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11 Best Drywall Tapes for Cracks, Corners & Joints

Drywall sheets are thinner and lighter, making them fragile at some points. Consequently, it could result in several imperfections. But with the best drywall tape, fixing or finishing up the joints, cracks, seams or patches is super easy.

They’ll allow you to handle repairs more conveniently.

And we’ve got you covered with today’s list of reliable top 11 drywall joint tapes that you could try. From fiberglass mesh to paper tapes with flex point, we have that all. And by the end of this article, we’re certain you’ll have seen the ideal product that will serve your needs perfectly.

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Duck Brand, Self-Adhesive Drywall Repair Fabric

5 out of 5

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Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Joint Finishing Tape

5 out of 5

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Paperless White Tape for Drywall Cracks & Corners

4.5 out of 5

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Saint-Gobain Wallboard Finishing Tape for Cracks

4.5 out of 5

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100% Fiberglass, Self-Adhesive Tape for Drywall

4.5 out of 5

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Best Drywall Tapes for Cracks, Corners & Joints

Two major types of drywall tapes that you’ll see are; mesh fiberglass & paper tapes. They both provide you a strong bond and thus produce a better finish. Yet they still come with some unique benefits. Such as, fiberglass mesh might be a little bit stronger but not good as paper. And papers are like 360 solutions yet still some specific purposes needed to be fulfilled with mesh tapes. So, both are important and you just need to define your purpose

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1. Duck Brand, Self-Adhesive Drywall Repair Fabric

If you have the ideal drywall tape, patching the joints and fixing cracks will be an extremely simple task. And to start our list, we’ve got this Self-Adhesive Repair fabric from the Duck Brand. If you’re looking for a simple wallboard repair solution, it’s a great option!

The best thing about this product is that it’s repositionable, making it less troublesome than the others. It is self-adhesive, allowing you to place it where you want. And if you’re not pleased with the fix, you can reposition this fabric for better outcomes. Thus, Duck Brand’s tape is highly recommended when you’re about to fix cracks and holes in the wall.

With this, you might ignore pre-apply drywall joint compounds.

This will save you time.

It is entirely made with fiberglass mesh. For that, when using, you’ll not have blisters or bubbles. Thus leaving a smooth surface and covering the wall with an outstanding finish. The roll detaches easily and makes the product easy to use. To summarize, whether you want to repair the holes, splits, or cracks on the drywall – this is the product you’ll need.


  • 100% fiberglass mesh
  • 6-inch X 25-feet long roll
  • Comes in a single roll
  • Practical self-adhesive design


  • Allows repositioning
  • Very much effective
  • Superior fiberglass mesh construction
  • Extra width for more coverage

2. Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Drywall Joint Tape

Drywall damage can happen at any point. This is caused by various things like – settling and temperature changes. For this reason, you need a good joint tape like this product from Duck Brand. It offers flexibility to the wallboard joints and prevents cracks.

This product comprises 100% fiberglass mesh. This is why we considered it to be one of the best joint tapes for repairing small holes and cracks in the drywall. You’ll find it extremely easy to use and finish up evenly.

Fiberglass construction adds more resilience to the fix and increases its durability. Paperless construction prevents moisture-related problems. So, you’re safe from any kind of harmful funguses like mold or mildew and their impacts on your health.

And like the first pick, you might ignore applying joint adhesive when using this.

Another interesting thing is that it’s self-adhesive with a quick-repair design. This allows you to reposition the tape where needed. Thereupon adding more versatility and provides excellent results, even for the difficult tasks.

It offers excellent outcomes during small repair works, giving you better precision for a cleaner and smoother fix. And the 180-foot length allows you to use it for a long time. With 40 mm thickness, it’s extra strong, easy, and fast to use. Especially, it’s well-suited for hard jobs.

And if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and reliable joint tape, this is the product to go for!


  • 100% fiberglass mesh
  • 1.88-inch width
  • 180-feet long roll
  • 40 mm thick fiberglass
  • Self-adhesive tape


  • No Joint adhesive required
  • Ideal for complicated & small repairs
  • Strong mesh construction
  • Easy-to-use single roll design
  • Thin design

3. Paperless White Drywall Tape for Cracks & Corners

Considering the number of benefits that come with this product, you’ll probably stick to our pick number 3. Not forgetting that it’s 70% stronger than typical paper and fiberglass tapes. This one has an open fibered texture that forms stronger bonds with the mud.

It has an innovative design and builds that deliver durable and resilient options. For instance, the glass mat construction keeps every drywall repair free of mold while decreasing humidity problems. Also, it has a thin design that is easy to cut.

While the pre-creased feature makes it easy to shape to fit your needs. For that, this product provides excellent results in difficult places and corners. And especially when using corner tape, it’s always suggested to use a drywall corner tool.

Otherwise, you might have to struggle for a sharp finish.

Once you applied, you’ll have a smooth and flawless surface. And the drywall will be free of bubbles, blisters, and any other imperfection. It comes in several width types. Thus allowing you to choose the best design according to your needs.

And you’ll get enough tape to use for a long time!

The overall versatility, ease of use, and strength of this product provide excellent results. So, if you’re a contractor or professional, this would be an excellent option.


  • Glass mat construction
  • 2.06-inch width
  • 250-feet roll
  • Available widths, 2.16 to 3-inch


  • GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Low chemical emissions
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Open fibred textures
  • Resistant to bubbles and blisters

4. Saint-Gobain Drywall Finishing Tape for Cracks

If you want to eliminate small holes or cracks on the drywall, it’s better to create a thin and narrow line. In that case, the best fiberglass mesh tape that provides better drywall precision is the FibaTape by Saint-Gobain ADFORS.

When you see this joint’s narrow design, you’ll see that it’s an amazing option for small fissures. While the roll design offers a convenient application process similar to other types.

Even better, it has a self-adhesive design.

This makes it easy to stick to the surface with ease and keeps you relax. With light and thin construction, it’s one of the strongest and most reliable options you could try. Also, it dries out fast since you don’t have to add embedding coats.

Besides being reliable and sturdy, it eliminates cracks, bubbles, and blisters. You’ll never experience moisture-related problems or mold fungus growth. With three different roll sizes, you can choose the best type according to your needs and requirements.

Any time you need to handle the smallest drywall fixes, look for a thin and narrow option. And this Saint-Gobain wallboard joint tape is the best option. It is super convenient, all thanks to its outstanding stickiness and length.


  • Open fiberglass mesh
  • Available colors; yellow & white
  • 3 different length sizes (50 – 300 ft.)
  • Self-adhesive


  • Narrow and thin design
  • Strong and reliable construction
  • Prevents cracks, and blisters
  • Mold resistant

5. Pure Fiberglass, Heavy-Duty & Self-Adhesive Drywall Tape for Wall Crack and Seam Patching

LYTECH is one of the most popular brands offering you premium quality tapes. And this specific model has a good reputation among drywall contractors and professionals.

Thanks to its high-quality commercial-grade fiberglass mesh!

If you prefer a self-adhesive joint tape that leaves a flawless surface, you’ll probably love this one. It comes with superior commercial-grade fiberglass. And it leaves a strong and reliable outcome on the crevice or cracks. But what makes this product so great is the open fiberglass mesh design. Designed to prevent a number of problems it tends to experience.

Another great thing is that it has a self-adhesive layer. This helps to stick on the surface directly. However, this product is a small-sized product with a width of 1.88 inches. For that, it works well for the smallest jobs like covering the seam line and tiny hairline cracks.

After that, you can install the corner bead very easily.

Lengthwise, it goes up to 180 feet. So you’ll have enough tape to use for years.

Overall, LYLTECH tape is an excellent option for contractors and professionals. Especially when it comes to quick repairs of roof cracks, small holes, and drywall corners. So, if you’re looking for an effective option for such tasks, this product will not disappoint you!


  • 100% high-density fiberglass mesh
  • 180 feet long X 1.88 inches wide
  • Color: white
  • 0.8 mm thick
  • Self-adhesive


  • Open fiberglass design
  • Strong adhesion & repositionable
  • Prevents bubbles and blisters
  • High tensile strength
  • Strong alkali resistance

6. Saint-Gobain FibaTape for Drywall Joint Finishing

When it comes to product size and color versatility, this Saint-Gobain FibaTape is your best option. It comes in 3 different sizes and 2 different colors. Thus giving you the most flexible options you’ll not find anywhere else!

This product is made in the United States. And it’s worthwhile making it your next great choice for drywall taping projects. It has a superior self-adhesive feature that allows it to form strong bonds. This prevents cracks on the surface.

It’s self-adhesive and you won’t need any extra instruments when applying it on the surface. Instead, you only need the tape and your hand gloves. And you don’t even need to be concerned about bubbles and blisters. Since this tape’s open structure eliminates them.

For this reason, the finish on the drywall joint will be professional-like and perfect.

With outstanding stickiness, this fiberglass mesh is very easy to use. It comes in a single roll of different sizes. You can choose the perfect length for you depending on your needs. Moreover, unlike paper drywall tapes, this product is mold-resistant. So, if you want a tape that ensures a healthy living atmosphere in your home, consider investing in this!


  • Fiberglass mesh
  • Self-adhesive joint tape
  • 1.88 inches wide


  • Forms superior and durable bonds
  • Mold-resistant
  • Multiple length sizes & colors

7. Saint-Gobain ADFORS Drywall Joint Tape

For those looking for a drywall tape that is reasonably priced, Saint-Gobain is a great option. If you’re well experienced in taping and hanging drywall, this product will work perfectly for you.

For beginners, we suggest you go with tapes that are a little bit wider (like the very first in our list). But that doesn’t mean using this one is difficult!

While we’re talking about width, it measures 1.88 inches wide. This can sufficiently cover the wallboard seam joints. However, if you angle it accidentally, you’ll have a hard time trying to cover the seam fully bubble-free.

In that case, you can turn or cut it, then use another piece.

As for the length, each roll is 150 feet long that covers a joint fair enough. To ensure stronger joints, this product has a fiberglass mesh that eliminates bubbles and blisters. And it’s also self-adhesive and easy to use. The high-quality adhesive will help you save time and prevent unnecessary reapplying.

Moreover, the fiberglass mesh makes this tape mold-resistant.

With 2 different color options, you can choose the color types that match your drywall needs perfectly. Despite being light and thin, it’s extremely easy to use. And it provides a strong finish. This increases durability and joint strength, which results in less cracking!


  • Available colors; white, yellow
  • 150 feet long X 1.88 inches wide
  • Open fiberglass mesh


  • Mold-resistant
  • High quality and strong adhesive
  • Thin and lightweight

8. Fiba Extra Strength Joint Tape for Drywall

Sticking a joint tape over the crack and covering it with the drywall compound might work. However, the crack is most likely to return after some time. To avoid such problems, we suggest you use this Extra Strength joint tape.

Especially if the crack you’re repairing is deep or extreme.

This special version is made with fiberglass mesh. And it’s a patented, multi-directional drywall tape that is mainly used to reinforce joints. The design makes it 60% stronger as compared to other meshes. While the extra adhesive and additional fiberglass offset any lateral movements in the joints or cracks.

You can use this product for crack repair, finishing, and joining. Moreover, it’s designed to increase the joint strength and structural integrity of the surface. Thus making it a great option for demanding applications including veneer plaster tasks, vaulted ceilings, halls, and arches.

So drywall repairs have been made super easy with this strong doer. Its thinness makes it easy to hide repairs because it does not create bumps.


  • 250 feet long
  • 2.38 inches wide
  • Fiberglass mesh
  • Self-adhesive


  • Thin & lightweight
  • High-quality seamless finishing
  • Wider flange for better coverage
  • Provides extra joint strength

9. Saint-Gobain, Paper Drywall Joint & Corner Tape

Paper drywall tape is usually made using long strips of adhesive paper. You can use this paper to cover the seam on the inside corners. When it comes to choosing the best paper tape for drywall, very few products can compete with this one!

Saint-Gobain is a popular brand for producing different types of durable and robust tapes.

And this product has both of these properties. Although, this specific type is considered to be weak structurally that you can tear off easily, but the strength of this product is on another level!

With its supreme strength, you can apply a firm force when using it. This tape is spark-perforated to eliminate air bubbles. This will help you to reduce the chances of punctures.

And allow convenient pass-through of the compound.

However, with this product, you have to prepare the surface with a light joint compound layer. But considering that this product offers you the most affordable option in the market, it’s worth it!

Also, the easy-rip properties will allow you to perform the task with accuracy. Its thickness ensures that it doesn’t create double layers. Therefore, easy to use looks good and provides incredible outcomes.


  • 75 feet long
  • 2 inches wide
  • Color: white
  • Fibered paper tape


  • Machine-roughed paper
  • Superior bonding
  • Extra tensile strength
  • Prevents stretching, tearing, or wrinkling
  • Spark-perforated to eliminate air bubbles

10. Saint-Gobain ADFORS Ultra Thin Drywall Tape

When it comes to resistance and durability, we doubt you’ll find a better option than this Saint-Gobain Ultra-thin tape. This product is very well-made that it’s considered to be the best tape for drywall repair and finishing.

It has a fiberglass mesh that offers a useful cover for drywall fissures or cracks. Besides, it has an anti-microbial coating that enhances overall durability and minimizes mold growth. So if you’re fixing the crack in a humid area, this one has got you covered!

But the most unique feature is its ultra-thinness. Indeed, it is more than 30 percent thinner as compared to regular fiberglass mesh & standard paper tapes. Yet, this does not comprise its strength.

With its self-adhesive face, ensuring you get a smoother surface on the drywall. Following that, it speeds up the application process for you.

Furthermore, you’ll get a blister- and bubble-free outcome. This results in an even smoother surface that feels sturdy and reliable. So, once applied, the structure of your wallboard will be stronger. Very few can beat this ultra-thin tape. Especially when it comes to drywall finishing, butt-end drywall joints, holes, and cracks repairing.


  • Ultra-thin open fiberglass mesh
  • 75-foot long
  • 1.88-inch wide
  • Self-adhesive face


  • Resists mildew and mold
  • Excellent strength
  • Durable in moist areas
  • Stronger than standard fiberglass mesh
  • Convenient and thin design
  • Enhanced precision

11. Flame Fighter Fire Retardant Drywall Finishing Tape

If you’re looking for an alternative to standard fiberglass and paper tape, consider buying this Flame Fighter drywall tape. So, what sets it apart from the regular ones?

Well, unlike those conventional drywall tapes, this product is designed for firewall construction.

This product has passed all the scale tests for 1-hour and 2-hour fire ratings. And you can apply it at temperatures of 30°F and above. Moreover, you can either use this product horizontally or vertically hung wall systems. Even better, you can use it on both steel and wood stud construction alongside fire-rated gypsum boards.

Also, it’s easy to apply because of its self-adhesiveness. You can use a putty knife to attach that to the wall and that doesn’t even require to use of the adhesive compound. After that, it will form a permanent bond with the drywall.

Thus helping you to save money and time!

Not to forget that the product is extremely easy to use, eliminating hours of labor. When compared with conventional taping methods, this product will reduce the installation time by 60%. So, make sure you deserve the E-Z flame fighter tape for your next upcoming wallboard firewall area taping & finishing projects.


  • 50-foot long X 1.89-inch wide
  • Self-adhesive & Fire retardant
  • Pink in color


  • Permanent adhesion to drywalls
  • Works with steel & wood construction
  • Ideal for firewall construction

Drywall Tape Buying Guide – What To Know?

This is a special segment to help make your wallboard tape buying decision. We’ll include a number of factors for you to get a better idea. And we’re hoping to shed some light for you. Thus, you can choose the best tape for your drywall applications.

1. Moisture resistant

Compared to paper tape, fiberglass mesh is more resistant to mold. Therefore, it’s a great option for areas that may be exposed to moisture or water including bathrooms.

2. Adhesion

Mesh tapes have a tack self-adhesive backing. It allows them to bond to the surface directly. On the other hand, for the papers, you’ve to embed them into the drywall in a joint compound layer. For that, mesh tapes are easier to install, even for an average person or a beginner.

3. Strength

Mesh versions are sturdy in the case that you won’t be able to tear them easily without a knife. But it might twist diagonally which proves it has less trim strength. On the contrary, paper tears very easily. But you’re not able to bend it diagonally which gives it more strength when joining seams.

4. Flexibility

When you hold both types in your hand, you may think that they’ve got the same level of a bend. However, after the paper is embedded in drywall, it firms up dramatically. This extra strength makes paper tapes an ideal option for butt joints.

Also, papers are easy to fold and apply to sharp angles. Even better, some paper corner tapes come with inbuilt flexible trim which lets it flex to both sides. Indeed you might call them the best drywall corner tapes, which works as an alternative to corner beads.

Which Tape is Better for Drywall: Mesh or, Paper?

Now, this is a great debate in taping projects. Which tape is better for drywall?

Is it mesh or, paper?

In short, to a seasoned veteran, paper wins for sure! It’s perfect virtually for every aspect. The only exception when mesh tape wins is that when you need to patch a small hole on your drywall.

If there’s a small structural movement between the wallboard sheets, the mud layer might crack a tiny bit. What paper does is that it covers that hairline crack. But mesh, through its small little windows, will bring that to visible.

So, when talking about durability, you must look for paper tape.

Yet mesh fiberglass still has a huge fan base. Cause it’s easy to apply and it has self-adhesiveness. And if you want additional strength, use quick-setting mud instead of the standard compound. Cause mesh is specially designed for that. And you’ll see higher performance ever under tension.

So, as you can see both types are pretty useful in according situations. And when it comes to choosing one, then it’s a matter of personal preference. Just pick one that matches your needs perfectly!

Drywall Taping Tips for the Right Application

Drywall tapes come in handy, protecting your wallboard defect issues. But if you don’t know the right application, you might not get the actual benefits. With that in mind, here’s a quick application tip that will help you define which type of area should get a specific type.

And surely if you follow the advice, you’ll end up correctly:

Uses of Paper Tapes:

  • For a pre-filled big patch
  • Use for the Celling joints
  • Structural joints with the possibility of movement
  • Use in between the new frame and existing wall
  • Outdoor sides with random weather conditions
  • On the corners as papers have flex point
  • Behind your tile backsplash

Uses of Mesh Tapes:

  • For small patches
  • Hard to mud area
  • When you have quick setting compound


It’s not always easy to find the best option for large taping projects. But if you know what you want and look up in our list correctly, you’ll certainly be noticed. And you’ll have the best drywall tape for cracks, corners, joints, seams, patches, and whatnot!

Provided you’ve gone through each of the products listed above carefully, you will not have any problem choosing the perfect drywall tape for you. Feel free to choose any of them from the list. And you will not regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I wet drywall tapes before applying?

Answer: If you are a novice, you can wet drywall tape before applying it. But remember it’s not soaking at all, rather it’s sort of damping. It will help you to avoid bubbles after joints dry. But it takes a little bit of time. Because of that, experts generally don’t wet tape. Cause it adds an extra step to their work.

2. Is taping drywall necessary?

Answer: Well, the seams needed to bond accurately for a sturdy wallboard installation. t needs to look flat when you finish up. And that will allow you for smooth sanding and paintings. That’s where you need to embed tapes in! Taping is also necessary when you’re fixing any cracks and patching a hole.

3. What can I use instead of the above joint tapes?

Answer: You might use metal tapes as an alternative. Vinyl papers are rising right from the new interest. Yet metal versions might also be used if you have the knowledge.

4. What happens if you don’t tape drywall?

Answer: The seam joint line will be visible if you don’t use tape. Even it seems to you that joint adhesive is going to cover that entirely. But no! It does shrinks without tape and you must use it unless you know what’s going to happen.

5. Can I use masking tape instead of drywall tape?

Answer: Not really, you cannot use that. You should either choose mesh or paper. But make sure you read our buying guide above to get proper knowledge about their applications.

6. Why does drywall tape peel?

Answer: It might happen due to certain circumstances. And obviously, there’s a fix for that. Now, in short, let me give you a few reasons why drywall tapes peel off:

  • It might not have been applied correctly
  • It wasn’t applied with the right amount of mud
  • When sheetrock passes the excess temperature
  • Or, it might have damped through the paint

7. Will primer cover drywall tape?

Answer: Yes, they do! You’ll have to start that process after you finish sanding the walls.

8. Do you overlap drywall tape?

Answer: Not suggested for a bulge-free application. Instead, you might cut the piece using a meter to avoid intersecting. For vertical seam lines to skip intersecting horizontal lines, cut them into appropriate measures.

9. What mud is good for mesh fiberglass tapes?

Answer: Quick setting mud is good for this specific type. But for others, you might use the all-purpose versions.

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