10 Best Plexiglass Cleaners for Windshields, Aircraft Acrylics, Sneeze Guards

With all the benefits, acrylic plexiglass is easier and more prone to damage. So, cleaning it requires special care and more attention as compared to glass. And with the best plexiglass cleaner agent, you’ll be able to promote its clarity and longevity.

Even better, it will maintain its shine as well as transparency.

Remember, powerful chemicals lead to visible scratches and cracks when used on plexiglass. Leaving users with one primary concern, what is the best cleaning agent to use for cleaning acrylic plexiglass materials?

In this article, we’ll solve that puzzle for you. Let’s dive in to discover the best acrylic cleaning solutions worth buying!

Quick round-up table with top 3 choices:

Image Name Rating Price
Dust and Dirt Repellant UV Protectant Spray for Plexiglass

5 out of 5

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Meguiar’s G12310 Plastx Plexiglass Cleaner

5 out of 5

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Novus – Plastic Polish Kit for Plexiglass

4.5 out of 5

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What Is Plexiglass And Its Uses?

Plexiglass, also known as acrylic/ Lucite, is a transparent thermoplastic. Don’t get it wrong, though! Regardless of its name, plexiglass is not glass. Besides, most people prefer it over glass, and there’s a good reason for that!

To start with, acrylic is shatterproof, simple to cut, lighter, and tougher to crack. Hence, making it an excellent option for various home and commercial applications. It’s used to construct items like tabletops, shower enclosures, and residential windows.

10 Best Plexiglass Cleaner Reviews

1. Dust and Dirt Repellant UV Protectant Spray for Plexiglass


Cleaning plexiglass surface regularly helps to get rid of grease, grime, and dirt. More importantly, it prevents the chances of damaging its transparency. But, not every cleaner will accomplish that job without harming the surface. That’s why you need to consider safe products like this 303 Marine UV Protectant Spray.

It protects the surface against UV rays. As such, the acrylic material will be able to resist drying and cracking. Best of all, they will not fade or discolor, even if they’re frequently exposed to direct sunlight.

To make things even better, this protectant enables the surface to repel dust and stains. For this reason, you don’t have to get involved in a regular cleaning schedule. The cleaner will give you effective cleaning results with just one application.

This formula was initially intended for the aviation and aerospace industries. However, that’s not the only place you can use it! It’s very versatile and gives superior protection to hard materials. You can use it on plexiglass, vinyl, leather, plastic, eisenglass, and rubber.

It’s also worth noting that this cleaner is free from alcohol and bleach. Consequently, it’s safe on the surface and doesn’t make it dull.

The application procedure is straightforward. For starters, you’ll get usage instructions with everything you need to know. The convenient 32-ounce spray bottle comes with a built-in trigger sprayer. You just need to spray it on the intended surface and wipe it dry!

That simple! It will leave you with a nice-looking streak-free finish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Repels dust & stains
  • It doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Water-based formula
  • Protects surfaces from harmful UV rays
  • Works on multiple materials

2. Meguiar’s G12310 Plastx Plexiglass Cleaner

Sometimes, cleaning plexiglass may not restore its optical clarity. In that case, you should consider giving this Meguiar’s PlastX polish a try. It’s the best polish for removing light defects on both flexible and rigid transparent plastics. You’ll also find it best for polishing resin art projects.

That’s not the only benefit you’ll get from this cleaner, though!

Regardless of your expertise, you can easily maneuver this product. Unlike some other acrylic cleaning solutions, its application process isn’t that complex.

Start by applying a small amount of the gel to a cloth towel/ foam pad. Then use it to rub onto the plastic thoroughly. Now, using a clean microfiber, wipe off the residue before it dries.

With its advanced formula, this cleaner can get rid of light scratches, and stains fast and easily. Better still, it’s strong enough to remove chemical degradation and light oxidation. Not to forget its water-resistant polymers that give materials durable protection.

With rich polishing oil, it produces a high-gloss finish on the surface. So, it’s simultaneously a cleaner and polisher. And, you can achieve the gloss and shine you desire.

Lastly, Meguiar’s PlastX cleaner is designed to work on various surfaces. It’s perfect for use on brake lights, headlights, and transparent plastic surfaces. It’s of the best maintenance and cleaning products for clear plastic parts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple to apply
  • Appropriate for various clear plastic components
  • Restores glossy surface finishing
  • Removes light scratches, cloudiness, discoloration, and oxidation

3. Novus – Plastic Polish Kit for Plexiglass

NOVUS has been providing surface protection and cleaning solutions since 1972. For that, they’re widely recognized as a market leader. So, you can rest assured that you’re getting yourself a Plexiglass cleaner from a reputable brand.

This kit offers the best solution for revitalizing and restoring all plastic materials. Its formula can restore faded, discolored, and scratched materials.

In terms of versatility, this polish can work on various products. It’s also ideal for DVDs/ CDs, aquariums, headlamps, windshields, and boats. Simply put, you can use it to clean and restore any acrylic product you can think of. You can use it to clean Plexiglass, Vivak, Acrylite, lexan, among others.

Or even use this to polish cured resin materials.

Unlike the cleaners we’ve looked at above, the NOVUS polish kit comes with three different products. You’ll get a cleaner, polisher, and scratch remover. Moreover, you’ll get two applicator clothes. This ensures you’ve everything you need to get the task done.

Polish 1 (cleaner) is ideal for cleaning, shining, and protecting surfaces. And polish 2 (polisher) gets rid of haziness and fine scratches. Lastly, polish 3 (scratch remover) eliminates abrasion and heavy scratches.

Even with all these items, carrying this kit around is quite simple. Thanks to its compact nature, allowing it to fit into a carrying case or glove compartment. Overall, this polish kit is quite convenient, especially for regular plexiglass cleaning and maintenance.

It will help you remove dirt, abrasions, water stains, and more on the acrylic surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to carry around
  • Works on most plastic parts
  • Delivers professional results
  • Removes scratches, dirt, water stains, etc.
  • Includes: cleaner, scratch remover & polisher

4. Rain-X Plexiglass Cleaner Treatment

Established in 1972, Rain X produces synthetic hydrophobic surface-applied cleaners. This enables materials to repel water. Consequently, it causes water to bead and roll off automobile windows and windshields. Although they produce various products, today we’ll look at their 620036 Treatment.

This is a water-repellant that provides an incredible water beading coating. It works on various plastics such as Plexiglass, Lucite, Polycarbonate, Lexan, and Acrylic. You’ll find these materials on boat windshields, motorcycle windscreens, and goggles.

One thing we love about this treatment is that it forms a protective layer on these surfaces. When the surface comes into contact with water, it causes it to bead and roll off. This results in enhanced all-weather visibility, driving comfort, and safety. Moreover, it is easy to remove salt, bugs, mud, ice, and frost from transparent plastic surfaces.

Another benefit of this formula is that it’s very effortless to apply. It’s available in a 12 oz spray bottle, so you just need to spay it directly onto the surface. Alternatively, you can spray the solution onto a clean cotton cloth and use it to wipe the material.

Also, like other Rain-X products, this treatment is reasonably priced. For safer driving, especially when it’s raining, we recommend that you use this treatment. Its beading technology ensures that the view ahead remains clear at all times.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spray-on application
  • Hydrophobic treatment for plastic surfaces
  • Ideal for plastic marine & motorcycle windshields
  • Improves plastics’ water repellency
  • Long-lasting coating

5. Multi-Surface Glass Cleaner (Pack of 4)

One common mistake people make when cleaning plexiglass is using incorrect cleaning solutions. One such solution is the one that contains ammonia since it does more harm than good. This is because it may corrode the surfaces, hence affecting their longevity.

So, avoid using products that contain ammonia when cleaning your plastic parts. And the best way to ensure that is to get yourself a Non-ammoniated cleaner. We’re talking about a product like Glass Plus cleaning solution.

This solution comes in a pack of four 32 oz. spray bottle. This is more than enough for light commercial and household acrylic cleaning needs.

Considering that this formula doesn’t produce an unpleasant ammonia smell, it’s safe and easy to use. Instead, it generates a clean, fresh scent to improve your cleaning experience.

Better still, you don’t have to use a lot of solutions to get excellent results. So, although it is free from harsh chemicals, it’s powerful and effective.

Moving on, this formula’s versatility is quite incredible. It’s safe to use on various materials, including plexiglass, plastics, and fiberglass. Besides, it works great on chrome, granite, countertops, and stainless steel as well.

The only issue with this formula is that it doesn’t cut through tough grime and stains as quickly as harsh products. Make no mistake, though- it’s an excellent daily cleaning solution. For that, you can use it for one-off messes and light, frequent cleanings.

All in all, this multi-functional solution is ideal for cleaning various surfaces. Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable acrylic cleaners on our list. So you don’t have to spend a fortune to meet your household cleaning needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-ammoniated formula
  • Delivers a streak-free shine
  • Cuts through grime, dirt, and grease
  • Safe to use on multiple materials
  • Pleasant, clean scent

6. Plexus Plexiglass Protectant, Cleaner, and Polish

Plexus was initially created for cleaning and polishing aircraft windshields and windows. Nonetheless, its application extends beyond the aircraft industry. So, it’s a multi-functional cleaning product.

But what’s so great about this cleaner?

First, this plastic protectant, polished and clean, is very simple to apply. Thanks to the convenient aerosol applicator, it comes in to promote the effortless application. Point the can at the surface you intend to clean and spray. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution. The aerosol spray dispenses the right amount of cleaning solution. This helps to reduce spillage.

In addition to cleaning surfaces, this formula acts as a protectant. It gives plastic surfaces durable protection. Consequently, it helps them last for many years to come. Moreover, it forms a micro-thing protective wax layer that seals the surface pores. This layer supports the plastic to withstand damage caused by oil, scratches, and debris.

Getting back to versatility, this cleaner can work on multiple surfaces. For starters, it works on any plastic materials that you see out there. It’s also ideal for cleaning vinyl windows, computer screens, and laminated surfaces.

On the flip side, this cleaner is a bit costly than other similar products. So, if you’re budget-conscious, the cleaning solution may not be the best option for you. But, if you want an effective solution for cleaning and protecting your acrylic, it’s worth the money!

Highlighted Features:

  • Free from CFCs
  • Convenient aerosol applicator
  • Available in a 13 oz can
  • Protects materials from harsh chemicals
  • Leaves plastic surfaces vibrant

7. Brillianize – Plastic Cleaner in Pump Spray Bottle

Manufactured by a California-based company, Brillianize is the best anti-static cleaner out there. This formula is intended for use on glass and plastic parts. You can apply it on LCD/ plasma screens and display cases.

It’s also used by many galleries and museums across the country. But, what is so unique about this cleaner? Well, there are many answers to that!

For one, this cleaning solution is bi0-degradable and non-toxic. It doesn’t contain ammonia, alcohol, or sodium lauryl sulfate. Instead, it contains mild abrasives that restore clarity and smoothness. Therefore, it’s safe to use since it doesn’t harm pets or children. This also indicates that you can safely use it for outdoor or indoor applications.

Another unique thing about this solution is that it’s a 2-in-1 product. In other words, it acts as a cleaner as well as a polisher. You can use it to clean or lightly polish glass until you achieve a clearer and smoother surface.

This formula can also work on plexiglass, chrome, metal, stainless steel, and Lexan. It also does wonder when used on car windows.

Besides, it leaves a high gloss finger-resistant finish on any hard, shiny surface. It’s an excellent cleaning solution for handling precious possessions and other demanding jobs. To apply, spray the solution onto the material and wipe it off with a microfiber towel.

Brillianize glass cleaner comes at a very affordable price. Repetitive use preserves the original acrylic finish and protects it against UV rays. Better still, it leaves a protective layer that repels oil, dirt, and fingerprints.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reasonable price
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Dust-resistant anti-static finish
  • Works on all non-porous, hard, and shiny surfaces

8. Plane Perfect – Clear Surface Cleaner for Plexiglass

Acrylic surfaces feel smooth to the touch, particularly after washing or removing dirt. However, if you inspect them closely, you may notice many deep pits that trap grime and dirt.

These cracks are caused by rocks and larger particles that hit windshields and glass as you drive. The surface may also have scratches caused by repetitive cleaning and aggressive wiping. Luckily, you quickly remove these cracks by polishing the surface lightly. That’s where the Plane Perfect Eyes Cleaner comes in!

This brand was initially designed to create products that were intended for planes. Yet it does wonder when used on motorcycles and other surfaces.

With its safe formula, this solution cleans and protects most plastic parts. These include materials like plexiglass, acrylite, lexan, lucite, and acrylic. Also, it works on glass as well as hard, shiny surfaces.

The other thing you need to know about this solution is that it acts as a 3-in-1 product. You can use it to clean, protect and polish various surfaces.

Regarding the packaging, this cleaner comes in a simple to use 16 oz. spray bottle. Better still, it’s also available in a 1-gallon refill bottle.

After applications, this solution leaves a protective anti-static layer on the surfaces. This enables your materials to resist fingerprints and dust. It’s an excellent option for cleaning satellite navigation and instrument clusters.

Simply put, this formula is an innovative plastic polish and cleaner that has many uses. It’s an excellent option for your aircraft, marine, bike, and automotive cleaning needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-in-1 performance
  • It leaves a durable shine
  • Outstanding cleaning capabilities
  • Comfortable 16 oz. spray bottle
  • Works on various materials
  • Anti-static properties

9. Castle PLEXO Plexiglass Cleaner Kit

Plexiglass requires its unique cleaning solution that’s free from harsh chemicals. This helps to protect it from discoloration and scratches. One such product that you can use for that task is this Castle Plexo Cleaning kit!

When you buy this kit, you’ll get two microfiber towels and 2 Plexiglass cleaner spray cans. Hence ensuring you’ve got everything you need for your plastic cleaning task.

The unique thing about this cleaner is that its gentle formula is safe to use. It is free from harmful chemicals, so it will not discolor or scratch your acrylic surfaces. Moreover, it doesn’t contain ammonia which can damage the surface. For this reason, it’s safe to apply on plastic and glass surfaces. Some of these materials include; acrylic, ceramic, eisenglass, and Lexan.

As you know, plastic materials tend to attract static electricity buildup. So, causing dust in the air to cling to the surfaces. But with this cleaner, that’s not likely to happen since its formula is anti-static. It eliminates electrostatic buildup, helping materials stay cleaner for longer. This also allows it to remove fingerprints as well as dust particles.

It’s also worth mentioning that this formula is scratch and fog-resistant. Not to forget that it’s extremely simple to apply. Thanks to its foaming spray that doesn’t drip or run. So, when you spray it, the solution stays on the surface until you wipe it off with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gentle, fast-acting formula
  • Ideal for glass plastic
  • Free from ammonia, abrasives, and harsh chemicals
  • Resists fogging & reduces static
  • Removes dust & fingerprints

10. Detail Direct Plexa Clean Plexiglass Cleaner Kit

Last on our list is this Plexiglass Cleaner from Detail Direct. With this kit, you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching the products you need to clean your acrylic surface. That’s because this cleaning kit has got you covered. You’ll get two aerosol spray cleaners as well as two microfiber cloths.

Unlike liquid acrylic cleaner, this product features a no-drip aerosol-based formula. This enables it to cling to vertical and smooth surfaces without running or dripping. Wait for about seconds, then wipe off the surface with a microfiber cloth.

This formula quickly cuts through and dissolves stubborn grime, oil, and dirt. Even better, it leaves a crystal clear and streak-free finish. And you get it both cleaner and more transparent.

Another plus for this formula is that it’s safe to use on vinyl and plastic parts. Although it’s free from ammonia, it effectively delivers heavy-duty cleaning action. So, with one simple swipe, you can easily clean interior acrylic surfaces and window tints. Besides, lack of ammonia means that it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell. Instead, it has a pleasant scent that you will enjoy, even when the cleaning task is completed.

Lastly, this spray doesn’t leave haze or streaks behind. Apart from cleaning, it neutralizes the electrostatic buildup on the surface. Since static electricity attracts dirt, the surface will stay cleaner for longer!

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-drip aerosol formula
  • Ideal for use on glass, windshields, and plastic
  • It doesn’t contain abrasives or harsh chemicals
  • Thick form clings onto the surface
  • Eliminates electrostatic buildup

Things to Consider when Buying Plexiglass Cleaner 

If your Plexiglass surfaces need some cleaning, it’s time to get yourself an acrylic cleaner. It will help you to enhance their appearance and value.

Finding the right plexiglass cleaner is not that simple, though. Worst of all, if you choose the wrong cleaning solution, it will do more harm than good. To avoid that, there are some factors you should consider while shopping for a cleaner. Some of these aspects include;

1. Effectiveness

This is one of the most critical parameters of an acrylic cleaner. Before you buy a particular product, make sure it can remove grime, grease, and dust efficiently. While doing so, it should not affect, discolor, streak, or scratch the material.

2. Surface Compatibility

You also need to ensure that the formula is compatible with Plexiglass surfaces. Although this material is easy to maintain, it’s susceptible to harsh chemicals.

3. Versatility

Apart from cleaning acrylic, a good cleaner should work on other surfaces as well. So, make sure you choose a product that can work on multiple materials. This makes it ideal for applications like cleaning windshields, appliances, and other surfaces.

4. Safe Formula

As we mentioned earlier, acrylic is prone to certain chemicals. This is because it’s a soft and simple-to-clean material that’s easily eroded by strong chemicals. For this reason, you don’t need a strong formula to clean acrylic components. Instead, the best cleaner for plexiglass should safely clean the surface. On the same note, the formula should be non-toxic, dye-free, and acid- and alcohol-free.

5. Easy Application

Always pick an acrylic cleaner that is simple to apply to make the entire process mess-free. More importantly, look for a product with a straightforward application process. That way, you’ll be able to clean your surfaces with one simple step!

6. Scent

Scented cleaners are ideal for use on various surfaces. However, some of these smells tend to generate harmful fumes. This can lead to respiratory conditions and breathing problems. So, if you want a scented cleaner, opt for a product that produces a pleasant smell.

7. Price

Different acrylic cleaner brands in the market contain different ingredients. And that causes their prices to vary significantly. Some can buff out minor scratches, while others have polishing properties. But, if you want a basic cleaning solution that will get the job done, look for an affordable and more straightforward option.


The process of choosing the best plexiglass cleaner may vary based on your preferences and circumstances. One cleaner may not be a good choice for someone else. But, one thing is obvious, though – We all need the best cleaner to treat our plexiglass items!

As far as that is concerned, every cleaner on our list is a winner.

Check them out and choose the perfect cleanser that will suit your cleaning needs.


1. Can I use vinegar or Windex as a plexiglass cleaner?

Answer: Never use Windex or vinegar to clean your acrylic parts. Windex cleaner contains ammonia, while vinegar is too acidic for plexiglass.

2. Does an eraser sponge scratch the surface?

Answer: Yes. Eraser sponges have tiny pores that make them light abrasive. This may cause them to scratch the surface.

3. Can I polish my scratched plexiglass barrier?

Answer: There are scratch removers that can buff out light scratches and polish acrylic. Some of these scratch removers include Turtle Wax and Novus.

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