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11 Best Threadlocker Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Are you working on threaded fasteners like bolts and nuts? If so, you’ll need threadlockers that are also referred to as thread lock sealers. It’s a low viscosity adhesive that protects fasteners from corrosion, loosening, and leakage.

Unfortunately, this fluid comes in a variety of grades, colors, and strengths. If you’re a beginner, choosing the best threadlocker is not that easy.

For that, we’ve done the math for you!

And, we’re going to reveal our list of the 11 top leading thread lockers for you. As you go through the content, it should be easier for you to narrow down the choice according to your needs. Each of these products guarantees reliable and uniform performance.

With that in mind, here’s the first 3 product’s overview:

Image Name Our Rating Price
Loctite Heavy Duty Blue 242 Threadlocker

5 out of 5

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Permatex – Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker, 6 ml

5 out of 5

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Loctite – Heavy Duty Red 271 Threadlocker, 0.2 Ounce

5 out of 5

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All-Purpose Medium Strength Anaerobic Threadlocker Stick, Blue

4.5 out of 5

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Vibra-TITE, VC-3 Threadmate Red Threadlocker, 5mL Tube

4.5 out of 5

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TOP 11 Best Threadlockers (Reviews)

To talk about the best one at a glance, we’d recommend to you mostly the Loctite Heavy Duty ThreadLocker. It’s best for a wide range of applications. And the brand has several types including blue, red, etc. Also, permatex is not lacking behind.

We just advised our opinion for a busy-surfer. But, if you want in-depth knowledge about them, you must stick around and read about the individuals at least.

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1. Loctite Heavy Duty Blue 242 Threadlocker

Thread lockers were invented by Loctite Corp. It’s currently known as Henkel Corp, established more than 50 years ago. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Loctite thread lockers are some of the most popular products in the industry.

One of their most common products being this Blue 242 thread locker!

Blue indicates that you can easily remove the fastener with standard hand tools. And it doesn’t even require extra effort. So, when you’re working on a fastener that needs frequent disassembly, this is the thread locker for you!

Its medium-strength formulation is ideal for 6mm (1/4 inch) – 20mm (3/4 inch) fasteners. Thus, you can use it for tank hardware, body-panel bolts, bash plates, and more. Moreover, this thread locking fluid can tolerate cleaning products and contaminants without degrading.

Another benefit of using this product is that it protects threads in metal fasteners from corrosion and rust. It also prevents vibration loosening as well as leakages.

The product includes twelve convenient 0.2 oz. tubes with a long tip, making it easy to apply. Besides, it sets in just 20 minutes, but it takes 24 hours to cure fully.

And did I tell you that this thread locker can withstand the temperature between -65 & 300 degrees Fahrenheit?

However, before application, shake it well, then clean and dry the metal parts. After that, apply it to the threaded components as well as assembly parts. Other than that, you’ll find this product extremely useful for power equipment, mowers, and small motors.


  • Easy to remove with hand tools
  • Locks threads & corrosion resistant
  • Prevents rusting, vibration loosening
  • Medium strength


  • Manufacturer: Henkel Corp
  • Withstand temp. -65 & 300 F
  • Size: 0.2 Oz. tubes
  • Color: Blue

2. Permatex – Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker, 6 ml

Why use conventional nylon inserts, locker washers, or lock nuts, when you can use this Permatex Threadlocker. It’s a way more affordable option than lock nuts and lock washers. Not to mention, Permatex is one of the most reputable brands in the adhesive industry.

Permatex 24200 protects the entire assembly from shock and vibration loosening. Thus ensuring that the forces clamping the fasteners are maintained. Besides, this product prevents leakages as well as corrosion.

It’s also blue like the first one on our list. That means you can easily disassemble the fastener with conventional hand tools. Moreover, it has an all-purpose, medium-strength formulation. Hence, it’s an excellent option for all 6 mm (1/4 inch) to 20 mm (3/4 inch) bolt and nut applications.

This product comes in a 6ml squeeze tube that’s easy to use. The tube has an applicator that allows you to apply the thread locker on the threaded fastener with ease.

And that’s not all!

Its gel formula offers liquid reliability, thus preventing mess, waste, globs, or drips during application. After application, the adhesive fills the space between threaded components. It then cures to form a strong seal and adhesive bond.

Some areas you can use this product include; driveshaft bolts, valve cover bolts, oil pan bolts, carburetor studs, water pump bolts, and more.


  • Seals & locks threads
  • Prevents vibration loosening
  • All-purpose, medium strength formula
  • Removable with std. hand tools
  • Convenient disassembly
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • Manufacturer: Permatex
  • Size: 6 ml squeeze tubes
  • Ideal for: 6 mm- 20mm bolts & nuts
  • Color: Blue

3. Loctite – Heavy Duty Red 271 Threadlocker, 0.2 Ounce

Looking for the best thread lock sealer to press fits and lock studs permanently? Then consider investing in this Loctite 271 thread locker!

It’s a high-strength product that is well-suited for various heavy-duty applications.

It’s a great option when working on a thread that you don’t intend to disassemble ever again. This, however, does not mean that you can’t disassemble the fasteners. Just heat the parts to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and you can easily remove them with your hand tools.

And, you want to know about the set time?

That’s just 10 minutes after the application. As for the curing speed, it takes 60 minutes, but it takes 24 hours to cure fully. The product adds the holding power on the press-fit and slips assemblies by 3000 psi after application.

It’s designed to seal and lock threaded metal fasteners permanently to prevent vibration loosening. You can use it on various 10mm (3/8 inch) – 25mm (1 inch) fasteners. Another great thing about this thread locker is that it’s moisture-resistant.

It also protects threads from corrosion, rusting, and leaks.

And you don’t even have to use the expensive lock washers and nuts. It comes in a 0.2 oz. tube. And with its unique formulation, ideal for machinery, engines, valve covers, alternators, and water pumps.


  • High Strength
  • Forms permanent seal
  • Protects threads from rust & corrosion
  • Locks threads to prevent vibration loosening


  • Manufacturer: Henkel
  • Size: 0.2 Oz.
  • Color: Red

4. Loctite All-Purpose Medium Strength Anaerobic Threadlocker Stick, Blue

Thread locking liquids can be a challenge for pre-applied and overhead applications. So, in such scenarios, the best thing would be to use thread locker sticks. Loctite Blue Anaerobic is one of the best sticks in the market.

It’s ideal for large and coarse threads and other difficult applications.

The wax-like stick comes packed in a self-feeding applicator. And, that makes it easy to apply, even in overhead applications. Also, you can fix difficult repairs without causing a mess. This also makes it easy to carry around and store.

You can even carry it in your pocket or keep it in a toolbox.

Because you know that it won’t drip or leak. Another notable feature of this is that it’s perfect for volume assembly. This is because you can apply it to a component that you intend to assemble after some time.

Being an anaerobic thread locker, it cures in absence of air. Also, since it’s a blue adhesive, you can easily disassemble it from a threaded fastener with hand tools. So, it’s commonly used for things that need servicing and maintenance.

This includes things like; presses, compressors, pumps, mounting bolts, gearboxes, and machine tools. It’s also worth noting that it has the same sealing capabilities and locking strength as Blue thread locking liquids.

Thus, they fill the gaps between threads and secure threaded assemblies. Furthermore, they protect threads from corrosion, leaks, and loosening. Loctite thread locker stick is available in both 9 & 19 grams packages.


  • Medium Strength
  • Easy to use & remove with hand tools
  • Wide applications
  • Ideal for difficult repairs


  • Manufacturer: Loctite
  • Style: 9-gram
  • Color: Blue
  • 19 grams pack available

5. Vibra-TITE, VC-3 Threadmate Red Threadlocker, 5mL Tube

Very few thread lockers can match the versatility offered by VC-3. All thanks to its compatibility with fasteners of all sizes. So, whether you’re working on large construction bolts or tiny sets & eyeglass screws, this thread locker will suit perfectly.

It’s one of the best lock sealers for small adjustment screws and fasteners.

Besides, it ensures that small fasteners remain locked, yet easy to adjust or remove when necessary. While we’re still on versatility, this product adheres to both non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastic screws, most plating’s, and wood screws.

Unlike traditional liquid thread lockers, it doesn’t create a hard bond on curing. Instead, its formula contains resins that enable it to absorb vibration and remain flexible.

Thus making fasteners coated with this product extremely adjustable, reusable, and removable. Not to mention that you just need standard hand tools and steady pressure.

You can use it on internal & external threads of any finish and material. It dries to touch in a matter of seconds after application. And you can, therefore, assemble the coated parts in a few minutes. Even better, you don’t have to pre-clean the parts.

However, for best results, it’s good to wipe off any visible dirt, grease, or oil.



  • Manufacturer: Vibra-TITE
  • Size: 5 ml
  • Color: Red
  • Made in the USA

6. Permatex – Surface Insensitive Threadlocker Blue

Permatex was established in 1909. Since then, the company has gained lots of popularity. But that didn’t come overnight just with the name. It had to provide quality products that please consumers from all aspects of use.

And so, they have become one of the best manufacturers of premium quality chemical products.

From auto repairs to home improvement, their products have a firm affection for many users. And this Surface Insensitive Threadlocker is just a part of the wonder. This is a medium to high strength product that’s ideal for general-purpose uses.

Unlike lock washers, this product, seals, and locks threads. So, it protects the entire fastener from shock and vibration loosening.

Since this liquid is anaerobic, it cures when confined between the engaged threads in absence of air. Thus resulting in a strong assemble that resists shock, vibration, and leakage.

You can apply this product on all bolt and nut assemblies between 1/4 and 3/4” diameter, even with slight film oils. It covers them perfectly for your servicing needs.

Also, you can easily disassemble the fasteners with hand tools.

Let’s talk about a few more great benefits of this!

It protects threads from corrosion, rust, and leakage. And, there will be no issues shrink or crack after curing. Regarding temperature and chemical resistance, this product does quite well. It has an oil-resistant formula that can withstand temperatures between -65 and 300 degrees F.

As for the packaging, the product is available in a 50ml bottle. While for applications, you can use it on; alternators, intakes, disc brake calipers, rocker adjustment bolts as well as pulley assemblies.


  • Easy to adjust or disassemble
  • Prevents leakage & vibration
  • Oil-resistant formulation
  • Medium-high strength


  • Manufacturer: Permatex
  • Size: 50 ml
  • Color: Blue
  • Ideal for 1/4 – 3/4” fasteners

7. Loctite Blue 242, All-Purpose Medium Strength Threadlocker Tube

Imagine having a thread locker that is ideal for various applications! Well, that’s exactly why you should get this all-purpose 242 medium strength product from Loctite. It works very well for different applications including your appliances’ bolt threads.

Its medium strength formulation is great for 1/4 – 3/4” fasteners.

Besides, this formula allows you to disassemble the components easily with hand tools. This also makes it the perfect one to apply in parts that need regular maintenance. For that, it’s mainly used on less active materials like plated surfaces and stainless steel.

Some areas it’s commonly used include; bash plates, body-panel bolts, and tank hardware among others. Use it on anything you might want to disassemble once in a while. Other applications are; fuel injection set screws, throttle body assembly, carburetors, headlamps, relay locks, and choke assembly.

After application, it cures to seal and lock threaded fasteners. This results in a secure assembly that won’t loosen, even when subjected to stress. Thus it prevents loosening because of vibration and shock. Moreover, this product protects threads from both corrosion and rust.

As for the packaging, this removable thread locker comes in a 6ml bottle that’s easy to use. Considering all these benefits, Loctite 242 is something your maintenance kit should always have!


  • Easy to remove with hand tools
  • Prevents vibration loosening
  • Resistant to rust & corrosion
  • Medium strength


  • Manufacturer: Henkel
  • Size: 6 ml
  • Color: Blue
  • Ideal for 6 – 20 mm fasteners

8. Vibra-TITE, Medium Strength Removable Anaerobic Threadlocker, Blue 121

Let’s talk about a general-purpose thread locker!

And, surprisingly it holds all imperial, metric, and conventional-sized bolts and nuts. It’s a medium-strength thread locker from Vibra TITE. This product enables you to meet the requirements of more than 80% of fastening applications.

You can use this product to lock threaded fasteners that might need disassembly with conventional hand tools. It performs well on steel, stainless steel, special alloy components, aluminum, and plated parts.

Besides, Vibra-TITE is solvent resistant and has excellent temperature resistance.

It’s ideal for threaded fasteners under 1-inch in diameter. During applications, it doesn’t drip or runoff. Also, because of its thixotropic chemistry, it doesn’t migrate after assembly. Once it cures, it seals and protects the assembly from vibration.

Hence giving the assembly controlled breakaway as well as prevailing torques. With this, installing parts becomes easy since it lubricates them.

It’s also a great option to replace mechanical locking devices like plastic inserts, bevel washers, and lock washers. Another benefit of using this is that it prevents leakage and rusting. And it comes in a 50ml bottle.

Before applying, make sure the components are dry, clean, and free from grease and oils.

Also, this thread locker is compatible with primers like Vibra-TITE Excel 612 and Excel 611. They help to speed up the adhesive’s fixture time. However, you should test the primers after full cure as they can affect both performance and strength.


  • Medium strength
  • Removable with hand tools
  • Seals & locks threaded fasteners
  • Holds the joint firmly


  • Manufacturer: Vibra-TITE
  • Size: 50 ml
  • Color: Blue
  • Ideal for 1/4 – 3/4″ fasteners

9. Permatex 27200 High Temperature Red Threadlocker

Are you working on a new engine or high-performance applications with high-temperature? Then you need this high-temperature thread locker from Permatex! A red thread locker that is specifically designed for such heavy-duty applications.

This thread locker can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s ideal for press fits and bolts with a diameter of 0.375 to 1”. The main benefits of using this product are that it prevents them from loosening because of vibration, shock as well as heat stress.

You can either apply this thread locker as a gel or liquid. And similar to other thread lockers, it performs well than conventional mechanical devices like nylon inserts and lock washers. This is because it secures the entire threaded fastener assembly.

Once this product cures, it forms a strong, adhesive seal and bond that requires heat to remove. To remove the cured thread locker, heat the parts to 500 – 600 degrees F so that they can separate.

Then use your hand tools to remove the threaded components. So, with this product, you can rest assured that it will prevent leakages.

Furthermore, it protects the fasteners from corrosion and rust.

One important thing is that you can’t use it on plastic. It’s only suited for metal parts. Therefore, you can use it on; idler bearings, camshaft sprocket bolts, transmission output, and input shaft threads, shock bolts, and ring gear.


  • Ideal for 0.375 – 1” fasteners
  • High strength
  • Requires heat to remove
  • High temperature resistant


  • Manufacturer: Permatex
  • Temp. tolerance: 450 degrees F
  • Size: 10 ml
  • Color: Red

10. Loctite Purple 222MS Low Strength Thread Locker

You will not always need a high-strength thread locker that keeps your fasteners locked in forever. Instead, you’ll need a low-strength product in some instances. Understanding that, Loctite provides this Low Strength thread locker to suit your needs.

The low-strength formula gives you lots of flexibility.

Especially, when you’re working on low-strength metals like brass and aluminum. Also, it’s a great option for small fasteners and screws, 1/4 inch in diameter.

You can use it for various applications including countersunk head screws, adjustment screws as well as set screws. After application, this product takes 24 hours to cure fully.

This product has control lubricity that facilitates accurate clamp loads. You can easily separate the fasteners with hand tools. It helps to prevent vibration loosening in parts like presses, pumps, and gearboxes.

The product comes in a 10 ml bottle that contains enough to suit your needs. As for the temperature resistance, it can tolerate between -65 and 300 degrees F.


  • Easy to disassemble
  • Ideal for threaded fasteners
  • Low strength compound
  • Good alternative to high strengths


  • Manufacturer: Loctite
  • Size: 10 ml
  • Color: Purple
  • Temp. tolerance -65 to 300° F

11. Loctite – High Strength Threadlocker Stick, Red, 9-Gram

If you’re tired of squeeze bottles leaking all over the toolbox, get yourself this High Strength thread locker stick for heavy-duty applications. Even better, you can use it for various repairs, maintenance as well as overhaul applications.

Unlike conventional liquids, it ensures that there are no spills, drips, or mess in your working space. Thus it’s a great option for overhead applications. Besides, it has pocket-friendly packaging and a patented toolbox. While the solid stick form makes this thread locker very simple to use.

Its color is red; meaning that it’s designed for more permanent and heavy-duty applications. You can use it on suspension bolts, motor, heavy equipment, and bearing cap bolts & studs. Also, when making a heavy-duty application that needs high resistance to vibrations, stress, and heavy shock.

It’s easy to separate covered parts.

You’ll need hand tools and localized heating.

Similar to most thread lock sealers, this stick can withstand temperatures between -65 and 300° F. And it’s designed for threaded fasteners with a maximum diameter of 3/4”.


  • Ideal for threaded fasteners
  • High strength T-locker stick
  • Great heavy-duty application
  • Convenient self-feeding applicator


  • Manufacturer: Loctite
  • Style: 9-gram
  • Color: Red
  • Temp. range -65 to 300° F

Different Types of Threadlockers

Have you ever been stuck between the different types of thread lockers? Especially considering that they come in four different colors; purple, green red, and blue. Do you even know what each color means? Well, these are some of the issues that confuse many starters.

Luckily, by going through this section, that confusion will be a thing of the past!

Thread lockers come in various grades to suit a wide selection of applications. Therefore, manufacturers color-code different grades to help differentiate them. Here is what each color indicates:

1. Purple

Purple thread lockers tend to have a lower strength formula than other products. They’re perfectly suited for threaded fasteners with a smaller diameter like set screws. Since small screws have small fittings, you’ll find this property very useful.

2. Blue

Blue is one of the most common thread locker grades out there. Products that are coded blue have a medium strength formula. The main benefit of using this thread locker is that you can easily remove the assemblies with conventional hand tools. Although that might need a little effort, the parts will not get stuck.

3. Green

Considered to have a medium-high strength formula, green thread lockers are ideal for locking preassembled fasteners like set screws or electrical connectors. To remove assemblies with this product, you need both hand tools and heat.

4. Red

Available in both semisolid and liquid anaerobic form red thread lockers formula have the highest strength. Considering how strong these products are, you need heat to disassemble them. This also makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Loctite vs. Permatex Threadlocker

Loctite and Permatex are the biggest manufacturers of thread lockers in the adhesive industry. However, Loctite products are more popular as compared to Permatex. While this is not very surprising, seeing that Loctite has more products, Permatex is increasingly becoming popular as well.

For that, most people are having a hard time choosing between these 2 brands.

So, of these 2 brands, which is the best option?

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to settle on a certain brand. Especially since their products are very similar. Apart from packaging, you may not even see any physical difference between the products.

But, why are these products so similar?

Well, seeing that Permatex was once owned by Loctite, it’s easy to understand how that’s the case. For that, we suggest that you don’t focus much on the brand. Instead, look for the features of each product and choose the one that suits your assembly needs perfectly!

Why Should You Use Threadlockers?

You can use a thread locker any time a threaded fastener is exposed to repeated impacts or vibration. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. This is because, even when parts are not subjected to vibrations, thread lockers enhance components’ structure and performance.

Why Should You Use Threadlocker?

You can apply them to assemblies for various reasons. But the main purpose is to lock and seal fastener assemblies together.

Thus preventing accidental loosening of threaded fasteners over time. To use it on a fastener, you only apply a small amount on the fastener before installation. Then, once it cures fully, the adhesives create a strong bond that secures the assembly.

And it becomes very strong. The joint won’t loosen even it’s subjected to repeated vibration and shock. Also, the best threadlocker will enhance the overall performance increasing the fastener’s longevity as well. This is because they protect the metal from rust and corrosion.

Thread Locker Application Tips

Regardless of its grade, here are some exclusive application tips you shouldn’t miss at all.

  • Don’t ignore the manufacturer’s instructions; such as – cure time.
  • It’s important to clean the threaded fasteners before you apply a thread locker. To accomplish this, you can use denatured alcohol, electrical contact cleaner, or brake cleaner.
  • Thread lockers only cure or set in the absence of air. So, if you drip some drops and leave them exposed to air, they’ll remain in liquid form for some time, until they evaporate. The main benefit of these features is that they’re simple to clean up after use.


So, that’s it for today! And, hopefully, we’ve gathered lots of information on that. Whether you see it from color, grade, performance, or whatever, our list will guide you on making a wise purchase of the best threadlocker.

From low to high strengths, whatever you desire to criticize, we’ve done that for you. Go ahead and pick yours! And don’t forget to make us glad about your suggestions, if you’ve got any. Good luck and stay safe.


1. Is the thread lock sealer permanent?

Answer: Some products like blue thread lockers are referred to as removable. While other like red thread lockers are referred to as permanent products since they’re hard to disassemble. However, if you observe the proper techniques, you can remove them as well.

2. Is threadlocker a type of glue?

Answer: Thread locker is a single-component adhesive that is used to prevent leakage, corrosion, and loosening in threaded fasteners.

3. Can blue Loctite be removed?

Answer: Blue thread locker has a medium-strength formula and it only holds to a certain extent. For that, it’s considered to be ‘removable’, and you can easily disassemble it.

4. Which thread locker can I use for gun screws?

Answer: Blur thread locker is the best product for securing gun screws as well as other threaded components.

5. Can Super Glue be used as threadlocker?

Answer: We would not recommend the use of superglue as a thread locker. This is because a thread locker should be waterproof, while super glues are not!

6. What chemical dissolves the green Loctite?

Answer: You can use a drop or two of acetone to dissolve green Loctite. But, you should be very careful as it can destroy various forms of paint.

7. Is thread lockers waterproof?

Answer: Yes! Indeed all thread lockers are waterproof. This is one of the main features that makes them better than super glues.

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