Best Spackle for Drywall

11 Best Spackle for Drywall Cracks and Hole Repair – REVIEWS

Do you know the major concerns when ordering the best spackle for drywall? Well, let us give you an overview QUICKLY!

It actually comes in various consistencies. Each version is designed for a different scenario.

And if you fail to pick the best match, you’ll eventually have to search again. For instance, thicker grains are mainly used for significant patchwork like hole repair. On the other hand, thinners are used for small drywall crack repair.

Then, how do you pick the best spackle for repairing your drywall? We’ve already covered that walkway and brought that list to help you. Whether you’ve just finished installing sheetrock or a small repair is urgent, OUR LIST WILL GUIDE YOU!

We’ve covered 11 top-rated spackles to use on drywall. And you’ll always have good times with their durable efficient performance.

Quick preview table with the first 5 picks:

Image Name Our Rating Price
DAP – DryDex Interior and Exterior Drywall Spackle

5 out of 5

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High Strength Small Hole Repairing Spackle by 3M

5 out of 5

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High Strength Large Hole Repair Spackling Compound

5 out of 5

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Red Devil ONETIME Lightweight White Spackle for Drywall

4.5 out of 5

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DAP – Alex Plus Quart Drywall Spackling Compound

4.5 out of 5

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11 Best Spackle for Drywall Cracks and Hole Repair – REVIEWS

Spackle pretty much sounds like a joint compound, right? But, NO…it is not!

Rather they’re similar but not the same. There’s a slight difference based on certain aspects of their uses. You’ll notice that as you go throughout the entire content. So, please stay tuned, and hopefully, you’ll get that MASTER BADGE!

By the way, our first pick is the DAP DryDex Spackle.

And we consider it to be the best for drywall works. Because of Its versatility and especially the dry-time indicator…it’s just WORTH A BUY!

1. DAP – DryDex Interior and Exterior Drywall Spackle

If you’re a beginner, knowing when the spackle is dry or ready for painting and sanding, is not that simple. What if there is a product that lets you know when it’s adequately dry?

Would that be nice?

Well, that’s exactly what this Dap DryDex Spackle does!

When you apply this compound to the wall, it’s pink in color. However, when it dries, the color immediately turns from pink to white. And that’s how you know it’s ready for the next step…!

As if that’s not enough, this product is easy to use because it’s pasty. It’s neither runny nor dry. Consequently, this can be applied very smoothly. This also makes it easy to apply with a putty knife or even your fingers.

Another great thing about this product is its quality. When you apply it to small holes, it covers the flaws perfectly such that you’ll not believe they even existed. Once you sand down the area with sandpaper and paint it, no one will notice the application.

However, this product is not a great option for larger holes, but it still works. For the best results on larger holes, start by applying patch-tape before the spackle. This drywall spackle doesn’t shrink after application and it’s resistant to cracks.

For that, when it dries, it remains at its original size. Also, when it comes to sanding, the process is extremely easy!


  • Resists shrinking & cracking
  • Ideal for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Indicates dry state & sands easily
  • Easy to apply


  • 236 ml container
  • Comes in pink color paste
  • Dry indicator: White color
  • 2 more packs are available

2. High Strength Small Hole Repairing Spackle by 3M

Now, it’s from one of your favorite brands, 3M. It provides you with high-strength performance, making your repair work 3 times faster than many other vinyl spackles. And it’s mostly suitable for small hole repair on drywall.

So, if you’ve got nail holes or nicks, don’t hesitate to invest in this!

Because of Its magnificent results, it’s very popular among both novices and professionals. It’ll cover up holes or, gaps sizes up to 3 inches in diameter. Thus it hides the defect with much more ease.

And QUICK results because of being primer enhanced. Moreover, it’s lightweight and shrinks-proof. You can apply it to areas that are prone to sagging and cracking. So, call it a heavy-duty spackle for corners, seams, or joints.

Let us give you a notable feature at this moment!

If you know about defects in wall painting, you might have heard the word ‘Flashing’. And that’s when the light reflects through the paint. It’s disgusting and irritates the eyes, right? But this spackle treats the issue very well.

It resists the flashing issue and gives you a professional finish on the surface.

One thing you must note is that it’s pretended to be used for interior applications only. However, you can use it for exterior drywall repairs after the paint or sealer. And it holds up nails and drywall anchors or, screws firmly.

Besides fixing your drywall holes and cracks, you can use it for plaster, stucco, and wood. Once applied, it will dry within 30 minutes for a hole of 1/8 inch deep having ½ inches in diameter. So for an easy and quick repair, this high-strength product is mostly suited!


  • Fast and high strength repair
  • Quick fix for nicks & anchor holes
  • Eliminates the issue of flashing
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Shrink and crack proof
  • Great hiding capability


  • Dries in 30 minutes
  • Covers up to 3 inches in diameter
  • Primer enhanced drywall spackle
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Made by: 3M

3. Red Devil ONETIME Lightweight White Spackle for Drywall

When you apply the best spackle on your drywall, what’s the first thing you would expect to see? It should dry fast besides being effective, right? And, it should also be flexible, especially for starters. That’s where our second product comes in!

To fulfill your goal, Red Devil Lightweight Spackling is the best option! It dries quickly, yet remains flexible, something you’ll rarely find in other similar products. Another challenge when it comes to spackles is the issue of sanding.

Luckily, this spackle takes care of that issue since it requires minimal or no sanding at all.

It comes with wonderful self-leveling technology. And it levels itself even without your intervention. If you tend to sand it, using a light pass of the sanding pad is enough. Even better, the consistency of this spackle makes it easy to apply.

It fills the holes efficiently and spreads like butter.

Moreover, it’s resistant to shrinking and cracking. Also, since it comes pre-mixed with primer, one can apply paint immediately after it dries.

Another common challenge associated with drywall spackles is the issue of clean-up. When applying spackles, they smear on items, removing them is a problem. But with this product that will not be an issue anymore. It’s easy to clean since it is a water-based product.

Plus when it falls on items it forms a clump that is easy to collect and dispose of.

With the versatility offered by this product, you can use it on various surfaces. The application ranges from stucco and drywall to wood and plaster. If you want a spackle that requires minimal sanding and spreads easily for both outdoor and indoor use, look no further!


  • Requires minimal/ no sanding
  • Ideal for external and internal use
  • Easy cleanup procedure
  • Resists cracking & shrinking


  • Dries quickly
  • Premixed formula
  • Multipurpose
  • 1/2 pint

4. High Strength Large Hole Repair Spackling Compound – Fiber Reinforced

Got to repair a large hole on the drywall surface? 3M high-strength drywall spackling can be the best option for you. It lets you fix that very quickly and efficiently.

Now, let’s talk a bit about vinyl and acrylic filling pastes.

Vinyl is prone to crack and takes a longer time to dry off. On the contrary, acrylic wall adhesive like 3M is highly durable, crack-proof, and quick to dry off. It has a tremendous capacity of repairing 3 to 5 inches holes.

That indicates how potent the fiber reinforcement formula has been applied to it; thus, it can hold such huge holes. It can repair the walls five times quicker than other conventional fillers.

With quick-drying characteristics, it also offers other salient features. After applying, it will dry in no time and will not crack. The anti-moisture repellent nature of dried paste resists it from cracking or shrinking.

The major concern over drywall filling paste is its life span.

In some cases, spackles fall off without showing symptoms of sagging or shrinking. But, that’s not going to happen in the case of this specific spackle. It provides year-long protection and nourishments to those cracks, holes, or even damaged surfaces.

And you can apply it to numerous materials including drywall, stucco, concrete, plaster, etc. Moreover, you can use it for the interior and exterior parts of the surface. With that excellent filler, you will get one wall repair compound to aid your DIY quests.

The quality it offers and the price it demands are very relatable. It is highly recommended for in-house repairing.


  • Efficient large holes repair
  • 5X faster than traditional ones
  • Lightweight & durable action
  • Provides shrink-proof finish
  • Multipurpose application


  • For both interior & exterior
  • For repairing 3-5” hole
  • Weight: 32 FL OZ
  • Fiber-reinforced
  • Made by 3M

5. Red Devil – ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, White

You can treat multiple issues on the walls with a single Polyfilla. Isn’t it amazing? Sure, it is…!

With Red Devil ONETIME lightweight spackle, you can repair wall cracks, multiple dents, holes, and nail heads. To do so, you need to apply it just for once. And, you will see the magic. It has been produced with standard pre-mixed formula.

This composition ensures rapid drying and ultra-bonding strength. After applying this amazing filler onto the hole, wait for forty-five minutes. Now get ready to color it.

Yes! It’s that fast.

Sometimes, fast-drying putty comes with the issue of durability. It cracks after one hour of drying. Thankfully, it is not the case with this quality filling paste. It persists smoothly for a more extended period, in style.

It’s compatible to apply on both interior and exterior parts of the wall. As you might know, most of the fillers require sanding as a part of consolidation. But, because it’s a lightweight filling paste, you will not need to worry about sanding.

You can use it on a wide range of substrates, such as drywalls or plasters, particleboard, stucco, and wood. With this great lightweight putty, you can quickly get rid of several repairing issues.

Easy clean-up with water is another excellent specification. And, with simple foam or scraper, you can wash off any unnecessary amount of putty from the surroundings.

Generally, lightweight fillers are meant for small holes repair or make a crack disappear. You will get a fantastic result while repairing small holes or cracks, but if the hole size is more prominent, you must look for other spackles like 3M.


  • Indoor & outdoor application
  • Shrink and crack proof finish
  • Easy to spread in one step
  • No headache for sanding
  • Easy to clean with water


  • Made by Red Devil
  • Paintable drywall spackle
  • Two package options avail.
  • White color spackle
  • Weight: 1 Quart

6. Primer Enhanced, High Strength Small Hole Repair Spackle

You are going to love this filler for its multipurpose features. The quick-drying time and efficient repairing capacity will keep you amazed.

Are you excited about giving it a trial?

Before grabbing the filler paste bucket, let’s know more excellent specifications and uses of this filling paste. With 3M filling putty, you will get three times faster drying compared to traditional putty. Some of you might wonder why quick drying is essential.

But, it is, especially for a tight-schedule worker and it lessens your workload.

Some of you might need to put wallpaper after getting done with spackling or you might need to color it. Manufacturers typically try to make the product user-friendly. The rapid drying capability of the filler is the most critical demand by the users.

Secondly, when you put the filler into the hole or crack, it starts an exothermic reaction. The faster the reaction happens, the quicker it dries. The exothermic reaction needs a water molecule to commence the reactivity.

If the reaction goes for a more extended period, moisture is absorbed from the atmosphere, and at this point, usually putting cracks after drying.

The primer-triggered compounds do this drying job rapidly. Most importantly, you will get a professional outlook after drying. There will be no sign of cracking, sagging, or shrinking. It can repair holes up to three inches in diameter.

It can be your ultimate choice for fixing screw and nail holes.

As the Red Devil Polyfilla, it is also efficient for repairing small holes. If you are planning to repair larger cracks or structural joints, this product is not recommended. For this sort of substantial fixing task, you need to stick with 3M High Strength drywall spackling.


  • No sagging and shrinking
  • Crack proof & durable finish
  • 3X fast and easy repairs
  • No paint flashing issues
  • Professional results


  • Made by 3M
  • Enhanced by primer
  • For repairs up to 3” holes
  • Not for structural joints/cracks
  • Efficient for nail holes & nicks

7. DAP – Alex Plus Quart Drywall Spackling Compound

When willing for a professional finish on the drywall, always pick the best one possible. Number 4 is something we’d recommend to you!

Alex Plus is one of the biggest weapons for spackling drywall.

It’s made by DAP, a leading supplier and manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, silicone caulks, foam, and repair products. And their innovation (Alex Plus) has gained huge popularity among novices and professionals. Thanks to its exceptional performance!

It fills cracks and holes with high durability. Not to forget that the areas do not shrink or sink as they hold up firmly. After that, you’re allowed to sand and paint.

The manufacturing formula is designed to deliver efficient performance and professional strength. Especially when repairing small holes or hairline cracks. You can use it on various surfaces including metal, wood, and drywall.

Its crack- and shrink-resistant formula enables professionals to complete the repair successfully with just 1 coat. Also because of that, it’s easy to apply.

So you save a lot of time during paint preparation!

When applied, it leads you to an efficient drywall sanding stage. That creates a smooth finished surface and you never look back! Furthermore, it creates the preferable paintability needed by professionals for a finished repair.

This allows the surface to blend perfectly with the surrounding areas.

With its remarkable strength, it can endure driving a nail without causing damage to the surface. So, you can depend on its long-lasting protection. And now smile, because you’re allowed to apply this spackle for repairs on indoor & outdoor sides.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Alex-Plus Spackle comes in various convenient sizes. So, go ahead and check the details to pick yours right now!


  • Resistant to cracking & shrinking
  • Exceptional durability
  • Professional strength


  • Color: white
  • 32 oz. container
  • Paintable drywall spackle

8. ONETIME Patch & Prime Lightweight Spackling Paste

What if I repair a hole with filling paste and challenge you to find out from the wall? How does it sound? Interesting, right!

To challenge you in this game, I need to use the aforementioned Red Devil ONETIME Polyfilla. You need to apply this paste for onetime, and it will provide long-lasting repairing solutions. There is no requirement for priming or sanding.

It comes as ready to use pack.

You may ask how this putty works perfectly without primer!?!

Yes, valid question indeed. An interesting fact is that you will get spackle and primer blended all together in this excellent filling putty.  It will save your time as this product features fast drying. Not only that, but it also provides smoothness.

It will not get a crack after drying or years after drying.

This multipurpose filler can be used to repair holes three inches in diameter. As it is a lightweight spackle, it does not have the strength to hold spots more than that size. But it is a handful for repairing nail or screw holes and even cracked plasters.

You can easily use it on the interior and exterior walls. Let me share an exciting fact with you. If you use this putty on the outer wall, it will dry more rapidly than other traditional filler paste.

If you have previous experience working with putty, you know how hard it is to clean the filling paste from the surrounding area. You will not face a similar sort of problem while using this paste. This paste is very easy to clean up quickly by using water and a sponge.

It supports a wide range of substrates. But it works efficiently on drywalls, plasters, cardboards, concrete to wooden surfaces.


  • Easy 1-step application
  • Works on drywall & wood
  • Won’t crack or, shrink
  • Comes in a convenient bucket
  • Dries fast & paint ready


  • Made by Red Devil
  • Patch + Primer
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 473 mL
  • 1-pack option (12-pack avail.)

9. Red Devil – ONETIME Lightweight White Spackle

It is one of the most widely used filler pastes in the United States. Commonly, a question oozes out. What makes it one of the most popular spackles in the country?

The answer is QUALITY!!!

The service and quality it provides for repairing aspirants are very incredible. Now, let’s talk about some of its excellent specifications.

This filling putty is made of acrylic material, and it is best known for its strength as well as durability. The applying process is straightforward. You can apply it with a putty knife, and It is possible due to the design of the bucket.

The bucket is designed in such a way that you can use a knife or other plastering accessories. It comes in nice white color, perfect for matching with the base walls. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

And it’s highly effective in both cases.

It has excellent binding strength. It can easily and efficiently bind to a wide range of substrates. Interestingly, you can use it to fill the mirror. Not only the glass, but you can also repair ceramic, drywall, wood, cardboard, and many more.

Rapid drying is the most praise-able virtue of this multipurpose filler. It will dry within 45-60 minutes after applying to the surface. Due to its multipurpose activities, the time duration doesn’t depend on the surface it has been used.

But the drying time may vary a bit based on the season and temperature.

After drying, it will be ready to color or decor the surface as per your demands. Another important fact is that no sanding is required as a finishing touch.


  • Indoor & outdoor uses
  • Shrink and crack proof
  • Easily spreads over the surface
  • Skipping to sand doesn’t impact
  • Fast-drying & saves time


  • Made by: Red-Devil
  • Allows painting
  • 1-pack options (12-pack avail.)
  • Color: white
  • Size: 1 Pint

10. DAP – White Spackling Paste for Drywall, 1/2 Pint

DAP is one of the most renowned Polyfilla producing companies. It has a diverse range of filling products. Among them, a half-pint DAP spackle paste is widely appreciated by its users.

The packing container is excellent for using a putty knife. A wide range of plaster accessories can be used to pull out the paste from the box and apply it to the surface.

This putty has great uses to touch up small holes, like a screw or nail holes or small wooden cracks. It has specialized benefits in a wooden spot or cracks fixation. Typically, this paste is used for glue purposes.

You might be thinking, can I use it on the walls or cardboards?

According to many users, you can easily apply it to the cardboard, but applying it to the wall might be tricky. I will not recommend you try it on the wall. For wall fixing purposes, you may always try out products of Red Devil or 3M. They are best in wall fixation.

You can use it for any kind of interior application. Of course, this “any kind” is limited to only wooden and cardboard stuff. It will provide superior consistency and smoothness.

It needs to sand. But the sanding quality is minute, and the process is very simple.

Most of you have already noticed the most crucial feature of an excellent spackle. Yes, rightly guessed—the drying capacity. DAP paste has outstanding drying capacity, it dries very fast. After drying, you will not find any roughness or cracks on the surface.

And, It turns white after drying.


  • Dries fast and smooth
  • Easy to sand
  • Professional grade
  • Saves application time
  • Ready-mixed spackle


  • Made by DAP (USA)
  • Interior spackling paste
  • Weight: 8 FL Oz
  • Color: white
  • Size: ½ Pint

11. Pre-Mixed White Vinyl Spackling, 1 Quart – by RED DEVIL

It’s a great vinyl putty with a wide range of applications. You can use it to solve interior and exterior issues. Scooping has never been comfortable with a wide-opening bucket.

You can use a putty knife to scoop it and apply it quickly. For a user-friendly bucket design, there is no to minimal chance of product wastage. The finishing of this specific product is outstanding. You will not find any difference after applying and smearing on the wall.

One of the significant differences between vinyl and acrylic filling paste is finishing quality. Vinyl filler tends to glaze after finishing. Even you don’t need to color it if you can apply it properly, it dries very fast.

After that, you will not find any sagging or cracking issues. It can be a great option for small to medium-ranged-hole repairing.

You need to sand it after putting the filler into the hole. This might seem a little bit hazy to you. But technically, it is imperative to sand after applying the putty. Even you will wonder, some people use sand where there is no need at all.

Why do they do it? Well, it provides sustainability and durability to the newly filled putty.

This Polyfilla is easily paintable. The moment it dries, you can color it. As I have said earlier, if you can smear and sand it properly, you don’t even need to color it. According to the manufacturer, they call it virtually invisible.

It has higher durability and binding strength. It can bind on different surfaces, and you can use it on the wallboard, stucco, woods, and many more.

Lastly, the cleaning of this putty is effortless and simple. You need to use soapy water to clean it up. The surface texture doesn’t get hampered due to soapy treatments.


  • Easy to sand and finish
  • Multi-surface application
  • Interior + exterior application
  • Fast-drying durable action
  • Water-based


  • Made by RED-DEVIL
  • Pre-mixed vinyl compound
  • Paintable
  • Weight: 946 mL
  • Color: white

Drywall Spackle Buying Guide: What to Consider?

Now, let us give you a few key pointers you should note. Following them would help you avoid any mistakes when buying your best spackle for completing the drywall project. It’s just a few things that are pretty straight to investigate.

1. Drying Time

This is not a very big deal to many drywall repairmen. Especially, those who got enough time to take care of the repair being slow and steady. Contrarily, it can be a major concern for those who got less time in hand. So, be sure to understand the type of situation.

2. Color of the Spackle

Although in our list we haven’t included any spackle that’s not paintable, we believe that has to be checked carefully. Not that important we guess, as almost all types of spackles come paintable. Even after that, just a small reminder from us.

3. Performance & Durability

The third criteria, but the most important one ever! Cause whatever color you buy, or whatever the drying time is, no one would compromise with the performance. And we highly considered this specific thing to make sure it’s always a great product that we recommend to others. So, our list is packed with today’s top leading drywall spackles.

4. Notable Specification

This is also important and mostly to remind you to be conscious when buying spackles for drywall finishing. So the thing here is that some specific products might come with unique features that you might like or dislike.

As an example, have a look at the first product on our list. It comes with a dry time indicator and that’s something very interesting to a huge number of customers.

5. Price & Size

We call it the last step among all the above. So, before you finally hit that order button, just make sure you point out the right package of your comfort. Some of the products will have a few other available package options to adjust your project volume. Make your right spackle buying decision to meet the actual project requirements.

Difference Between Spackling And Patching Plaster?

There is no significant difference between spackling and patching plaster. There are some subtle differences in where and why it is used, how it works, and its mechanism.

1. Definition

Spackles are paste-like materials made with gypsum and adhesives. On the other hand, patching plaster has calcium sulfate as core material, commonly known as gypsum rock. It is a balanced combination of gypsum, lime, and water.

2. Why Use

Modern, decorated homes are decorated with various layered materials. Brick walls are layered with false ceiling materials like plywood or cardboard. Spackling paste is commonly used to cover up small holes like the nail and screw holes.

The patching plaster is typically used to repair cracked plasters made of gypsum, sand, and lime. Mainly, the core plasters of a building are repaired with this type of paste.

3. When to Use

Typically, spackling paste is used to repair small and mid-sized holes or cracks. The spots generated after installing a wall TV or paintings can be easily fixed by it. But patching plaster is used to fill up larger gaps than usual. If you plan to repair a crack more than five inches, it can be the ultimate option.

4. How to Use

Most of the spackles are ready-to-use types of paste. You need to scoop the paste with a putty knife or spatula, then apply it to the hole and smear properly.

In the case of plaster, you will get two types of plaster in the market.

One type is ready to use, and another is pre-mixed powder. It’s ready to use, paste, and can be administrated the same as spackling putty. Usually, the pre-mixed powder is mixed with water, and after forming a paste, it becomes applicable on the surface.

5. Where it Can be Used

Spackle is widely used on different kinds of surfaces. It is usable on cardboard, drywall, stucco, and wood. Some people also reported that they used it to repair small glass holes as well. On the contrary, plasters are best to use on the plastered wall.

6. Drying Capacity and Hardness

Spackling putty usually dries within an hour after applying, and hardness is moderate. Whereas, plaster starts clogging just after putting on the surface. It has comparatively heavy strength than spackles.

7. Durability

Spackles are less durable than plaster. This comparison is based on their relative holding strength. But we have to remember that, applicable surface and range are quite different for each other. Spackles are best for repairing small holes easily and efficiently.

8. Safety

Most of the spackles are labeled as carriers of potential carcinogenic materials, whereas very few plasters are a potent source of carcinogenic agents. Like these, all are adhesives; we should always use a spatula, putty knife while working with these materials.

Also read about Sanding Sponge vs. Sandpaper


Spackling is an excellent innovation for joining and repairing small cracks or fills up small holes. Applications of spackles are far-reaching. In this guide, we have tried to focus on the best drywall spackles available in the market.

We’ve described different features and conducted comparative analysis where it was necessary. Hopefully, it has guided you best on selecting the right spackle for your drywall repairing projects.

Feel free to comment and share it with others…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is spackle as strong as drywall?

Answer: Yes, spackle is more potent than drywall. Spackle works perfectly onto the surface, but the range of exposure is limited. It works efficiently on smaller holes and dries rapidly. In the case of larger holes, spackling is not recommended.

2. Can I use spackle instead of mud?

Answer: Yes, you can fill up any holes with mud that can be filled up with spackle. But, generally, mud is very prone to sagging and shrinkage, but spackle is not.

3. What is the best drywall patch compound or, crack filler?

Answer: Spackle is one of the best patch compounds for drywall. It fills the cracks easily and dries rapidly which provides long-lasting durability. It is very significant to fill smaller holes or cracks.

4. Can I use wood filler instead of spackle?

Answer: Wood filler is commonly used to fill wooden holes. Generally, spackle can be used where you can use wood filler or wooden putty. Finishing can be an issue. Wood filler can provide you smooth texture on a wooden surface, and on the other hand, you can get a wooden texture on spackle paste after coloring it.

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