6 Best Caulking Spatula Set Reviews & Buying Guide

Achieving a perfect caulk bead finish has never been easier until the invention of some of the best caulking spatulas! Using your wet finger doesn’t really mean a professional high-end result. So why would you rather expose yourself to hazardous chemicals when there are simple and effective options available?

Like any other caulk finishing tool, a spatula will help you create a smooth and attractive line of beads. This will eliminate the need for using your fingers to smooth out the joint. Consequently, you won’t have to apply an additional bead of caulk.

Here’s a quick round-up table:

Image Name Our Rating Price
AE Classic Offset Caulk Tooling Spatula

5 out of 5

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Newborn Offset Caulking Spatula Set

5 out of 5

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AE 958-G01 Streamline Spatula

5 out of 5

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KIT-SPT Wooden Handled Straight

5 out of 5

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Newborn Slick-2 Straight Slick Set

4.5 out of 5

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Newborn SS Spatula Set for Caulking

4.5 out of 5

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6 Best Spatula Set for Caulking (Reviews)

These kits are very effective in providing an airtight seal around the shower tub and surroundings. However, finding the best spatula set for caulking can be a tedious job on the weekend when it’s your turn to spend quality time with family and friends.

That’s why we’ve made the job easier for you…!

With our extensive market research, we bring you the top 5 leading spatula sets worth investing in! Whether you’re a professional or beginner, you’ll find this article highly useful.

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1. AE Classic 7-Piece Offset Caulk Tooling Spatula

Caulking isn’t that much easy as it sounds like! Just like any other home improvement project, you’ll have to be slow and steady. More importantly, you have to have the right tools to end up professionally.

One such tool is this ALBION ENGINEERING classic offset stainless steel caulk tooling spatula. What makes it a wonderful kit for us is the stepped blade construction. It’s worth to mention this package includes 1 tapered and 6 straight blades.

Notably, the sizes are as follows –

  • 3/8” wide (tapered) X 3” long
  • 5/8” wide X 3” long
  • 3/4” wide X 4” long
  • 7/8” wide X 5” long
  • 1” wide X 6” long
  • 1-1/4” wide X 6” long
  • 1-1/2” wide X 6” long

So the various sizes will be highly useful around tight joints, tile corners, and seams. In addition, the classic hardwood handle seems pretty comfortable. You can hold it in your hands for a long time without getting fatigued.

And the perforation helps to hang them on a hock individually for faster access. That’s why we consider it as our best caulking spatula set for the money! No matter whether you’re a professional or novice, you’ll find it highly convenient to use for a small DIY caulking project or large contracts.

Not to forget that you can work both on caulk and grout.

Do you know what’s critical when using a spatula for finishing sealant?

Well, cleaning up is a tedious job.

Added to that, low profile tools will get affected by your cleaning solvent which is not the case for this premium-grade kit. It’s grounded and polished for better stability. The blade will flex to a certain degree needing minimum drag so you end up with high precision!


  • Professional outcome
  • Easy to use and clean-up
  • Comfortable hardwood handle
  • Has both individual or 7-piece package
  • Perforated handle makes it easy to store
  • Made with premium quality SS
  • Withstands solvent wash


  • The largest one is only 6-inch, not more than that

2. Newborn KIT-SPT Offset Caulking Spatula Set

Established in 1974, Newborn Brothers is a well-known brand in the sealant industry. They manufacture various accessories and dispensers for using with construction adhesives, and sealants. And this premium-grade kit is one of their best inventions for sealant finishing projects. The first thing that grabbed our attention is the offset construction.

As the name implies, ‘offset’ spatulas have a long narrow metal spreader that is bent at an angle from the handle. As a result, spreading and smoothing the bead, especially at drywall corners, becomes quite simple.

At the same time, this innovative design keeps your knuckles and fingers at a distance while finishing up the joints. So, unlike regular slicks, this kit will allow you to smooth out the bead uniformly without creating messes.

Interestingly, that’s not the only great feature that comes with this caulk finisher tool. Instead, it has other great properties such as wooden handles to ensure comfort while using the kit. And the set comes with a total of 6 offset metal slicks.

Better still, these pieces have different sizes, making them suitable for handling various sizes of caulking projects. To be precise, the kit comes with a 3” tapered slick, 3” regular spatula as well as 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” sizes.

They include a metal zip tie that binds together for convenient storage.


  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Easy to store and have faster access
  • 6 sizes for handling different-sized projects
  • Round tips make them ideal for tile corner joints
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to keep organized


  • Doesn’t contain a 10” long size

3. Albion Engineering 958-G01 Streamline Caulk Spatula

Albion Engineering is a 3rd generation company based in the USA that was established in 1929. However, they patented their 1st smooth rod caulking gun in 1935. Since then, they have manufactured innovative, superior accessories and hand tools for various applications. Their 958 Series caulk smoother tool is no exception!

To start, this set comes with 7 pieces of streamlined spatulas.

Do you know the best part?

Well, each spatula has a different size, making the set ideal for a wide range of sealant smoothing projects. To be precise, they are available in the following sizes; 3/8”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, 1”, 1-1/4”, and 1-1/2”.

When it comes to construction, each instrument is entirely made of stainless steel blades. Specifically, they’re crafted from premium-grade, precision ground stainless steel. Moreover, these blades are flexible and have rounded tips.

For that, you can use these tools for standard applications as well as unique applications. As an example, their optimum flexibility makes them suitable for creating concave joint profiles on shower tiles and grout.

Better still, the stainless steel construction means they don’t contain any plastic components. So they’re not affected by solvents plus simple to clean.

In terms of comfort, you’ll notice that each of these units has a curved handle. This makes them quite comfortable to hold when finishing sealant joints around tiles. Overall, this set has good adhesion to materials, helping you create perfectly finished joints.


  • Ergonomically curved handles
  • Superior stainless steel construction
  • Easy to clean up after use
  • Ideal for shower tiles sealing applications
  • Includes 7 slicks of various sizes
  • Easy to achieve a professional finish


  • Lacks a wooden handle

4. Newborn KIT-SPT Wooden Handled Straight Spatula Set

This is yet another spatula set from Newborn Brothers that we’ve included on our list. However, that shouldn’t surprise you seeing that Newborn is one of the top manufacturers of hand tools in the market. And like the set we looked at earlier, this is another caulk joint tool worth considering!

Besides, you’ll note that there are some similarities between this set and the previous kit. For instance, the package comes with a set of 6 metal slicks. More notably, each caulk tool is equipped with a wooden handle to provide comfort during use.

That aside, there are certain differences between this set and the other kit. More notably, this tool kit doesn’t come with offset spatulas. Instead, the set comes with a 3” tapered slick and 5 straight spatulas of different sizes.

Specifically, the straight slicks have the following lengths; 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” & 8”. In other words, you’ll have enough slick sizes to undertake any type of sealing project. To ensure convenient storage, the instruments are bound together by a key ring.

Interestingly, this ring opens and closes with ease to allow convenient access.

Lastly, each of these tools features a precision-ground stainless steel blade with rounded ends. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll get quick, professional results in all your sealant smoothing applications.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable wooden handle
  • Comes 6 pieces in different sizes
  • The ring key keeps the tools together
  • Round tips provide perfectly finished joints
  • Useful for both caulk and grout


  • The straight handle might drag a little more

5. Newborn Slick-2 Straight Slick Set on Ring

It’s also manufactured by Newborn Brothers. We consider it as another great tool to smooth caulk. From the name, you’ll realize that this set is referred to as slick. However, that’s simply another term for caulking spatulas. Let’s hook up with all the amazing features that make this set stand out as a great caulking smoother tool.

First, the set comes with 7 slicks of different sizes. You’ll get a 3” tapered and 6 straight spatulas with dimensions 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, and 10-inch.

Fortunately, these slicks are bound together with a key ring. For that reason, you’ll find them quite easy to store and carry around. Even better, the keyring closes and opens quickly, allowing you to access the tools with ease.

Moving on, each slicker has a precision-grounded end to provide professional results. They are strong enough to take on the rigors for achieving a better finish.

However, with one caveat though, don’t press it hard against materials that are prone to scratches. This can include your painted baseboard, door trims, or window panels. If you do, the SS blade might damage the surface to some extent.

On the downside, they lack a wooden or rubber grip handle, so they may not be that comfortable to hold. Other than that, this can be a life-saving kit you’ll ever come across!


  • Convenient key ring for easy storage
  • Different sized slicks
  • Reasonably priced
  • Professional caulking spatula
  • Each piece is precision-grounded
  • Combination of straight & curved blade


  • The handle is less comfortable than wooden/rubber handles

6. Newborn SS Spatula Set for Caulking

Last on the list is the SS caulking spatulas, which are also manufactured by the Newborn Brothers. But unlike the models we’ve looked at earlier, this set is equipped with a rubber grip handle. As a result, you’ll find it quite comfortable to hold and use during your caulk bead finishing applications.

As for the package, the kit comes with a total of 6 slicks. That includes a 3” tapered as well as 5 straight spatulas of different sizes. Specifically, the straight heads have lengths of 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8-inch.

Similarly, these tools have different dimensions in terms of width. For instance, the 3” tapered spatula is 3/8” wide, while the 3” straight tool is 5/8”. In addition, the 4”, 5”. 6” and 8” straight slickers are ¾”, 7/8”, 1” and 1-1/4” wide respectively.

Putting dimensions aside, these slickers are bound together with a key ring for convenient storage. And as you’d expect, the ring opens and closes, allowing you to access the desired slick with ease.

Bottom line, Newborn Brother has some of the best caulking smoothing tools in the market at the moment. So, if you want a caulking slick that will help you finish your sealant bead professionally, their SS series set is an excellent option. It comes with 6 different slickers for finishing and smoothing joints in your shower surrounding.


  • Ergonomic rubber grip handles
  • The ring ensures easy storage
  • Perfectly works on fresh caulk bead
  • Handles sealing projects of various sizes
  • Sturdy stainless steel blades


  • The plastic handle might be affected by solvents

Why should you invest in a caulking spatula?

Using a finger is one of the easiest ways to smooth fresh caulk beads. However, if you go with that approach, there are many benefits of caulking spatula you’ll be missing out on. Besides, smoothing the sealant with your finger can be very sticky and the results will not be that perfect.

One obvious benefit is that it provides a more uniform and effective seal to your sealing project. More importantly, it creates a more attractive appearance than most sealant smoothing methods available. Even better, spatulas squeeze sealant further into the surface, resulting in a tighter seal.

In addition, they have exceptional flexibility, thanks to their sturdiness and precision edges. As a result, the tool glides over a fresh bead of caulk with ease while smoothing it down without creating a mess.

At the same time, these tools are quite easy to use. In most cases, caulking slicks are made up of stainless steel blades with wooden/ rubber handles. The handles allow you to comfortably grip the tool as you drag the blade across the caulk bead.

Lastly, caulking spatulas are often available in different sizes. So you can easily find a tool that suits your immediate needs depending on the sealing project you’re working on.

Caulking Spatula Buying Guide

Before you buy a certain spatula set, it’s important to know what to look for. Otherwise, you may end up with a low-quality tool. Some of the things that will help you choose the best spatula set for your caulk sealing needs include;


The first thing you need to check in a caulking spatula is whether it’s constructed from a durable material. Generally, you need to choose a set that’s crafted from sturdy and durable materials. Also, considering you’ll be using the tool around moisture and water, you need to ensure that it’s rustproof. Thankfully, stainless steel meets all these requirements. With that in mind, look for something made with SS materials.


The handle is another factor to consider when choosing a caulking slick. Or else you’ll end up with a tool that is uncomfortable to hold and use. In essence, you need a spatula that is fitted with a padded or ergonomic handle. And since you’ll be using the tool for a long duration, ensure it is gentler and easier to grip. This will make it feel comfortable and better in your hands, allowing you to smooth sealant joints with precision.


Caulking spatulas are available in sets that contain tools of different sizes. One thing you need to understand though is that each size handles a different purpose. In general, smaller spatulas work better on smaller joints while large instruments are ideal for larger sealing applications.

To choose the best set for your project, it’s important to consider the area you’ll be working on first. For instance, if you’re working in a tight area, you’ll need a smaller one. That is because the tool will provide more maneuverability as compared to a larger version. On the contrary, if you’re working in a more open space, a large tool may be a better option.

Whatever the case, make sure you choose a set that comes with different-sized slicks. That way, you’ll have many tools that you can use for different sealing applications.


Caulking spatula sets come with a different number of tools and have varying features. Consequently, they have different price tags as well. However, before you decide on the tool’s price, it’s always good to check its quality and features first. Afterward, consider if it fits your needs and whether the price is reasonable for you!


To sum things up, the best caulking spatula should be of high quality and have a comfortable handle. More importantly, it should help you create more professional-looking results by creating perfectly smooth caulk lines.

On the bright side, each product we’ve included on our list seems to meet these requirements. So, find the right one and use it to finish the caulk bead joints. They’ll give you a truly watertight seal, helping you keep water out of areas it shouldn’t be!

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