Best Drywall Corner Beads and Trims

11 Best Drywall Corner Beads or, Edge Trims – Reviews

How do you define one as the best drywall corner bead or, drywall edge trim?

Well if you ask me, I would say it should be easy to cut, set, mud, and then finish.

That’s it!

But that doesn’t happen easily when the selection is wrong. It really depends on the type you’ve chosen. There’re various edge trims for almost every drywall design. You might use vinyl, paper-faced, or steel… whatever!

From archways to standard 90-degree angles, this article will certainly help you find the right corner bead or drywall edge trim for your project.

Quick preview table with top 5 choices:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Original Composite Drywall Corner Bead

5 out of 5

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No-Coat Ultra Flex Prefinished Drywall Edge Trim

5 out of 5

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STRAIT FLEX – Arched Drywall Corner bead

5 out of 5

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Phillips gripSTIK Vinyl Corner Bead for Drywall

4.5 out of 5

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Dietrich QUICKSILVR Drywall Metal Corner Bead

4.5 out of 5

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Best Drywall Corner Beads or, Edge Trims

Say you might feel easy to install corner beads using adhesive, then it’s highly recommended to buy a vinyl version. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to achieve the best results that you might have been expecting.

So, define how you’re going to install, what tools you have at your disposal, etc. Also, a few other things you should consider before buying one (We’ll talk later in this article). Now, let’s start with number 1:

1. STRAIT FLEX Original Composite Drywall Corner Bead

Strait-Flex is a renowned construction products supplier. Developing with improved quality and increasing production rates for the past 20 years. With that expertise, their production has proved its quality innovations.

And this composite drywall corner bead is one among them!

It’s considered to be one of Strait-Flex’s most versatile products. Since it is multi-purpose, you can use it for 90 degrees inside/outside corners, and even off-angles. It finishes expertly by producing a straight, durable surface finish.

This product is made with a strong paper-faced composite material. Following that it’s a durable option for high traffic outside corners. Consequently, it requires a little sanding and it doesn’t fuzz up. Ensuring that you can finish up very neatly.

It is also easier to apply as compared to metal corner beads. When installing, you’ll only need an all-purpose compound and a utility cutting knife or scissors.

Say goodbye to drywall staplers & fasteners!

Moreover, this doesn’t rust and resists paint chipping and dents.

Although it has been made with paper-faced material, you can use it in wet areas (showers, tubs, etc.). This is because it’s waterproof and has slotted edges that ensure a superior bond. Another great benefit of this long trim roll is that it resists common cracking problems.


  • Manufacturer: Strait-Flex
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • 2.38 mm wide
  • 100 feet long


  • Slotted edge ensures a superior bond
  • For outside & inside 90-degree angles
  • Waterproof and rust resistance
  • Creates perfect corners
  • Uses less joint compound
  • Requires less sanding

2. No-Coat Ultra Flex Prefinished Drywall Edge Trim

As a leading distributor, Grabber is committed to producing quality products for construction professionals. So, it’s not surprising that this one ranks at number 2 on our list. Indeed, consider it as one of the best drywall flex trim for outside and inside corners in the world!

It creates straight lines for long spans as well as difficult off-angles. Thus helping to hide large gaps and straightening poor framing in drywall corners. It’s also designed to withstand truss uplift, shrinking lumber, temperature variations, settling, and seismic movements.

It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any coating. You don’t need any extra topping compounds and taping products. Instead, it involves a 1-step installation process and simple finishing. All you need is to feather the tapered edge immediately after installation. This will help to save 75% of labor as well as drying time.

It’s long enough for your convenient application. Consequently, you can apply it at both 45 and 90-degree angles. And it will not pop out, chip, or crack! The self-straightening feature allows it to correct framing mistakes by covering up to 1.5-inch gaps. Even better, it keeps the corners perfectly straight for long runs.

The external surface is made with prefinished face paper which is ready for texture or painting. For that, it requires minimal finishing, simply making it the best drywall corner solution!


  • Length: 100 feet
  • Single roll UltraFlex450
  • Weight: 4.23 pounds
  • 4.5-inch surface


  • Prefinished face paper
  • Requires minimal finishing
  • For both inside & outside angles
  • Easy to install & saves 75% labor time

3. STRAIT FLEX – Arched Drywall Corner bead

Now, this is something different but very interesting!

This is the only arched wallboard corner bead that’s available in a roll. It’s designed for double curve applications and compound arches. Therefore, you can use it for arched doors and windows, staircases, soffits, groin cathedrals, and barrel vaults. This versatile product is also ideal for free-form plasterboard applications that need seamless installation.

Its side is notched and perforated. Thus, allowing this product to compensate for the curved areas in both directions. It also eliminates the common waste linked to straight drywall tapes.

Arch-Flex versatile joint trim resists paint chipping and dents. But it is easy to cut with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. With a length of 50 feet, you can use it on all types of curved drywall surfaces.

Another notable feature of this product is the patented tear strips. This allows forming straight-to-curve transitions with ease in tight radiuses. Using conventional products in such areas would result in paint chipping, cracking problems, shrinking, and dents. But with this rust-resistance product, you’ll be able to avoid all those issues.

It’s simple to install since you only need a pair of scissors/ utility knives and the compound. While the continuous roll allows for seamless installation. You can apply the 2nd coat immediately after installing the bead. That way you can save time.

And you only need a light fill to finish the curve.


  • 3.38” wide X 50’ LONG
  • Manufacturer: Strait-Flex
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Color: White


  • Patented tear strips
  • Convenient straight to curve transitions
  • Continuous roll for seamless application
  • Ideal for double curve applications & compound arches
  • Resistant to rust, paint chipping, and dents

4. Levelline Drywall Corner Trim, Edge Protector

Best pick number-4 is designed by CertainTeed engineers. This wonderful corner bead will make your drywall job on-site run faster and smoothly!

It comes in a convenient dispenser box with 100 feet roll. For that, it’s simple to manage.

With the roll, you don’t have to pre-measure or pre-cease the bead. This prevents damaging the bead and improves the installation time. And regarding the installation process, you might use an all-purpose joint compound. Just spread a thin coat on both sides of the corner using a knife. Then install it right from the dispenser box onto the position.

And it’s ready to sand to finish the corners!

You can cut the drywall trim easily according to your dimensions. Its dispenser box is water-resistant, thus protecting the product’s paper tab.

The polymer core of the product has an inbuilt flexible trim that flexes to both sides. Thus, perfect for off-angles, corners (inside & outside), bay windows, and tray ceilings.

As for the construction, this product is comprised of a formulated surface paper, tapered plastic core, and joint tape. This superior construction ensures that your drywall corners will not dent or split. Additionally, this enables it to withstand structural settling without pooping off or cracking the drywall.


  • 2.75-inch wide
  • Length-100 feet
  • Weight: 2.95 pounds
  • Made by Levelline


  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Convenient dispenser box
  • Can be directly applied to the corners
  • Memory free hinge adjusts to all angles
  • Pre-finished paper surface
  • Flexes to both sides

5. Flexible High-Performance Drywall Corner Protector

Deckmaster drywall corner guard trim provides good strength and durability. Its 3.25” flange width makes it a great option for hiding irregular framing and shorter off-angle spans.

So, investing in this particular one totally worth it!

It has an inbuilt flexible hinge that’s easily adjustable. You can use it for shrinking lumber, poor framing, off angles, cathedral, vaulted, and tray ceilings. Also, it creates straight lines thus perfect for repairing drywall corners.

The product also features a high-impact Copolymer core and an ultra-thin tapered edge. This makes it easy to install at almost every angle (Inside & Outside). Still, the memory-free hinge enables you to install it without pre-ceasing.

Moreover, its paper backing forms a superior bond with the joint adhesive. The uniform structural bonding eliminates callbacks and cracks. Not to forget that the corners will not dent or separate from the wall. It can also withstand considerable shifting caused by humidity and temperature variations, lumber drying, and settling.

We recommend that you consider buying this product for your drywall corner repair needs since it’s strong and durable. It will also help you eliminate costly drawbacks and ensure material and labor savings.


  • 3.25-inches wide
  • 10-foot long
  • Weight: 1.91 pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • ULT325


  • It has an inbuilt flexible hinge
  • For outside or inside drywall angles
  • Finishes off-angles with straight lines
  • Ideal for vertical off-angle uses
  • Easy to install

6. Trim-Tex Magic Corner Kit for Drywall Inside Corners

Most people would use adjustable inside corner beads for ‘all’ off-angle tasks. Yet, adjustable ones are not recommended in areas that are vulnerable to structural movement. Instead, if there is structural movement, use this Tri-Tex Magic Drywall Corner Kit.

This one is something extraordinary!

Cause it’s an all-in-one drywall corner bead solution package. It comes with an applicator tool, an adhesive spray can, and a 100-foot roll of corner bead. Just remember to check the installation guidelines at the back of the box when using this product.

And so you can ensure that you’re doing it right.

It has an expansion control with an inbuilt mud lock that prevents edge cracking on vaulted ceilings and drywall off-angles. The bead is designed to finish inside the drywall corner while minimizing the chances of edge cracking where there is movement.

The trim has a soft center with flexible and rigid PVC. This allows it to serves as an expansion corner bead at all angles and prevents cracking on internal sides. Also, this product creates straight lines that add a modern and simple accent.

With its long roll, you’ll be able to finish long runs and minimize waste. And the width allows up to 4.5 mm movement on both sides of the center. So, it could also be a solution for the elimination of edge cracking on vaulted ceilings or drywall off-angles.


  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • 100-foot long
  • Part Number: 4325K
  • Included spray adhesive
  • Plus installation tool


  • UV stabilized
  • Doesn’t become brittle or distorted
  • Inbuilt mud-lock design
  • Unique expansion control
  • Lightweight and strong

7. No-Coat, 90 Degree Outside Paper Corner Bead

Paper Drywall Corner bead

CertainTeed’s bead also works pretty well for any vertical external angles. It’s made with a patented SLAM design. But let us inform you about an important fact. It’s an OUTSIDE corner bead.

So, make sure you’re not willing to buy it for an inside application.

When applied, it ensures durability, strength, and perfect results. It provides optimal performance and strength for the strongest and straightest edge. And that’s what you’re expecting right?

Fret not investing in this product!

It comes with a pre-cut corner trim, measuring 10-feet long. The pre-cut length trim is efficient, fast, and easy to install. Besides, it delivers a perfect shape in minimal time. Also helps with labor and material. With the inbuilt adjustable hinge, you can apply this product with ease.

Another benefit of this trim is that it requires less skill for the best results. And it can withstand seismic movements, settling and severe impacts without denting, peeling, chipping or cracking.

This bead is made up of a tapered copolymer core and surface paper. The high-strength copolymer core enables it to withstand significant shifting as a result of settling, lumber drying, and temperature differences. While the surface paper is ideal for applying textures and paints.

As the name suggests, this product is ideal for 90-degrees outside angles. So, if you’re looking for fast outside drywall corner installs, this is the one for you.


  • Weight: 3.11 pounds
  • Manufacturer: CertainTeed
  • Length: 10 feet


  • 10-foot 90-degree precut
  • Ideal for outside 90-degree corners
  • Easy and fast to install

8. Phillips gripSTIK Vinyl Corner Bead for Drywall

Phillips gripSTIK includes a wide selection of trims and corner beads that meet various needs. One of the most popular products in their broad bead line is this 8 ft. vinyl corner bead. It offers solid protection to the exposed wallboard edges.

The most notable feature of this product is the many perforations on its flanges to promote faster drying. That plus the deeply knurled mud anchors provides better adhesion to the installer adhesive. It’s specially textured to allow mud and paint adhesion.

Furthermore, the perforations on the flanges allow for contraction and expansion from temperature variations. While the tapering enables seamless finish work. Another great thing is that you can install it using various industry-standard methods. For instance, you can either support it by stapling, nailing, or using a high-tack spray adhesive.

It comes in a pack of 50 pre-cut vinyl corner beads.

Each measuring 8 feet long, while the flange length is 1.25 inches. You can use this on various open-angle applications ranging between 120 and 135 degrees. Thus, it’s an extremely versatile product you might pick.

Similar to most vinyl versions, it’s durable as well as corrosion and impact resistant. Ideal for both interior and exterior wallboard corner applications.


  • Made by Phillips Manufacturing Co.
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Flange Length: 1.25 inches


  • Corrosion and impact resistant
  • Tapered and perforated flanges
  • Faster drying and better adhesion
  • Made up of vinyl material
  • For both interior & exterior edges

9. Dietrich QUICKSILVR Drywall Metal Corner Bead

It’s another high-quality corrosion-resistant wallboard corner bead or trim that offers solid protection and a superior finish. Consider it as one of the perfect ones for moisture-prone and high-traffic areas. And you’ll thank its impact resistance exposed nose.

This drywall corner finishing bead is easy to install.

You can clinch, screw, nail, or staple it into the position. It has perforated and deeply knurled flanges that enhance its adhesion. While the use of metal beads seems like a traditional approach, this product provides strong reinforcement to drywall edges.

It comes in an 8-foot long pre-cut form. And it’s made with highly durable, hot-dipped galvanized metal to ensure superior corrosion resistance.

If you’re familiar with the types, you might know that metal corner beads are more affordable than other types. However, for metal beading, you must have fasteners. Another thing you should note about this QUICKSILVER metal bead is that, like most metal beads, it’s an ideal outside drywall corner finishing bead.

And it might not be a suitable option for inside angles.

So, if you’re after a premium outside drywall edge finish, look no further! This one combines the improved galvanized steel with a special manufacturing process. Thus providing a consistent, superior finish every time!


  • Weight: 59 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Dietrich
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Flange Length: 1.24 inches


  • Prevent corrosion
  • Superior adhesion quality
  • It has galvanized coating
  • Ideal for outside drywall angles
  • Impact resistance exposed nose

10. No-Coat Ultraflex Drywall Edge Protector

With large projects, buying products in bulk will always help you save money. So, if your project has many corners, this is the best drywall trim to invest in. The product comes with 4 rolls, each measuring 100 feet to give a total of 400 feet!

As if that’s not enough, it’s flexible and fits at almost any angle.

The trim comprises a paper backing with a tapered copolymer center. These components are integrated perfectly using SLAM technology to provide flexibility, strength, and durability. Thus ensuring that it won’t crack when subjected to pressure.

Its high-strength copolymer core enables the product to withstand severe impacts and resist rust. While the tight-fibered, superior paperboard face makes it easy to apply texture or paint. As for the surface paper, it eliminates peels, cracks, and chips while resisting abrasion and accepting finishing.

Moreover, the bead has an ultra-thin edge that promotes easy installation and finishing. Because of the paper backing, it forms an even, strong structural bond. And you can apply this very easily.

It has an inbuilt hinge that is flexible to fit any outside or inside angle. The flange width conceals irregular framing perfectly. So, own it for your vaulted ceilings and any corner less or greater than 90 degrees.


  • Weight: 4.23 pounds
  • 100-foot long
  • 4.5-wide 4 rolls
  • Manufacturer: Grabber


  • Flexible inbuilt hinge
  • Fits both outside & inside angles
  • Strong & durable to eliminate cracks
  • Easy to install and finish

11. Paintable & Adhesive Drywall Corner Guards

Last of the wonders! It’s a paintable self-adhesive drywall corner guard.

Amazing right?

With high-impact commercial grade, it’s one of the best ones with a customized solution. This creates a cohesive appearance and matches the painted interior. Its orange peel texture is designed to promote optimal paint adhesion while protecting the wallboard edges.

It’s made with strong plastic resin, a high-impact strength material that offers the best corner protection. You can easily wash this product without scratching and the textured finish resembles the painted drywall.

Although it’s white in color, you’re allowed to paint over it. So, it blends in with almost every decor since it’s paintable. Its self-adhesion technology makes it extremely easy to install. Regarding the dimension, this product comes in various widths and lengths.

But this specific model is 4-foot long and 1.125 X 1.125-wide.

For high-impact areas, consider this without any doubt. So, if you want a corner guard that will match your drywall quickly, this is the product for you!


  • Color: White
  • Length: 4 feet
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Wall Protex
  • 1.125 X 1.125-wide


  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy to install
  • Paintable drywall corner protector
  • Made with high impact strength materials
  • Provides optimal edge protection

Steel VS Paper Faced Drywall Corner Beads

There are many different types of corner beads. You might already have that idea based on what we’ve discussed so far. Two of them being paper-faced and steel corner beads. We’ll talk a little bit about how they differ from one another.

…their benefits, specifications, and so on.

Both types serve the same purpose, which is to establish a straight drywall edge. Yet, choosing one type can be intimidating. For that, it’s always good to know the difference between them.

Let’s have a look!

1. Steel Corner Beads

Drywall edge trims or, protectors were traditionally made using metal, galvanized steel to be specific. This is because galvanized steel is lightweight and rust-resistant. It’s still the most common out there, thanks to its affordability. Besides resisting rust, steel corner beads can withstand minor abuse after installation.

You can use various techniques to install this type of corner bead. For instance, you can use nails, staples, screws, etc. This makes it the simplest option for beginner drywall installers. However, if they’re not handled carefully during transportation, the long strips may bend and twist.

2. Paper Faced Corner Beads

These types of drywall edge protectors are fast to install and resist cracking. Most professionals prefer paper-faced beads since they help to solve issues associated with building settlement and movement. However, they’re more costly than steel corner beads and not ideal for humid areas.

To install paper-faced edge trims/beads, you’ll need joint adhesive (drywall mud) and some installation tools. However, some products are self-adhesive, meaning you won’t need to use joint compounds. Similar to steel corner beads, you’ll find paper-faced beads easy to install.


Having come this far, we’re certain you’ve already found the best corner bead or trim for your drywall project. If not, feel free to go through the products listed above again. They’re not only the best drywall corner protectors but they’re at some points the only available options you’ll find in the market.

They’ll help you to save time, labor, and money!

Let us know (In comment) which one worked best for you and we’ll keep that on top of the choices.

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