 5

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RITE-HITE Outboard Motor Support

4.5 out of 5

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SeaSense Adjustable Support 34″ to 46″

5 out of 5

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Attwood Outboard Transom Support

4.5 out of 5

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Attwood 4000-ADJ-B Adjustable 24”-36”

5 out of 5

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DD26 Mercury 4-Stroke Motor Support

4.5 out of 5

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Five Oceans Adjustable Motor Support

5 out of 5

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Moto Stop Transom Saver Support

4.5 out of 5

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4-Stroke Outboard Motors Saver

4.5 out of 5

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11 Best Outboard Motor Transom Saver Reviews

Just before we jump into the reviews, we want to give you a quick note. We’ve worked hard to make an exclusive list of some of the best products we could. We searched almost the entire market to find some good variations.

So this can serve as a common for everyone looking to keep their boat’s back safe and sound.

We took customers’ opinions into consideration, performance, price, type of the product, ease of use, material quality, and possibly everything that makes them be the best among all other available options. With that in mind, let’s get to the reviews ONE BY ONE –

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1. Attwood SP-4000 Heavy Duty Boat Transom Saver

Let’s start reviewing the Attwood SP-4000, the best transom saver for heavy outboard motors. It’s hands-down an absolute best product with adjustable length. Because of its husky construction, you can totally rely on it driving down the highway carrying your boat on a trailer.

The composite head will stabilize any sized outboard motor thus preventing bouncing and hanging. So you can have peace of mind during transportation. Unlike motor toters, it’s a solid connection between the trailer’s back and the engine.

What it does is that it releases the pressure going entirely on the transom. Consequently, it’ll prolong your boat’s life and save a TON of money!

The adjustable dimension range of this Suzuki transom saver is 23”-35”. And there’re 5 other sizes available including two shock-absorbing savers. What a great deal by the ATTWOOD supplier. So next time when trailering an outboard motor, don’t forget to check it out!

There might be a suitable option for every budget and need.


  • Adjustable length
  • Durable construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Included bungee cord
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Traditional appearance

2. Extreme Max Adjustable Universal Transom Saver

Extreme Max 3001 is another adjustable bass boat transom saver parts on our list. The length could be adjusted between 28” to 59” at maximum. Consequently, it’s designed in a way that distributes the motor weight evenly.

Having a curved design makes it a universal kit that easily fits on almost any trailer. No matter it’s a “Cross Bar” or “Over the Roller” style trailer, you can easily install this kit.

Being made out of strong material, it’s going to last for a long time. So if you want to protect the transom, this saver is just an awesome investment!

The rubber block at the motor end will absorb shock as the engine bounces. This will also help to protect the surface finish. Moreover, the provided bungee cords will secure the position of the motor. So it doesn’t bounce up and get off the saver when driving on the roughest roads.

However, it’s our thought that the curve point might break after a long time of use and abuse with heavy motors. Better still, it’s a great transom saver for outboards up to 150HP. So for something bigger than that, might not last a fair amount of time.


  • Adjustable length (28” – 59”)
  • Distributes motor weight evenly
  • Easy to install on trailers (Cross Bar/Over the Roller)
  • Great shock abortion capability
  • Bungee cord for stabilization


  • Only one adjustable size

3. Extreme Max 3005.3852 Straight Transom Saver

If you ask different people, you’ll have different information about the best outboard transom saver support and what people like or dislike about them. But for us, this is pretty much a satisfying kit considered as a great bang for the buck!

This kit is also made by the famous manufacturer Extreme Max.

However, unlike the previous product, the mount type comes separately. You can choose either the frame mount or roller mount depending on the type of trailer. Also, there’re two different adjustable size options available to choose from.

You can stabilize the engine with the provided rubber straps that wrap around the motor. Not to forget the durable steel construction that ensures a long life span saving a lot of money over the years! Once you’re set with the right saver, forget those strains on the transom that happened while trailering.

This saver will take the pressure off the transom’s shoulder and distribute optimally on the trailer’s back. So go ahead and drive in the roughest roads while leaving the stress of saving your investment on this amazing kit!


  • Extends from 21” up to 31”
  • Steel construction
  • Rated for outboards up to 150 HP
  • Replacement warranty for 2 years
  • Takes the loads off the transom
  • Easy to install


  • Only for trailers with “over the roller” back type

4. RITE-HITE Outboard Motor Support

Now, this is a different type of saver made of rigid plastic. And it has a soft rubber top that goes in contract with the motor to avoid potential scratches on the finish. Besides, the rubber-top absorbs the shock very well.

As long as the motor has a 2-trim cylinder, this RITE-HITE motor holder will work!

It’s important to note that this thing doesn’t hold the pressure directly on the trailer’s back. So it’s not going to distribute the weight rather than hold the motor’s weight on the trim rams to stabilize it from hopping up and down when transporting.

Nonetheless, the entire weight of the motor is still on the transom. So still there could be some sort of pulling on the transom. This will happen especially if you’ve got a heavy engine like Yamaha 250 or, Suzuki DF300B.

That’s why we count it as an alternative for those who can’t use a traditional one because of the extended transom preventing the saver to reach out to the trailer’s back.

Additionally, the provided red steering locks keep the motor straight. Overall, if you’re an angler trailering and driving a lot up-and-down the road and wanted to relive the added stress on the transom this would be a life-saver kit to go!


  • Compact and easily portable
  • Perfect for motors with 2-trims
  • Stops bouncing the motor up and down
  • Keeps the engine straight
  • Holds the motor weight
  • Durable material


  • Can’t prevent pulling on transom entirely

5. SeaSense Adjustable Boat Motor Support Bracket

If you’ve got a heavy motor hanging in the back of the boat while trailering, you need something heavy-duty to support the weight. That said, SeaSense adjustable transom saver is what we’re talking about!

It’s husky and well made to last for a whole lot longer.

Where small-sized savers would fail to connect to the trailer, this 34” – 46” adjustable kit would easily connect to the back end of the trailer up to the motor.

Although we’re not sure it would have the bungee cords to stabilize the motor, the bumpy soft bracket would hold the motor really well in place. And it’s ready to take on the rigors of frequent bounces that occur while you drive in the roughest country roads.

With one caveat, this support bracket is only for “Over the Roller” style trailers. So if the trailer has a “Cross Bar” back end, this kit is not for you!

Other than that, it’s a solid support bar for an exceptionally reasonable price. The solid connection would keep it all nice and tight. Now, consider your transom is safe!


  • Large and husky
  • Synthetic material
  • Create a solid connection
  • Precise weight distribution
  • Easy to set or remove
  • Long-lasting


  • Doesn’t fit the “Cross Bar” style trailer’s back

6. Attwood 10108 Outboard Transom Saver Support

If you want to release the stress on the transom, Attwood Lock N’ Stow could be another lifesaver kit! It’s made of powder-coated steel material. That ensures it’ll last for a long time protecting the outboard and transom for years to come.

So you can save tons of money!

This will securely lock heavy outboard motors in place preventing them from bouncing. So your boat trailering becomes more feasible without harming the transom at all!

By holding the weight, this’ll reduce potential shocks. However, that doesn’t release the pressure entirely on the transom. We guess any hard bounce would still put an impact on the back end of the boat. In that sense, just like the previous motor toter, this tool is a little bit less effective in saving the rear end of your boat.

We recommend using it when transporting boats on slight bumpy roads. But for the roughest options, we still recommend going with any of the top 1, 2, or 3 options.

Better still, this would greatly absorb road shocks thus saving the hydraulic seals. Besides, the rubber ends will protect the engine from scuff marks.

When it comes to engine compatibility, the list is much longer! Go ahead and click on the product image to find out more about it, hope you enjoy…


  • Fits Mercury outboards easily
  • Easy to take off and on
  • Protects the hydraulic seals
  • Absorbs hard road shocks
  • No fear of surface damage
  • Secures the motor well


  • Doesn’t take the pressure entirely off of the transom

7. Attwood 4000-ADJ-B Heavy Duty Transom Saver

Attwood 4000-ADJ-B is made to support the motor in a titled position. The motor-end bracket has rubber pads to provide the maximum shock-absorbent capability. Even better, the pads are replaceable when they get damaged after a long time of use and abuse.

Just like a few other kits above, this saver is adjustable. It extends from 24” up to 36” at maximum. Moreover, this kit will come with an “over the roller” trailer mount. And you also get a small U bracket to bolt it on the trailer permanently.

So all these things make it an extremely universal kit for all types of outboards.

Having wisely invested in one of these incredible items, it’ll be easy to establish a solid connection between the motor and the trailer. So the pressure is released from the transom saving your investment at the best.

However, unlike steel-made savers, this is made of tough aluminum. The finish is said to be corrosion-resistant. But we’re kind of obsessed with the earlier models since aluminum could last for around 6 months then break (we guessed).

All things considered, this is a solid-built unit with enhanced performance. Thanks to Attwood for providing such an incredibly high-quality marine product for all the anglers out there. Lastly, for the price it comes, it’s totally worth it!


  • Useful trailer mounts
  • High quality and well-made
  • Soft rubber support bracket
  • Absorbs road shock
  • Useful on all types of motors
  • Stronger than homemade transom saver


  • Aluminum could be less strong than that of steel made products

8. DD26 Fishing Mercury 4-Stroke Motor Support

If you want best-in-class performance, here’s another great transom saver! This one is a pricy kit but for the incredible performance it provides, it’s worth every penny!

The built quality feels very husky and precisely machined. To be more precise, it’s made of 6061 T6 grade aluminum typically used in building aircraft.

So you can leave the stress on it, off the transom, saving a lot of your investment.

However, like other motor toters, it doesn’t take the weight off of the transom. But it’s a great game-changer that keeps the motor stable reducing unnecessary stresses on the read end of the boat. Consequently, the hydraulics and the trim system will be safe.

You’d love the long-lasting rubber bumps that protect the engine’s finish and absorb shocks when driving up and down the road.

When it comes to usability, the DD26 motor saver toter is made to fit a handful of units including 75/90/115HP, Pro XS 4-Stroke, 4-Stroke Engines, etc. You can find the full compatibility list on Amazon by clicking the image above.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum material
  • Rubber bumps for shock absorption
  • Wide range of engine compatibility
  • Available in 8 different colors


  • One of the pricy kits on our list

9. Five Oceans Adjustable Motor Support Bracket

Listen to this amazing kit, it says don’t let that heavy motor hanging and bouncing with each bump on the road!

What we like most about this unit is the comparatively large shock-absorber spring on the outer side. A lot of products won’t show you the spring as they set it inside the metal tube. So it becomes hard to see how much it squeezed inside.

In that regard, this kit feels a lot more convenient to use. Also, we believe the spring will be highly effective in saving the transom. The motor won’t be able to put a lot of pressure on it by bouncing hard at the back.

So you can drive on the roughest country roads you wish!

Not to forget this saver is also adjustable from 20.5 to 31 inches. And you can easily fit with any outboards up to 150 HP.

With one caveat, we think this will only come with an “over the roller” trailer mount. So you need to be keen on that. However, the mount seems pretty strong that can hold on rigorously while trailering on bumpy roads.

Besides, your package should have a bungee cord and bolt to secure the connection. Overall, of a little more extension of your budget, things are nice and tight!


  • Very well-made product
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Robust spring for shock absorption
  • Adjustable length
  • Fits motors up to 150 HP
  • Strain-proof Rubber bracket
  • Tolerates marine environment


  • Might not be suitable for outboards over 150HP, you got to check!

10. Moto Stop Transom Saver Support Skeleton

If you possess Mercury 2 or 4 stroke engines but didn’t manage to find anything suitable up until this point, have a look at this!

This is a solidly made product that provides great support to the motor. It’s easy to install and keeps everything stable in place. Added to that, the kit will include two steering lock clips. With that, you can lock the motor from moving sideward thus keeping it straight.

Altogether, this will be a great support to strengthen your transporting capability to the next level! We’re sure to represent such an incredible item that would save a lot of your future investment on repairs.

One important note by the manufacturer is that it’s recommended for outboards from 2018 or newer versions. However, as always, motor savers aren’t going to help you save the transom off the pressure and weight of the motor.

Moreover, this unit is available at almost twice the price of other units we’ve looked at above. All things considered, this might be suitable for some people or not. But for the wonderful list of advantages, you get what’s paid for!


  • Simple to install
  • Useful steering lock clips
  • Accommodates new model kits
  • Solid durable construction
  • Good for 2 & 4 stroke outboards
  • Useful storage bag
  • Easily portable


  • Can’t use if the engine doesn’t have 2 trim rods

11. Mercury Transom Saver Alternative for 4-Stroke Outboard Motors

Lastly, we’ve got another nice-looking transom saver alternative here. If you have a Mercury 4-stroke engine between (75-115HP) and (175-300HP), this is for you!

It has durable SS components for maximum tolerance. You should be able to feel its structural strength by holding it in your hands.

Although it doesn’t have a shock absorber spring, the nylon end caps won’t let you feel it as lacking! These caps are high quality and impact-proof for pressure and harsh weather exposure. Hopefully, they can hardly be seen to get damaged after a long time of use and abuse. Apart from the toter, you also get two 4” steering locks.

Once installed, the steering will be locked in its position preventing the motor from sideward movement. Even better, these clips are joined with a strong cord for easy maintenance. So you can store them conveniently without the fear of breaking the pair.

The only downside we want to talk about is it doesn’t fit on Mercury 150hp and Mercury Verado Series outboards. As long as that’s considered, this is a great alternative for those who can’t use a typical Suzuki transom saver back on the trailer.


  • Attractive and nice-looking
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Comes with steering lock clips
  • Shock absorber nylon caps
  • Easy to carry around
  • SS compartments


  • Doesn’t fit Mercury 150hp and Mercury Verado Series outboards
  • Not spring-loaded

How to Choose a Transom Saver?

Investing in the best transom saver should be wise and informed. If that’s done correctly, rest assured it’s going to save a whole lot of future investment. You need to decide on a particular type of product based on a few important factors –

1. Length & Adjustability

The length of the tool should be measured from the trailer’s mount to the motor’s lower unit. You’ll come across support brackets with varying adjustable ranges. So make sure the size fits the distance between the two ends of the connection. Here’s an overview of some of the adjustable transom savers you’ll find on our list:

  • Attwood SP-4000 – (Adjustable 23” – 35”)
  • Extreme Max 3001 – (Adjustable 28” – 59”)
  • Extreme Max 3005 – (Adjustable 21” – 31”)
  • SeaSense Motor Support – (Adjustable 34” – 46”)
  • Attwood 4000-ADJ-B – (Adjustable 24” – 36”)
  • Five Oceans Support – (Adjustable 20.5” – 31”)

2. Mount Type

This is really important and you must not overlook! While some savers would have flexible trailer mount types, others only come with a specific mount. If you’re choosing a traditional long metal support bracket, we recommend going with something that will have both “Over the Roller” and “Cross Bar” mount types.

Alternatively, if you’re picking a hydraulic support toter, make sure it fits a specific motor type. For instance, the DD26 Motor toter is to support Mercury 4-Stroke engines.

3. Material Quality

While aluminum-made transom savers will last up to around 6 months depending on the frequency of use, stainless steel components are far more long-lasting than that. However, most of these kits are made of aluminum but with some SS compartments. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t worry you a lot until it fits the motor.

4. Shock Absorption Capability

Some units are spring-loaded plus have shock absorption end caps. So they can tolerate more road shocks than that of the kits without a spring. However, each tool has its strategy to make things nice and evenly distribute the stress.

So wondering what to choose? Well, we love the spring-loaded units having rubber cushions that are more convenient to use. They absorb the shock very well while protecting the engine’s finish from strains.

5. Ease of Use

This is more like your personal preference. We can ensure all of these great transom savers would come in quite handy depending on your situation. They are easy to install and get off as needed.

While long support brackets would provide strong solid support to the transom, compact-sized toters can’t do it entirely. But they are also great choices when you only focus to take care of the hopping and bouncing of the engine.


If you ask about our choice, we’d say it’s the Attwood SP-4000 (the very first product)! It’s durable, long-lasting, convenient to use, provides good support, and stabilizes the motor by establishing a solid connection between the trailer and engine.

Amazingly, the supplier (Attwood) has 6 adjustable sizes that fall between 23 to 56 inches. So this would be a great deal for every budget and need.

However, this kit might still not be of interest to some individuals because of the great DD26 or other compact-sized motor toters.

All things considered, our list should suffice the demands for various boat engines. No matter you’re looking for a traditional one or a small-sized tool, you’ll have something to treat the transom in the way it should be!


1. What is a transom saver?

If you’re storing or transporting a boat on a trailer, you’ll need to install a transom saver. It is as it sounds to be a saver for the transom of the boat. It comes in different forms like a long metal thing or a short motor toter. So you need to choose one depending upon the type of outboard motor installed on the boat.

2. How does transom saver work?

The simplified design of a transom saver makes it easy for storing or transporting a boat on a trailer. You connect one end of the saver to the trailer and another to the lower unit of the motor. Next, you can wrap the motor around with a bungee cord.

This should eliminate the need for steering locks to prevent moving sideward. And that’s how it supports the weight of the motor by taking pressure off of the transom. Even better, the motor end side is made to be soft and bumpy so the finish doesn’t get damaged.

3. Why do I need to install a transom saver?

When trailering your boat without a transom saver, the motor will be hanging and bouncing that eventually pulling on the transom. This will result in some cracks and damages over time. So you install this kit to take the pressure off and support the weight of the motor.

Most of the time, this will be the case if you have a big and heavy outboard motor like YAMAHA XTO, SUZUKI 250, or MERCURY ProXS. However, it’s always advised for any motor size if you want to avoid any potential damage to the transom.

4. Should you store your boat with the motor up or down?

When you’re storing a boat, the first thing would be to tilt down the motor to drain out the remaining part of the waiter in its cooling system. Next up, use one of these great transom savers (listed above) to tilt up at a convenient angle.

5. What transom saver are you using?

Well, this will entirely depend on your personal preference and needs. And to be precise, the saver should be able to get installed on the type of motor you have. This will be easier if you go through our reviews (above) where we’ve mentioned suitable models for almost every product. So you can choose one that meets the need.

6. How do you protect the transom on a boat?

The easiest way to protect the transom on a boat is to install a saver. It could be a traditional long metal support bar that connects with the trailer and all the way up to the lower part of the motor. Alternatively, you can use a motor toter to support the hydraulic system to prevent bouncing. This will also stop pulling on the transom and save potential damages while driving on the highway.

7. Where do you put the transom saver?

The traditional savers that look like a long metal thing with support brackets on both ends will connect to the trailer and the motor. Next, motor toter transom savers will sit on the trim rams. Lastly, a motor support wedge transom saver will be installed on the tilt ram.

8. How do you measure a transom saver?

Look for an optimal angle of the motor that’s high enough but impossible to touch the road while driving. Now, to measure the length of a transom saver, you need to start from the central rear roller and all the way up to the lower shaft (part) of the motor.

This will give you the idea of which length of a transom saver to choose. However, this shouldn’t worry you a lot since most of them are adjustable.

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